Syria – Ras Al Ain: Kurdistan against the FSA

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Politics
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The team of Vesti is still traveling in Kurdistan and it reported about a larger attack of mercenaries against Ras al Ain, which the Kurds – according as it was to read elsewhere – were able to partially stop.

The city is still partially held by the Kurds. It is interesting to hear about the approach of the Turks, who know how to enrich themselves with their self-generated refugee streams. As far as Kurdish fighters are shown, they do not make the impression that they are able to prevail against such amounts of armed gangs.

To ensure this will be among other things the role of the Syrian Air Force, while Turkey probably also mobilizes their border-near air defence against them.

Source:, 16.11.2012

Ras Al Ain: Kurdistan against the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)

Anastasia Popova:

That is the street to Ras Al Ain, a small Syrian town, which lies directly at the border to Turkey. At night, thousands of rebels penetrated unhindered through the border area, and they have tried to establish themselves in several areas.

According to the Kurds, about 400 vehicles with fighters and weapons came across the border; many of the pickups were equipped with heavy machine guns. This “convoy” was stopped by the united Kurdish militia. At dawn, it came to fighting.

In this video from the mobile phone of a later killed al Qaeda fighter, one can see the leader of the gang, he is from Yemen, and his accent reveals him. The most of the rebels, which are allegedly fighting for democracy, are not from here. The man on the pickup truck, for example, is from Saudi Arabia.

He calls the Kurds a “sister nation” and promises that he will not harm anyone till a certain Emir makes the final decision. Thereby, he gives instructions: state institutions, police stations and court buildings to should be stormed.

The troops of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are invading the city. If the residents do not open the door, so it gets broken-up, gunmen storm the house, it is robbed, and the inhabitants are immediately accused of being supporters of the government, they are beaten with the rifle butts and then shot in many cases.

The inexplicable brutality and indiscriminateness of the so-called “freedom fighters” were often denounced by international human rights organizations, but it stayed with oral condemnations.

In Ras Al Ain, three powers clashed on each other. In the city itself, the al Qaeda was blocked by Kurdish units, the outskirts surrounded by government troops, from where they open the fire. People fled to the Turkish border area and in neighbouring towns.


All are shooting there, the ones that have a black flag, the others have a Kurdish. There are bombs. We are afraid for our children, we want peace, and we are waiting here now till Turkish border guards fetch us.

During the day, they open their borders to refugees, at night, they smuggle equally open rebels into Syria, which have to fight there against the government and to create chaos in the Kurdish north. In two villages, units of the Kurdish militia have replaced the official security forces completely.

Kurdish fighter:

The Turks tell the people: run away from here, come to us, you will find protection with us. In truth, they deceive them. The money, which provided by the Red Crescent and the Red Cross – they put it into their own pockets.

There are women and children, who have to live in tents. But now it’s already so cold that you cannot live in tents. Many come back again.

The Turks are behaving like the mafia, they are arming scattered groups, and then they send them to us into the battle and make money out of the refugees.

The aim of the “Free Army” (Free Syrian Army / FSA) is the control above the oil-rich areas of the country, which were so far spared from war.

The rebels are concentrated at the border; the Kurds are preparing the defence of their territories. Checkpoints have been built everywhere, there are patrols with cars, and the weapons are loaded.

Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti, Syrian-Turkish border



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