Syria: Germany to approve missiles for murderers on 12/12/12

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Sideviews

Voltaire Network informs that France, Great Britain, Israel, and Qatar would have worked out another plan for the war of aggression against Syria. 6000 “jihadists”, of which 4,000 are from Lebanon, are said to soon attack the residential area Mezzeh in the south of Damascus.

There are many embassies located and high-ranking military and civilian leadership personalities are living there. The use of chemical weapons in the country will be used to boost tensions.

A traitor, with the rank of general, shall declare that he has taken over the power and he should ask the West for help. This provides a pretext for an intervention outside a UN mandate. The time is ticking away for the enemies of the Geneva peace plan that was agreed on between Russia and the United States.

It will be submitted to the UN Security Council (UNSC) in February, after the confirmation of the new Obama administration by the U.S. Senate. Until then, all possible moves will be tried. It is unclear how Russia and Iran will react to this.

Putin is reported to have said that he is ready to defend Syria “on the streets of Moscow”, that means he is probably ready to come into this war. For its part, Iran has already assured that it would defend Syria. All these explanations may be a bluff, but they could also mean a military intervention in Syria. Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Doha are taking the risk of a conflagration.

Their local henchmen are Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The German Federal Republic maintains excellent military relations with both (keywords: patriot missiles, Boxer (armoured fighting vehicle), Leopard (main battle tank), and the AEW&C / AWACS – airborne early warning and control).

Saudi Arabia is sending prisoners condemned to death to Syria

Yesterday, Dr. Christof Lehmann published a document that proves that Saudi Arabia is using hundreds of death row prisoners in Syria. (The German translation of the whole article was thankfully performed by chartophylakeion tou polemou.)

The confidential document shows that the authorities in Saudi Arabia have ordered the discharge of a number of the most dangerous criminals on death row, who have to, in exchange for the discharge, fight in Syria against the Syrian Arab army and the Syrian government.

They were trained in the unconventional warfare, in terrorist activities and in that, what is euphemistically called as “jihad”, before they were sent to Syria.

Saudi killer for Syria

Saudi killer for Syria

Among the group of the offenders from Saudi death rows are 105 Yemenis, 21 Palestinians, 212 Saudis, 96 Sudanese, 254 Syrians, 82 Jordanians, 68 Somalis, 32 Afghans, 194 Egyptians, 203 Pakistanis, 23 Iraqis and 44 Kuwaitis. It is likely that this group is not the only group that were sent from Saudi Arabia from Syria.

Follower – powerless or upright?

That should now even open the eyes of the last believers, who really are these “rebels” in Syria – and who from NATO and the Federal Republic are the responsible persons for the killings in Syria. No one, no politician, no minister, no journalist is still able to talk his way out.

Who promotes anti-Syrian propaganda does that intentionally – as an accomplice. Are the thousands of victims of the “freedom fighters” of Libya not blood, drama and warning enough?

If NATO would have operated jointly with Russia and China in the disarmament of al-Qaeda and the “Free Syrian Army”-NATO militias in Syria, there would be no more bloodshed in this country of the Middle East; yes, even the war would – as described in the German magazine “Compact” – not have even broken out.

Tomorrow, children, just wait… on 12 December, there are Patriot missiles for Turkey

You will be judged by the company you keep. Germany is not helplessly at the mercy of the warring parties CDU, CSU, FDP, SPD and the Greens. The democratic peace forces have established nationwide. Unanimously ignored and defamed by the mainstream media.

Among the countless Uprights are many bloggers, associations and movements that are not willing to get divided; including AG Friedensforschung, Neue Mitte, the Left party (Die LINKE / some members) and the Freidenkerverband.

The German Freidenkerverband (“Freethinkers Union”) has written an open letter to the members of German parliament who will decide on the 12th December 2012 about the rockets (Patriot missiles) for Turkey:

Obviously, the NATO member Turkey acts as a protecting power of trvbrbfhe so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), and enables for them to smuggle themselves and even weapons over the Turkish border to Syria; in addition, Turkey supports them logistically and with intelligence information.

Citing the right to a collective self-defence is under these circumstances a abuse of law and a pretext to disguise their own participation in the war.

The provision of the required weapons systems means that Germany goes into an undeclared war against Syria – from the recent interest in the proxy gang-war to maintain to an active military intervention as a war party.


FSA / Al Qaeda freedom fighters - feasted in Wilmersdorf, Germany.

FSA / Al Qaeda freedom fighters – feasted in Wilmersdorf, Germany.

The Third Reich-excuse: “I didn’t know that”. Or its present form: “Oh, what am I to do?” does not apply anymore. You know that the German federal government supports mass murderers in your name.

Fight back and oppose it. In the name of humanity. There is nothing more important than peace.


  1. Souri says:

    On the Deir Al-Asafir “Playground Bombing” (Syria)

    sent to Human Rights Watch, December 12, 2012,,
    December 12, 2012

    Greetings. My name is Adam Larson, and I’m the cofounder of Citizen’s Investigation into War Crimes in Libya ( Since June, we’ve been focusing (without a name-change) on events in Syria. In lieu of one clear address for such things, I’m sending this to three addresses. Please, someone among you, see that this message gets to the research/fact-finding department.

    I write this open letter (will be published) in regard to the recent Human Rights Watch report on the alleged government bombing of children in Deir al Asafir, Syria, with cluster munitions. If the investigation into that is ongoing, HRW might want to consider the findings published at the research wiki I’m a contributor at: (the work on this is primarily my own so far, and it will improve in time). As this high-profile alleged use of unconventional weapons fed into about-to-emerge fears of the government using chemical weapons, and as we now stand on the verge of someone relesing toxic gas to secure more direct Western intervention, it’s past time to think carefully about who was really behind the killing at Deir Al-Asafir and in so many other places in Syria.

    Continue Readiong:

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