Iran: Six-Point Plan for Syria

Posted: December 21, 2012 in International
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Iran unveiled the content and details of the six-point plan for Syria on December 16. This six-point plan calls for a quick end to all the violence and armed acts in Syria, which could help to resolve the on-going conflict in Syria because the current Western “methods” as the further support the armed militants in this country with weapons and ammunition is naturally counterproductive for any peaceful solution.

The six-point plan also demands the supply of humanitarian aid for Syria after the end of all the conflicts in the country and it also calls for a lift of all the hypocritical economic sanctions, which were imposed by the West against Syria. In addition, the six-point plan also demands that the return of displaced Syrians to their homes is facilitated.

Furthermore, the six-point plan also urges negotiations, or better said, talks between  the Syrian government in the capital Damascus and the partly questionable representatives of all Syrian groups – regardless of their social tendencies and their political views in order to finally form a national reconciliation committee.

Thus, the Syrian government is urged to also negotiate with some Islamist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Salafists (Salafis). There is probably the problem that talks with such partially radical and religious blinded groups are not really supported by a lot of Syrians in the country and it is a question if consents to Islamist groups will favour a good future for Syria.

Syria has been secular and it should remain this way. The majority of the Syrian people oppose the hypocritically Wahhabi-“lifestyle” of some Gulf States due to comprehensible reasons.

The Iranian Ambassador in the Lebanese capital Beirut, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, spoke about the six-point plan of his Iranian government to resolve the crisis in Syria and he urged all religious and political figures in the region to support this six-point plan for Syria. In addition, the Iranian Ambassador to Beirut, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, also said that the Israeli regime will benefit the most from the unrest and crisis in the region and it is already known that some parts of the opponents of the Syrian governments are working hand in hand with the Israeli regime.

Ghazanfar Roknabadi gave these statements in a meeting with newly elected Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bishop Youhanna Yazigi in Beirut, Lebanon. The Iranian Ambassador also said that Iran has presented this six-point plan to end the conflict in Syria and that this plan invites all sites to put an end to any violence in the country while it insists on a dialogue as the only solution for the conflict in this country of the Middle East.

It is not the first “plan”, which wants to achieve a peaceful solution for Syria. The plans always failed due to the lack of support by Western powers and some other Arab countries.

This is easy to explain. Some Western governments are not interested in a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria and also Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not interested in this. Furthermore, the so-called foreign-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is in its majority sure also not interested in any peaceful settlement in Syria. The six-point plan from Iran is a nice idea but probably just the next attempt (for the show) because the majority of the involved parties should know that it will not work.

Meanwhile it seems that Iran started the construction of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline. The Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline should deliver the rich gas reserves of Iran into Syria and Iraq.

Gilan-e Gharb Governor Ardeshir Rostami described this project as important for Iran and also said during an executive coordination meeting of the officials of relevant bodies that the project of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline has already started.

Allegedly, it has already reached Gilan-e Gharb (from Kuhdasht) in order to pass the border to Baghdad, Iraq. The project of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline will be finished in June 2013 and costs about three billion dollars. The gas pipeline will reach the length of about 225 kilometres.

  1. idris isa says:

    assalam why salafist and wahabist and west are at one side. hypocricy in islam.

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