Syria: International Terrorists

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Sideviews
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The following question and answer article appeared first at the Russian news agency NR2 (“Novy Region”) and it gives an account of the assessment from a certain Dmitry Yershov, who is – according to the words of the agency – currently in the Syrian capital Damascus.

This is true, because after Kreml.TV stopped its daily live broadcasts in cooperation with ANNA-News, this Russian enthusiast appeared in order to support Marat Musin (ANNA-News) on site.

The guy is a blogger (full-time?) and positions himself as a political scientist. His commitment is quite remarkable and also shows at what level it has to be tried now in order to break through the information blockade. Apropos, for this, one does not need an invitation of the Syrian government.

Well, also the protective equipment of Marat Musin – protective helmet and bulletproof vest – is a donation. It`s not that it is from the Syrian government or army, but from the Russian company Armocom.

Similar applies for the camera that is in use for a few days and which can be easily attached on a tank or troop transport. It comes from a Russian TV project called “Neuromir.TV” (roughly paraphrased, this is a project of the division “user generated content”).

What the representative Mahmoud al-Hamza of the SNC (“Syrian National Coalition”), who is sitting in Moscow, fantasizes about a government-controlled posturing in favour of the Syrian government is absolutely not the case. Here, ordinary citizens are actively engaged in order to allow a reporting from Syria.

The article by NR2 has the headline “Syria. War against the terroristic international” (is slightly shortened translated).

Marat Musin himself has coined the term “Wahhabi Comintern” in lectures – the term will probably explained in detail once again later here. Further below in the text, there is also a recording by ANNA-News about the fighting on 16/12/2012 in Daraya (Daraja).

The source for the text from this point:

NR: Dmitry, what have been your first impressions of what you have seen in Syria?

Dmitry Yershov: Immediately after arriving in Damascus it has been noticeable that there was no panic. There are no crowds with their belongings, who want to leave the country urgently, at the airport.

On the contrary, the atmosphere at the Damascus airport is perfectly quiet and does not differ from the atmosphere, for example, at the Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow. Around the airport and along the 30-kilometer road to the capital Damascus, there are checkpoints of the army. But there are many vehicles on the roads.

It was just noticeable that all were driving quite fast. Thus, this main street is not cut off by the terrorists, even though, as our Syrian companion said, there have recently been a few unsuccessful attempts to do so.

NR: How serious are the demolitions in Damascus and in the other cities? Are the shops opened in Damascus? What about the water supply, is there a shortage of food? What about schools, nurseries, banks, and other social and state institutions?

Dmitry Yershov in Daraya

Dmitry Yershov in Daraya

Dmitry Yershov: Aside from the district Abun (Aboun), where the rebel gangs have unsuccessfully tried to penetrate into the district a half year ago, there is no destruction in Damascus, except for the traces of the now and then occurring terror attacks – in Damascus, there are no fights.

In the Syrian cities and villages, where the fighting is taking place, the destructions are, however, very significant. The situation is analogous to the shops, banks, schools and other institutions. There, where it is restless and the fighting is taking place, most of these facilities are closed. There, where everything is calm, the people are working in their usual beat.

In Damascus, the water supply is stable and there are no problems with food. But the economic sanctions of the West and the perpetrated attacks against economic institutions by the hands of the Islamists, who are also coordinated by the West, have led to price increases of more than 50%, which has deteriorated the living standards of normal Syrians, of course.

NR: Are there many wounded in the hospitals of Damascus?

Dmitry Yershov: There are injured people, but they are comparatively few. Thereby, one has to notice, that here are wounded soldiers of the Syrian Arab army and civilians, as well as captured and wounded rebel fighters, who are treated.

NR: A few days ago it was reported that the opposition that is fighting against the government will proceed to kill Russian citizens who are living in Syria. How was this message received in Syria itself, so by the inhabitants, the Russian Syrians and the military personnel? Are there any protective measures for Russian citizens?

Daraya - Tanks

Daraya – Tanks

Dmitry Yershov: The fighting opposition kills everyone, no matter when and how. They are brutes who also kill women and children just to provide appropriate images to the Western media. They blow up buses, bombard schools from grenade launchers and they commit many other infamies.

In Syria, this is clearly rejected by the ordinary people – the terrorists are hated. The rest of the world has to understand this one day. Specifically about the call to murder Russians, this was pronounced by Sheikh al-Qaradawi, one of the ideologues of the Salafis; as well as by the spiritual leader of the Al-Nusra Front, Sheikh al-Arur.

NR: What is the situation in Syria as a whole?

Dmitry Yershov: The overall situation is relatively calm. In Damascus, where I am currently, there is no panic. The city lives its usual, measured life. There are no protests or clashes.

The terrorists, who were trying to penetrate to Damascus, have been blocked in distant suburbs, such as Daraya (Daraja) or Duma (Douma), and they are now systematically destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army.

In Daraja, there are currently pretty tense battles. I was there right after I have arrived in Syria on Thursday, on Friday, I have visited Daraya again. On the streets there are the bodies of the liquidated rebel fighters.

These are people from Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and from all over the world – a terroristic international. As Syrian army personnel have said, even an Australian was among those killed. We have also found money there – in the currency of Saudi Arabia and Libya. Occasionally, the Syrian Arab army also succeeds in catching instructors from NATO countries.

These are many Turks, as well as instructors from Saudi Arabia. Apart from Daraya and Duma, the situation in Aleppo and also in Harasta remains difficult. I have not been there so far and therefore, I am not able to report as an eye witness of the operations there.

However, one can say at this point that the situation in Syria stabilizes overall. The Syrian army liquidates the terrorists in large numbers, and it seems that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are running out of the means to still provide these international gangs with further cannon fodder and weapons.

NR: What do you think are the real reasons for the conflict in Syria? Who benefits from it?

Dmitry Yershov: First and foremost, I think, one has to say who does not benefit from the conflict in Syria. This is the Syrian people. The conflict is advantageous for those who are located outside of Syria.

First, these are primary sponsors, the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and the ruling dynasty of the Saud in Saudi Arabia with their madcap idea of the re-establishment of an Arab caliphate based on the radical religious doctrine of Wahhabism. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are arming and paying the terrorists from the entire Middle East in order to fight in Syria.

In this, they are supported by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, who fell out with his own army and who has also prevailed that Turkey became a haven for scum from the entire Middle East, who are running from there to the war into Syria.

Without al-Thani, without the Saudis and without Erdoğan, there would be no conflict in Syria. The conflict was initiated by outside forces that have no relation to the Syrian people.

The video is titled “snipers attack a SPW in Daraya”. (SPW = armoured personnel carrier) It is also interesting that this tank ride was filmed from that very position of the terrorists (from 1:30).


  1. Michael says:

    Excellent video – thanks for posting. Dreadful to see the destruction caused to a great country by these throat cutting monsters. If these sub humans wish to fight for a real cause, they should take their struggle to Palestine?

    Why can these cretins not see that they are acting as the blunt instruments of neo-colonialism, of greedy international capitalism, corrupt unprincipled Emirati and ultimately collective Zionist and US interests?

    Without Syria, there would be no peace in Lebanon, the Israelies would be continually perpetuating atrocities as per Jenin, Qana & Bourj el-Barajneh etc….& the continued existence of this horrible sectarian state would not be in question

    For peace and justice in this region, the people of Syria must win. The Saudi/Turkish/Qatari strategy can only reassure the continued existence of the Zionist state and this ultimately is what the battle is being fought for.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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