Syria has Large Deposits of Oil Shale

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Syrian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources reported in 2010 that there is evidence for large amounts of oil shale in the region of Khanasser in the district of the Syrian city of Aleppo, amounting to about 37 billion tons, with a thickness of up to 240 meters, and that the oil therein would be of a very high quality and low sulphur content.

Is this one of the real reasons for the war of aggression by the West against Syria? Must the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad therefore be overthrown in order to clear the way for the Western oil companies?

The relevant Syrian minister Sufian Allaw said during a tour throughout this area in the southeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo, that the rocks with the embedded oil extend over an area of 150 square kilometres at first glance and could be even be enlarged.

The Syrian minister Sufian Allaw pointed out that the rocks would contain oil of different consistencies and could be used for power generation, for the oil and construction industries, for cement production and for the road building, in order to allow a significant economic use.

Sufian Allaw explained that the mining area is not used for agriculture and is also not inhabited, and therefore, there would be no environmental problems, even no problems for the needed water from the Euphrates.

The Syrian minister added that they finish the work on the first phase of this project, in which they have carried out 48 drillings in order to examine the thickness of the deposit and to see how much oil is present in the rocks.

Example of the degradation of oil shale:

Selective mining of horizontal oil shale

Selective mining of horizontal oil shale

Thereby, the profitability should be determined. The work on the exploration of the reservoir (deposit) began in the year 2008.

What a coincidence. Syria is not only the nodal point and the passageway for oil and gas pipelines on the way to Europe, but it also has even larger deposits of oil shale.

If that is not a motive for the Western powers, what is? Something like that must necessarily be brought under control. Where would we be if the Syrian government wants to use the proceeds from there for the country?

That is also one of the explanations as to why the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was suddenly converted into an evil dictator who has to be removed by all means, like Saddam Hussein.

The resources belong to the world community and not Syria. Thereby, the West just means that these resources belong to the oil companies. This news was published on the website of the “Syrian Oil & Gas News” on 29 May 2010.

Coincidentally, shortly afterwards, the so-called rebellion against the Syrian government have begun, of which we meanwhile know now, that it is staged and controlled from abroad.

The “rebels” are not even Syrians, but are hired terrorists of the Al-CIAda (“al-Qaida”) from all possible countries with the duty to destabilize the Syrian government and country by terrorism, to spread chaos and to produce Syrian refugees in order that the (terrorist organisation) NATO has a reason to intervene as “peacemakers”.

Therefore, the Syrian city of Aleppo is so hard embattled.

What has Jake Sully said in the movie “AVATAR”?

“This is how it’s done. When people are sitting on shit that you want, you make ’em your enemy. Then you justify taking it.”


  1. carinaragno says:

    New Gas Field in Tripoli Sea

    i don’t know if this is also a reason but interesting, oil and gas = war

  2. Wasim says:

    Yes the want oil dats y they attack on syria n they hv attack on iraq,, they r the robber ,,robber of oil nothing else,,,i hope to whom m pointing out

  3. mark says:

    I am American and pisses me off so bad that my govt is funding these terrorists. Assad might not be a guy i would want to have a beer with but he is certainly better than Muslim Bortherhood or Islamist running the country. My govt. is so dumb!!

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