Syria: That should be shown to all FSA supporters

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Sideviews
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What you will be shown now is so cruel that it will make you sick. Therefore, a warning to all.

In the video below you can see how the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists get a child to behead a handcuffed man with a machete who is lying on the ground.

The head is then shown to the camera while they’re shouting “Allahu akbar!” – one can further see more corpses with severed heads.

This recording should be shown to all supporters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) who still believe that these are good “rebels” and that they only want a democratic transition in Syria and that we should support them and supply them with weapons and money.

Just as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, David Cameron, Fogh Rasmussen, Recep Erdogan, Benjamin Netanyahu – or whatever all these war criminals may be called

These are not the “friends of Syria”, ugh, yuck, but the biggest enemies that one is able to imagine. The incident of the beheading should have allegedly taken place in the Syrian city of Homs, about 160 kilometres north of the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to experts, the Arabic in the video is not Syrian dialect but an accent from Saudi Arabia. (In the Syrian city of Homs, there was a lot of intermarriage that could also explain this.)

From Saudi Arabia, criminals condemned to death are said to have been released from the prisons with the requirement that they have to go to Syria as jihadists in order to slaughter the “infidels” there, which could also explain the Saudi dialect in this horrible video.

Where is the outcry of all the good-does, the Left and the Greens, the religious leaders and by the peace movement and the human rights organizations, which otherwise always open wide their big mouth?

Where is the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which should pursue war crimes? As usual, they are not visible and not heard anywhere, when it comes to the crimes of the Friends of the West.

After the murderous deputies of NATO (from the Gulf States and Turkey) are no longer able to gain much progress in their attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, the United States has begun to arm the terrorist groups even more. The New York Times is reporting this.

This newspaper writes that a terrorist group that is connected to Al-CIAda (Al-Qaeda) has become more effective in their battles against the Syrian Arab army.

The British daily Sunday Times reports that the U.S. had already begun in the background to supply weapons to the terrorists in Syria. The British daily added that the Syrian terrorist gangs are already receiving weapons from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey with the blessing of the U.S. since last spring.

The British newspaper also writes that the U.S. would supply mortars, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles to the terrorist groups in Syria through their allies in the Middle East. It also stated that the U.S. president Barack Obama has already previously authorized the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to secretly support the violent opposition gangs.

The Sunday Times notes that the Americans had bought parts of the weapons of Gaddafi from Libya, including Strela-2 / NATO SA-7 “Grail” missiles, which can be used to shoot down aircrafts, and that the U.S. Foreign Ministry is in communication with the in Syria raging criminals by so-called “field commanders”.

U.S. diplomats and CIA agents have established a channel for a direct contact with the groups of the radical Islamic terrorists in Syria. The German government is right at the forefront of these crimes against the Syrian people.

The joke figure of foreign minister has announced in Brussels on Monday that the so-called Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian opposition. (And the German clown will probably announce tomorrow that the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is also the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people in Syria – what a joke.)

The German clown in office, the Foreign Minister, also said, that the German federal government also sets itself another sign and it has therefore expelled further four employees of the Syrian embassy in the German capital Berlin. (According to our sources, the German employees of the Syrian embassy in Berlin can decide whether they want to stay in their job there or to resign, while the Syrian employees get soon replaced by supporters of the “Free Syrian Army”.)

The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is the military arm of the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) and therefore Germany supports the worst terrorists, which even commit massacres – thus, Germany is complicit in the murders in Syria.



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