Syria: Islamist group frees U.S. journalists

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Sideviews
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More and more reports are published about the fact that the so-called “Syrian rebels” are no real friendly liberators from the tyranny of the so-called Assad regime, but are themselves a violent and misanthropic bunch of strangers, religious fanatics and mercenaries.

Even the German newspapers and news agencies, which became propaganda tools against the Syrian government and constantly publish non-credible reports based on questionable statements by the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” or dubious activists, had to occasionally report that the usual acclaimed “liberators” in Syria also conduct crimes against the humanity – that means, crimes against minorities, Syrian civilians and other groups.

Not to mention the constant bomb attacks, which are carried out by these so-called “Syrian rebels”, and that often costs the lives of Syrian civilians, including women and children.

It seems that it is no more possible for these propaganda tools to feign that all the acclaimed “liberators” in Syria are peaceful and secular and they would only fight for democracy in this country of the Middle East, but they have to admit finally, that these Islamists are trying to profit from the violence – as usual.

But after all the reports about the war crimes of the Western-backed terrorists in Syria or about the “misconduct of the Syrian rebels”, as it is often euphemistically expressed by the Western media in order to save the “image” of the rebels a little bit despite their misanthropic crimes, it was clear that a correction of the several reports about the crimes of the foreign-backed Islamists and fighters will follow. This is not surprising; it is just the typical method of these propaganda tools.

Since yesterday, everybody is able to discover the headlines of the liberation of an American journalist and his team almost anywhere. Of course, it is a great headline that Islamists have saved the butt of a journalist who is even no Muslim. It`s a great story, indeed, and almost a nice fairy tale for the Western masses.

It is reported that Richard Engel, a foreign correspondent for the questionable NBC News, was kidnapped last Thursday when he tried to report about the situation in Syria. NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel and his teammates were kidnapped by a militia, which is loyal to the president Bashar al-Assad, of course.

The German propaganda editorial of “Der Spiegel” has pointed out that the NBC journalists were abducted after they came to Syria over the Turkish-Syrian border. This means, the NBC crew travelled through an area, which is in fact occupied by “Syrian rebels” and not by militias that are loyal to al-Assad.

In addition, there is not much of the Syrian Arab army in the border region to Turkey. But the crew of NBC was kidnapped by a bunch of Assad-loyal thugs? How strange if one considers the situation on ground, especially in the border region of Turkey and Syria.

There was no ransom demand or other demands. On Tuesday, the kidnapped NBC crew in Syria was finally freed after five days by some (wow) “Syrian rebels”. The group, which has freed the NBC crew in Syria, calls itself the “Ahrar ash-Sham” brigade and they belong to the radical branch of the militant Islamist terrorists in Syria who have either not accepted the so-called “military council” of the staged external Syrian opposition, neither they have recognized the so-called Syrian opposition in exile. Last but not least, this “Ahrar ash-Sham” brigade wants to establish a Islamic (probably better said, Islamist) theocracy in Syria.

However, this information is concealed by the media, of course. Due to the reason that such information would tarnish the positive information of the reporting. Of course, in a better world with a real free press, this information would not be concealed from the readers and viewers. Even a objective reporting would have the duty to report this.

The questionable article that was published by the German magazine “Der Spiegel” is nothing more than propaganda against the Syrian government and even against Syria. By this new fairy tale, the demonization of the regime in Damascus gets further boosted and promoted, and it should play into the hands of the opponents, although the editorial office of “Der Spiegel” knows for sure that they support religious fanatics and armed thugs which aren`t better than the other side.

After all the reports about the misanthropic crimes of the so-called “Syrian rebels”, it was about time to report that these bunch of armed strangers only wants the best for the Syrian people and even for foreign correspondents. It is really funny if it would not be so shocking how the Western media became such a low-level propaganda tool. As stated, it is not comprehensible that this crew of NBC News was kidnapped by Assad`s thugs in this area of Syria near the border to Turkey. On the contrary, this story smells like a staged show.

The NBC correspondent Richard Engel said that his captors were “shabiha” (shabi7a) and thus, the militia of the government; although this is truly the false use of this word and the media seems to not know the real history. But the story by Richard Engel is becoming even stranger, even if one forgets about the situation in the Turkish-Syrian border region, when the NBC News correspondent says that the members of this “shabiha” militia were Shiites and no Alawi (Alawites).

It is absolutely comprehensible what the British reporter and journalist Lizzie Phelan wrote about this information:

NBC’s team in Syria has been released. Correspondent Richard Engel’s response to q.1 seems all fine but then from q.2 it just starts to get strange when he says his captors were “shabiha” (government militias) who are Shi’ite (and not Alawi – this is from their chief foreign correspondent who covered the entire war in Iraq) trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and somewhere in there he throws in the involvement of Hezbollah, I was almost waiting for him to say all the orders came from Fidel Castro. (Source)

Of course, the opponents of the Syrian government in Damascus and the president Bashar al-Assad are still presented as “rebels” although any objective reporting would already call them the militia of the West powers or NATO. Not to mention the reports about the Saudi criminals, Libyan thugs, and the arming of the NATO militia in Syria by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the financial support of Western governments for these strangers and religious fanatics as well as the support by propaganda headlines in mainstream media. And so on. There is a lot of evidence that the “Syrian rebels” are just thugs, Islamists and radical strangers, so-called cannon fodder, for the dubious goals of Western powers.

All who support the Syrian government or / and the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad are immediately denounced as Assad thugs and militia, inducing that al-Assad personally pays for all these groups and people – even for the people abroad who support the Syrian side and do not support the horrible French mandate flag, which is already a sign that this “revolution” stinks.

In the past week and earlier this week, it was already remarkable that the so-called journalists and Western mass media, which were brought into line, have already written about the defeat of al-Assad in Syria. Just because of already known statements by the Russian side and in order to maintain the propaganda and to boost the morality of the supporters of these Islamist gangs, although the situation on site tells another story.

Syrian Sky

Syrian Sky

The Western propaganda tools, the so-called free media, show all events and developments in recent days in the sense that the Syrian government in Damascus has already lost. You are able to read of headlines that Russia stops the support for the Syrian government and that Iran wants to force a so-called six-point plan on Assad. It is not reported, however, that both Russia and Iran want to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis in order to finally decrease the level of violence.

In fact, the situation of the population is intolerable in more and more regions of Syria, also due to the hypocritical sanctions of the West against Syria and the theft of goods and food by the foreign-backed “democratic rebels”. A lot of these incidents are reported by residents of Aleppo and other cities in Syria.

But instead of moving finally and to start to actually show an interest in a political solution, the West still maintains it strategy and thus, the West allows that the violence and terrorism is on-going in Syria and even continues. This is truly not a strategy of so-called democratic powers. This is just the known strategy of the imperialistic U.S. administration with its “Salvador option”, death squads and other misanthropic options in order to destabilize and destroy a country and they do not care about the population.

The Syrian Vice President Sharaa has again demanded steps for a political solution of the crisis in Syria, but the new and staged “Syrian” opposition committee under the leadership of al-Khatib has no interest in a political solution for Syria as long as they are not in power – due to the fact that they are only able to take the power in Syria by force, because the majority of the Syrian people still does not support this external staged opposition.

The staged opposition group that was established by the West in Doha, Qatar, and has been already recognized by over 100 countries as the sole and legitimate representative of the Syrian people, although the majority of the Syrian people do not support this staged opposition abroad, is just a puppet who is not able to act alone – it is dependent on the interest of the West and has to bow down before the war criminal Hillary Clinton.

Western governments and media always suggest that there is no alternative to a regime change in Syria, but if this is really the only option, this is never debated. Is there an alternative or any other way than to overthrow Bashar al-Assad or to push him out of his office by force? If the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is again and again demonized as oppressor and the murderer of his own people, why does this not equally happen with the Islamists and terrorists who come from different countries to Syria just to carry out their so-called “jihad”?

If Bashar al-Assad is gone, what power will the staged external opposition, which is so celebrated by the West, considering that it is not even recognized by all opponents of al-Assad and the fact that the majority of the Syrian people oppose this group of Exiles and Islamists? How will the West deal with the previously supported Islamist groups such as the al-Nusra front, which was finally set on the list of terrorist organisations by the United States, while al-Khatib has requested the rehabilitation of the Islamist al-Nusra front?

Gas Station Syria

Gas Station Syria

You see, it is quite an interesting show. The ones who are on the payroll of the United States are the good terrorists, rebels, while the others are the bad guys. It is a very schizophrenic policy, which will not lead to anything good.

Is Al-Khatib really the moderate Sunni who is able to bring together all the different groups and to bring peace? What happens to the religious minorities when radical Sunni forces get the shots? How will the West react when it sees that the so-called moderate Islamists (a contradiction in terms) are no longer controllable? Will the so-called allies of Syria – Russia, Iran and Hezbollah – really give in and let simply disappear their influence in the region?

After all, there are always efforts of the allies to bring peace to Syria, contrary to the Western powers. But the efforts do not really work due to the situation that some Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are still flooding the Islamists and terrorists in Syria with money and weapons so that they are able to still perform their fight against the Syrian leadership and in order to strengthen their power and spread their radical dogma.

The situation in and around Syria is awkward and opaque. Individuals and groups that are supposed to care for a peaceful solution in Syria, always appear briefly in the media, just in order to then disappear from the press again. What was achieved by al-Brahimi, for example? Has he implemented anything? Is there a continuous exchange and discussion between the Syrian special envoy (some call him the special toy), the Damascus government and the strange exile opposition? Probably not.

About Syria, the development and the entanglements or crosslinks, which are kept hidden from the most ordinary citizens, there is hardly to say anything. Everything is uncertain and hardly predictable. The situation is able to escalate and it can trigger a real conflagration, even the next World War. One cannot say how the future will be after the fall of Assad and one is not able to say what will happen if Assad remains.

Hope is the last thing to die.


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