Syria: Murderer of Sari Saoud imprisoned

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Sideviews
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With the progressive liberation of the Syrian city of Homs from the claws of the NATO- and GCC nations-supported terrorist gangs, the Syrian authorities have an increasingly success to take the criminals into custody and to clear up their crimes.

The Syrian state news agency SANA reported on Saturday, that the terrorist Mazen Majed al-Dabdoub, who has been arrested by the Syrian authorities on the 29th November, has not only confessed that he was involved in crimes such as robbery, theft and murder, but has also admitted that he participated in the in the murder of 9-year-old boy Sari Saoud on 26 November 2011:

Terrorist Confesses to Being Complicit in Crimes including Murder of Child Sari Saoud

HOMS, (SANA) – Terrorist Mazen Majed al-Dabdoub confessed to being complicit in crimes of robbery, theft and murder committed by an armed terrorist group, with one of these crimes being the shooting of child Sari Saoud in al-Sabil neighbourhood in Homs city.

Al-Dabdoub said he joined a group of ten terrorists led by Bassam Da’adish, who gave him an assault rifle and ammo.

He confessed to taking part in the murder of child Sari Saoud, saying that he and his cohorts opened fire on the child near Ahmad Muti’ib al-Darwish school in in al-Sabil neighbourhood then fled.

Al-Dabdoub said that another terrorist group came after them and photographed the body of the child and sent the images to satellite channels to accuse the army of killing him, noting that there were no army or security forces in the neighbourhood at the time.

He also confessed to taking part in setting up roadblocks, particularly in the mains street of al-Bayyada neighbourhood, opening fire on civilians, and lobbing Molotov cocktails at al-Bayyada police department, in addition to molesting women in al-Zir Street.

Al-Dabdoub was arrested by the authorities on November 29th.

The foreign media and internationally active human rights organizations, which are allied with the terrorists in Syria, took advantage of this crime in order to lay the blame of the child murder on the doorstep of the Syrian government, and thus to spread a war sentiment against Syria.

The testimony of the mother of the murdered Sari Saoud, that the terrorists, which are fighting against the Syrian government, were responsible for this murder of her child, was studiously ignored by the foreign supporters of the terrorists who are active in Syria – just like the foreign media has wilfully ignored the coverage of the official Syrian media about the murder of Sari Saoud at that time.

For example, in Germany, the national and international television news service “Tagesschau”, which is produced on the behalf of the German public-service television network ARD, has distinguished itself in the exploitation of the crime against this child in order to boost further violence and war sentiment against Syria.

Thus, the German state evening news “Tagesschau”, which is the most watched news program on German television and therefore an important German tool for propaganda, has reported on 02 December 2011, for example, under a picture of the mother of the murdered Sari Saoud, who mourned over a picture of her murdered son:

According to the UN, 300 children were killed in Syria since the beginning of the protests. This nine-year-old died in late November, when Assad’s forces have attacked Homs.

Tagesschau has used Sari Saoud for war propaganda

Tagesschau has used Sari Saoud for war propaganda

The official German evening news “Tagesschau” has illustrated another article with the headline “Criticism on Syria: Children are the target of state violence” with the same image of the grieving mother of the murdered Sari Saoud, although he was killed by the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorist.

These two articles, that prove the media complicity of the German state evening news “Tagesschau” with the murder gangs who are active in Syria, were recently removed from the website of the German state news agency – officially according to the recent introduced rules for the “protection of the freedom of press”, but unofficially rather to deprive the evidence of their murderous mendacious propaganda from the historiography.

However, the cache of the internet search engine Google still documents these two propaganda articles of the German evening news “Tagesschau” at the moment: here and here.

Instead of apologizing publicly for their leaked out murderous lies and to hold the persons who are responsible for this propaganda accountable, the organisations, which are allied with the states of NATO and GCC, are trying to escape the discovery of their murderous lies by spreading constantly more lies, by the attempts to suppress rectifying comments, and by letting their stooges in Syria selectively kill journalists.

While they are also trying to use all levels of propaganda and an unconventional war of aggression on the model of Hitler, Goebbels and Henlein in order to overthrow the Syrian government and to silence the Syrian media by sanctions, shut-offs and the means of the cyber warfare.


  1. olunga says:

    poor syria take it r leave it, every political head must know when its time to go, poor assad he is cornerd, by love an power, an fall inbetween the claw of 2 super powers, mr presee, u needed to read the time of the day before u too late , iam looking from outside , i think the writing is on the wall inside.

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