Western governments train Syrian terrorists in Jordan

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Sideviews
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According to a new report, which was published by the website McCLATCHY, it seems that the terrorists and militants who are fighting in Syria against the Syrian Arab army have received training in Jordan.

The report by McCLATCHY (source below) says that the armed Syrian militants have received training to use light, medium and heavy weapons and that the training was performed with the help of the US and British governments.

The report, which was published by the known website McCLATCHY, cites some militants in order to reveal that the training with the help of the UK and US governments took place since a longer time and that over hundreds of militants and radicals were trained in Jordan in order to fight in Syria.

It also seems that the US and UK governments did not care about the fact that also Islamists and radical religious fanatics received training in using light to heavy arms with their help.

Considering the latest events in Germany it is still surprising that on the one hand, the German government warns about the threats of Islamist terrorism on German soil and is debating the possible threats of the Salafists (Salafis) in the German cities like Bonn, Hamburg and Cologne, while the German government on the other hand supports such radical Islamists and Salafists (Salafists) abroad.

Some say, if you support terrorism abroad, then the terrorism will come back on your own soil one day. Of course, the same goes for the U.S. and Britain. Thus, it is incomprehensible why these Western governments are supporting these so-called “Syrian militants” in order to achieve their aims and to destabilize a secular and sovereign country.

The recent history showed already that this support for radical Islamist groups has a bad end in the long run. Osama bin Laden is one of the famous examples for this constantly false policy. First, Osama bin Laden was supported by Western governments and also celebrated by Western media, and then he became the target of these governments and the media in the West.

Kamal al Zoubani, a militant from the southern Syrian city of Daraa was cited in the report at the website McCLATCHY with the statement: “We hoped there would be more training on larger weapons”. Afterwards, the dubious militant Kamal al Zoubani confirmed that the UK and US governments even allowed these militants, terrorists and Islamists to take light weapons back to Syria in order to continue the battle against the Syrian Arab army.

Of course, these Western governments know that some groups of these radicals and militants carry out massacres and other misanthropic actions in Syria, but they seem to not to care as long as these radical armed gangs help them to succeed in their questionable aims for Syria.

The Syrian militant Kamal al Zoubani said in this report that he was selected to receive the training in the use of light to heavy weapons along with at least three groups of 50 to 60 other militants and radicals and that this training in the use of arms took place at a military base in southern Jordan in October.

Kamal al Zoubani also said that some uniformed Jordanian military officers were present at this military base and that he also believes some American intelligence officers were there in October.

Another trained terrorist was quoted with the words that the training in Jordan had expanded to the use of surface-to-air missiles / anti-aircraft missiles (Stinger) and anti-tank weapons. This radical fighter also confirmed that British and Jordanian military offers were present at the time when he was trained in the use of heavy arms and missiles in Jordan in order to fight in Syria.

After the United States has recognized the so-called “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people although this “Syrian National Coalition” is only a staged tool for the Western aims and includes also radical people as well as Islamists. In addition to Syrian Exiles who have visited Syria only for holidays in the last years.

Oh yes, such a bunch of strangers and dubious people shall now represent the majority of the Syrian people in Syria? It is a farce. The majority of the Syrian people in Syria still oppose the armed Western-backed gangs and the Islamist terrorism as well as they oppose this strange “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” but the U.S. administration believes that this is the legitimate representative of the Syrian people?

No, they don’t – they know better, but it is a good show in order to achieve their questionable goals and to brainwash the people in the West.

The revelations about the militants and Islamists who are trained in Jordan were published after the United States recognized the so-called “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people in order to boost the propaganda and the possibility to achieve their final goals. The United States, Turkey, France and the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have also recognized Islamists and other militants fighting the Syrian government.

Moreover, the German government is now also an official war party and will sooner or later replace the Syrian workers in the Syrian embassy in Berlin with some strangers who support the Islamist terrorism in Syria. The Syrian workers in the embassy in Berlin will be expelled and the German workers can decide if they want to continue to work there or if they want to terminate their employment.

The deployment of Patriot missiles to the Turkish-Syrian border just shows the true colours and makes it clear that these Western governments have lost all senses for democratic stances. It is a war of aggression, which is performed by an unconventional warfare, against a secular, sovereign country.

By the help of the “Salvador Option”, radical Islamists and further dumb cannon fodder, the Western alliance of state terrorism wants to destabilize Syria and to overthrow the Syrian leadership, although Syria was formerly an assessable term – in addition to the fact that Syria was a mainly peaceful country and even under the most secure states of this planet.

That these Western powers are violating any international law wilfully in order to achieve their questionable and dubious aims is a scandal and shows their true colours, as said. The chaos and violence in Syria is being orchestrated from outside the country and the Western powers are in bed with totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf as well as with Israel.

In addition, a very large number of these militants and Islamists in Syria are foreign nationals. It is a fact already that certain Western states, especially the United States, and their regional allies like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar are fuelling the unrest in Syria and that they wilfully accept the violence and terrorism if this helps to achieve their goals.

Source: www.mcclatchydc.com

  1. Bernd Wolter says:

    Think of it as World War III and take them responsible for that …

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