Is the Eurasian Union a Contribution to World Peace?

Posted: December 18, 2012 in International
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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned of a “Re-Sovietisation” of the countries of the former Soviet Union at the last meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OEZE) in Dublin 6 December.

She means with her statement that Moscow tries to regain the control over the former Soviet republics by the “use” of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union. She expressed that the United States will try to slow down the process or to eliminate it.

The Russian President Putin rejected the accusations and responded with the answer, that this would be nonsense. He explained that the common language, the similar mind-set and the existing connections to transport routes and energy infrastructure would be factors that make an economic integration a natural result.

Furthermore, he described the European Union as an integration project that restricts the sovereignty of its member countries much more than the USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) ever did.

The speaker of the Russian Parliament Duma, Sergei Naryshkin, and Dumas chairman of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Leonyd Slutskyi, said that Washington’s involvement in the Eurasian integration process is unacceptable. Since the Eurasian Union becomes a major global player, the statement of Hillary Clinton was just the attempt to gain the American dominance above a unipolar world, they say.

Of course, the U.S. Government and the shadow power that is behind it are afraid of a competition and they do not want a return to a bipolar world, because so their plan for a world government is crossed. The Western industrialized countries under American dictates are already now speaking with only one voice, they do not pursue a policy of national interests anymore, but they obey, like a good boy, the aggressive war policies of Washington.

The 19 most important industrialized countries have the audacity to speak constantly for the international community. The opinions of the other 160 countries of the world are ignored completely, as if they did not exist.

Germany is the best example of this subjugation, because it has long been transformed into the 51st State of the United States of America. Not only because Germany is still occupied by 70,000 U.S. soldiers, but also because Germany serves as a major logistics hub for all the wars of the Americans.

Without the many American military bases and command centres for Africa and the Middle East on German territory, Washington would not be able to conduct wars. Berlin is utterly disenfranchised and it is only pretending to the outside as if it still would have something to decide.

How the German Left faction has learned in response to a request by the German Federal Government, the U.S. has built up a safety authority that operates in the grey area between military security, crime fighting and the war against terrorism. It’s called “Joint Interagency Counter Trafficking Center (JICTC)” and is located at the Central Command of the U.S. Armed Forces in Stuttgart, the U.S. European Command (EUCOM).

The headquarters for the U.S. Special Forces (Special Operations Command Europe) is also housed there. That means, on German territory (lol), American security forces are operating without supervision and how they want – just like they would own the land.

Every German politician who wants to become something has to commit to the transatlantic doctrine of subjugation and also has to be a member in the appropriate committees that are controlled by Washington – such as the “transatlantic bridge”, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg. There, the real decisions are made that then have to get implement by the politicians. A reorientation from the West to East is absolutely forbidden. Who just dares to think about emancipation away from the United States is out of the game.

CIS States

CIS States

Thereby, Europe is purely geographically connected with Eurasia but not with North America. This totally unnatural connection towards the West and the division to East contradicts the common sense when you take a look at the map. One is able to drive by train and car to Moscow, but not to Washington.

Unfortunately, the poison of the anti-Russian propaganda, which lasts for almost 100 years now, still works, although there is no more reason for it since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moreover, to compare Russia with the USSR is like comparing the III. Reich with the German Federal Republic.

Anyone with eyes in his head sees it like Washington has completely surrounded Russia by their lackeys of the NATO states. The vacuum, which was left behind by the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact, was immediately filled by the West.

The former so-called Eastern Bloc countries were added one after the other into the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty (Terror) Organization (NATO). Not only that, even the former Soviet republics that declared their independence were increasingly incorporated into the Western alliance, such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and American bases were built there.

American missiles and radar stations were positioned directly on the border with Russia. We are told the ridiculous excuse that these only serve for the defence against missiles from Iran and North Korea. As if there is any danger for us by them, let alone that they have any that would reach to us. Even a layman recognizes it as a lie.

That would be just like if Russia would position missiles at the U.S. border in Cuba or Mexico, claiming that they are only intended for the defence against attacks from Africa. Clearly, these U.S. military installations serve the option to allow a nuclear first strike.

The United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons so far. They are capable of anything. There is no state in the world, which only feigns on the surface, that it has peace in mind and also good intentions, in order to actually conduct one war of aggression after the other.

The staged coups and military interventions by Washington since World War II are no longer countable, because so many happened. At least one per year. According to studies, they have already cost the lives of about 20 million people. The Americans dropped more bombs on Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos than in the entire World War II and killed about 6 million people there.

It is beyond me how one can be allied with such a criminal state formation and how one can even serve the imperialist policy of conquest as a tool. Yes, America was attacked on 11 September 2001 and therefore, Germany and the other NATO vassals have to also send troops to Afghanistan. Oh, the Taliban have attacked the USA – and therefore the case of alliance (Casus foederis)?  Bullshit! It seems that the Hollywood propaganda and even the one-sided influence of opinion by our media work well.

Thereby, the Afghan mujahedeen were heroes in the 80ties and they were also received at the White House by President Reagan and hailed as freedom fighters. Yes, back then, they were fighting against the Soviet occupiers. Now, that they are fighting against the U.S. and allied occupation forces for over 10 years, they are terrorists.

The West distinguishes between good and bad terrorists. Those, who are on the payroll of the CIA and those terrorists, which are not on this payroll. Hillary Clinton has already admitted that Al-Qaeda was created by them and that they are used everywhere where they are currently needed (geostrategic), as in Libya and now in Syria in order to destabilize and overthrow unpleasant governments.

But back to the Eurasian Union. Russia is trying for understandable reasons to create on the one hand an opposite pole, but also on the other hand to move the neighbouring countries forward in terms of economy.

The revival of the joint transport- and energy infrastructure from the Soviet-era, and a customs union are for the good of all participants. Russia is also able to provide favourable natural gas, in order to boost the prosperity of the CIS countries in their own interest. Moreover, Russia provides a huge market for products that can be exported by the former Soviet republics.

Of course, also a geostrategic self-interest is a part of this, such as the ability to act together as a Union in order to speak with a stronger voice on the international parquet. What we are told about one of the major reasons for the European Union, a major international voice, cannot be denied for Russia and its CIS partners. Hillary Clinton has correctly recognized that Moscow, in the third term of Putin, wants to intensify the integration of the former Soviet republics, which is perfectly legitimate.

In addition to a closer cooperation between Russia and Belarus, which have originally initiated this concept, also the integration of Ukraine is being promoted. From the perspective of the Kremlin, the world has become a bit more “unstable” and “unpredictable”.

The aggressive foreign policy of the West interferes constantly in the internal affairs of other states, they are forcing them to accept and implement their forms of values, and that leads to violent conflicts. The Western arrogance thinks that it knows it all. Everyone has to submit to the will or is forced with bombs to his “luck”.

Moreover, it is clear, that the United Nations has either become a tool of Western aggression or it plays no role anymore. This is evident in the attempts of blackmailing by the unilaterally imposed and illegal sanctions, which violate the UN Charter, against countries that do not submit to the West.

The West speaks constantly that it is about to spread peace and democracy, but quite the opposite is caused, namely, war, death and destruction, in order to bring a willing despot into power. Then there is the penetration by Special Forces and killer drones with an indiscriminate killing of civilians in the alleged war on terror. The West stands no longer to the international law and rules, but it acts arrogantly at will and despotism.

What are national borders? It is simply driven over it and a massive intervention is taking place. Election results are also not recognized if a government is elected that does not fit the West. Moreover, only the others are war criminals and they are convicted in The Hague. They have granted themselves immunity and they are able to kill as they want. There, a war against Iraq is justified with lies, a war that killed 1.4 million and forced about 5 Million Iraqis to flee, but no responsible person like Bush and Blair are held accountable.

It’s obvious, so a criminal approach in the world cannot be tolerated any longer and there is a huge need for a counterbalance. The time during the Cold War has been relative stable and peaceful in comparison to today. Why? Because the two big powers have kept themselves in check. The respective aggressive desires were stemmed.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the United States as a “winner” and as the sole superpower have given us only a crisis and a war after another. We all are also experiencing the loss of prosperity. The mask of the social market economy was able to drop it and now, the face of the capitalist greed and exploitation is visible.

Namely, the claim is just a lie: if America would dominate everything as a world power and all would live the Western consumerist lifestyle, then there would be world peace. That is bullshit. This was already like this in the times of the Roman Empire, where Rome has also claimed that if all regions of the then known world would be under their control, there would be peace and prosperity for all.

The emperors have constantly conducted wars and they have sent their legions to anywhere in order to suppress uprisings. The peoples are just not interested to be a part of pabulum and to be told that only a centrally dictated lifestyle is correct.

We need to find a balance in world politics again. We should look to all directions in Europe, not only in one direction. We need to end the position as the willing executioners of the imperialist policy of Washington and to consider them as friends.

What said Henry Kissinger? America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. And he also said: military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. They consider everything, also us, just as useful idiots for their power games. Who has a monopoly makes use of it and only the competition bridles. Therefore, the Eurasian Union could become a contribution to world peace.



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