Syria: Western-backed Terrorist Gangs clash in Homs

Posted: December 20, 2012 in International
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It happened again that two foreign-backed groups of militants and Islamists have started to fight each other in Syria. This time, the battle between two of these armed gangs of militants has taken place in the Syrian city of Homs.

According to news reports, the two Western-backed militants groups in the district of the Syrian city of Homs have fought over the spoils of the fighting against the Syrian Arab army, which is nothing new.

In recent months, there were already several reports that some of these militant groups, which are summarized under the term “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by the media, clashed against each other because of their different goals and interests but also because of the spoils and the power interest of the so-called leaders of the different militant groups.

The fighting between the two foreign-backed groups of terrorists and Islamists erupted in the Syrian region of al-Kassir, near the city of Homs, and it was reported that an unknown number of those militants were killed in this clash.

Similar to the Syrian expatriate circles in the staged external Syrian opposition groups, some of these armed terrorist gangs in Syria have different opinions, goals and reasons for their struggle against the Syrian government and it seems hard for them to establish a unity for a longer time.

These conflicts and rivalries among the staged external “oppositions” and within the ranks of the militant groups in Syria became a problem. While some Western-backed groups are fighting against the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab army in order to establish a Islamist theoretical state, other groups are just fighting for their benefits and the money they get.

And yet others are fighting against the Syrian leadership because of other dubious and strange reasons. Not to mention the power interests and the machinations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but also by some Western governments and the Turkish leadership.

It is a fact that there are several armed groups with different causes is fighting in Syria and that some of these terrorists and Islamists have already killed themselves in these struggles about the different causes.

According to PressTV, the children in Syria have been the main victims of the violence and the attempts of foreign powers to destabilize the country and to overthrow the Syrian leadership.

As PressTV reports, there have been many instances where the foreign-backed terrorist groups and militants massacred children during their raids on civilian areas in Syria.

Among these groups of militants, strangers and religious fanatics is a large number of fighters from foreign nations, especially from Arab states, but also from some Western states and even from Australia.

Before and After the "democratic revolution" for the benefits of the Syrian people. -.-

Before and After the “democratic revolution” for the benefits of the Syrian people. -.-

These people are deluded by religion and motivated to fight by radical sectarian stances. Of course, there are certainly also other reasons why these people come to Syria in order to fight against the secular Syrian government. Not to mention the amount of mercenaries that are paid and instructed for the fighting and operations in Syria by foreign powers.

Many people have been killed in the turmoil in Syria. Also large numbers of Syrian army and security personnel have been killed since the beginning of the conflict and the beginning of the destabilization attempts of foreign powers.

The story that this so-called “Syrian revolution” was peaceful at the beginning is nothing more than a nice fairy tale for Western media and the propaganda of the masterminds behind this destabilization.


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