Were German drone pilots involved in the Gaza attack?

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Sideviews
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As reported in the last article (English / German), the German Air Force (Imperial Army Aviation) was stationed in Palestine in World War I in order to fend off the British conqueror from Gaza and Jerusalem together with the Ottoman Army.

The German Luftwaffe (air force) is for some time back there with some pilots for the training for the control systems of the drones that were bought by Israel. In 2009, the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) ordered a fleet of Heron drones from the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at a unit price of $ 10 million.

The drones are used in Afghanistan and the pilots learn at the Ein Shemer base (Ein Shemer Airfield in Ein Shemer, North District, Israel) of the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) how to fly them by remote control.

The drones, which are flown, are labelled with the national emblem of the German Bundeswehr including the Flag and the Black Cross and they fly therewith over Israel for training purposes.

In Afghanistan, the ground forces of the German armed forces (Deutsche Bundeswehr) and the supply convoys are protected by these reconnaissance flights with them.

Among the drone pilots are also former Tornado jet fighter pilots who get retrained. Instead to sit in a cockpit, they are sitting in front of screens and control the machines (drones) with a controller just like in a computer game.

During the training, the employees of the manufacturer IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.) disguise themselves as Taliban fighters and hide in the fields near the Air Force base.

Drone of the German Bundeswehr

Drone of the German Bundeswehr

The soon-to-be drone pilots have to detect (trace) them with the cameras on board.

Since the manufacturer’s service people are not allowed to operate in Afghanistan, the maintenance of the drones on site in operation is performed by the German partner firm Rheinmetall Defence (Rheinmetall AG).

There are now credible testimonies of witnesses in Israel that the drones of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) were also spotted in the air at the last attack on Gaza in November. Drones with German national emblems were in the air over Gaza.

Was that also a part of the usual training exercises or have the German drone pilots actively assisted in the Israeli attack on Gaza?

German soldiers, who were out in civilian clothes in Israel in the evening, would have proudly admitted that they were involved in the Israeli “Operation Pillar of Cloud” in which 168 civilians were killed.

Since the German chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the “defence” of Israel is part of the German reason of state (raison d’état), this is truly imaginable.

Source: alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.de


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