Syria: US sending Patriot missiles to Turkey

Posted: December 14, 2012 in International
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US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has signed an order to deploy two Patriot air-defence missile batteries to Turkey, he said in an exclusive interview with the propaganda station CBS News. The Patriot missiles are expected to bolster Turkish defences against Syria but in reality the missiles are sent to Turkey in order to help to create and to protect a buffer zone in Syria near the Turkish border.

Thus, the US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta has misunderstood his office as Secretary of defence because it has nothing to do with defence. Of course, the two Patriot air-defence missile batteries that will be deployed to Turkey by the United States are followed by about 400 American “servicemen” in order to operate these missile batteries.

Already on 4 December, the questionable NATO Foreign Ministers have approved the deployment of Dutch and German Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border. Of course, the deployment of the German and Dutch Patriot missile batteries to Turkey is not happening in order to protect a NATO ally because Syria will not start a war of aggression against Turkey.

Honestly, one can already say since months that the Turkish Erdogan regime and other foreign powers have already started a war of aggression against the Syrian leadership and in considering the hypocritical sanctions against Syria, also against the Syrian civilians.

Already the recognition of the so-called external Syrian opposition by some Western governments is a declaration of war against Syria.

Since it was not able to form a (colonial) state with the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), a group of loud-mouthed politicians in exile, the formation of a somewhat broader opposition alliance under the direct guidance of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has followed the failed first attempt and this new “alliance” should now function as the representative of the Syrian people for the West.

In a humble reluctance, Washington gave Great Britain and France the advantage to recognize the collaborators first before Hillary Clinton has attested to the handpicked coterie that it represents the Syrian people. The American decision was followed by a rat’s tail of 127 countries – commonly known as the “international community”.

Thus, it is largely an “international consensus” that the anti-Assad camp has to be considered as the legitimate leadership of the Syrian people. Of course, this “consensus” is commanded and enforced by all means of economic blackmail by the West. That this external Syrian opposition has a so-called democratic legitimacy is justified from its collaboration with the “democratic West”.

How is this staged alliance of an external Syrian opposition, however, able to be democratic legitimated when it does not draw its claim to power from free elections, but from the political and military support by the Western hegemonic powers?

The parliamentary elections of September 2011 and the municipal elections of December in Syria, with the participation of several parties have been boycotted by the irreconcilable opposition that is not willing to consider other options than the violent overthrow by force. If heteronomy is declared as a prerequisite for democracy, then democracy has nothing more to do with the idea of a democratic self-determination.

It is still a good question why the pro-Western opposition has boycotted the elections? And why the otherwise so energetic Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has not even taken note of them? The answer is easy: because elections were not envisaged for the Syrian “revolution scenario”.

Such a participation in the elections in Syria by the staged Syrian opposition would have relentlessly exposed the lack of anchoring of the insurgents in the Syrian population. It seems as if the global counter-revolution would set in countries like Syria on the “revolutionary” card.

However, what kind of revolution is it when those leader cadres are taught in neoliberal expertise in Berlin, Germany, and the U.S. administration has found its main “Adopt a Revolution” activists? Well, it seems to be no revolution in Syria. This “revolution in Syria” is not interested in an overthrow of the ownership structure in favour of the subaltern classes and it is also not interested in even just a little more social justice.

Instead, this staged “revolution in Syria” is supported with money and weapons by foreign countries and even by Western powers. Thus, it is no revolution in Syria. The Patriot air-defence missile batteries by Germany, Netherlands and the U.S. are not deployed to Turkey for any kind of defence.

However, it seems obvious that these Patriot missiles are used to finally establish a so-called “No-Fly Zone” at the Turkish-Syrian border – a “buffer zone” that can be used to follow the horrible Libyan scenario.

The U.S. President Barack Obama and his cronies have nominated their Quisling government. German “calls for peace” to the war like by the Left chairman Kipping, are getting closer to its implementation. What a farce!

  1. While many analysts say the Patriot system’s deployment in Turkey suggests that it could be targeted at Iran, Lavrov confirmed that “the configuration as it is being presented in the media really looks like it could be used against Iran.”

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