France: Recognition of the pseudo-Syrian Umbrella Organization

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Syrian opposition has regrouped under the pressure and by an active contribution of the West and unites now more so-called Syrian opposition groups than before. The new Anti-Syrian umbrella organization demonstrates a staged openness and calls since its inception on all so-called organizations to join it or to be united under one roof.

The West participates in it and also supports the calls that the armed forces and the radical Islamist organisations should join this new umbrella organisation. It is probably the situation that several European foreign ministers, for example, the German clown in office, Guido Westerwelle, either think that these “moderate Islamists” will establish a democratic, peaceful state in Syria, or they know the truth and do not care about the upcoming downfall and destruction of the secular Syria because some states like the United States, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia still have too much power or money (or even both).

In German Intelligence circles, it is no secret that the German government is blackmailed by some foreign governments and organisations. The same or a similar situation should apply for some other European governments. As a source of the German intelligence (BND) has underhandedly said, that Syria is and will ever the target as long as it is not subordinated to Western interests.

This source also said that if the West and its non-democratic allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia have no success now with this produced and boosted revolution, then they will sure try it again later. The West will never stop trying to subordinate Syria, as long as it is a part of the resistance against Western interests.

While the West is fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan and considers al Qaeda (whatever al Qaeda / al CIAda may be for a construct) as a huge risk, they work with these Islamist forces and even support these radical groups in other countries of the Middle East in order to achieve their dubious interests and questionable goals.

While the West is fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan and considers al Qaeda (whatever al Qaeda / al CIAda may be for a construct) as a huge risk, they work with these Islamist forces and even support these radical groups in other countries of the Middle East in order to achieve their dubious interests and questionable goals. The black flags of al Qaeda are visible in Libya, in Egypt, they again and again defend the new rule of the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, and they ignore that they have previously warned about the Muslim Brotherhood and considered them as a terrorist organisation.

Now the West also supports the gunmen, extremists and religious fanatics in Syria and even celebrates them as an opposition. The world view is on drugs and a lot of Western journalists participate in this non-democratic policy, which violates international law and the logical thinking. The unification of the strange and partly violent opposition forces in Doha is largely the work of Riad Seif and former U.S. ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford; it is not far-fetched to say that Jeffrey D. Feltman is also active in the background.

The new alliance of Exiles and radical groups is led by the pseudo-Imam, Muaz al-Khatib. He had preached in the Umayyad Mosque till the beginning of the staged uprisings in Syria. From the beginning, he stood on the side of Assad’s opponents, and called for a unity of the protesters as well as for renunciation of the use of force. He has been several times arrested because of his commitment. He fled to Cairo, Egypt, in this year, although it was not really a escape. Now he strikes out as the chairman of the new opposition group against the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his government.

According to several sources, he is rated as moderate and some even say he is committed to women`s rights and also supports the minorities. So it is no real surprise that he was appointed as the new chairman. He is useful with his image. He is currently looking for support in different countries and in particular for the recognition of the new staged Syrian opposition umbrella organization.

Beside the courtship for recognition, this new umbrella organisation for Western interests in Syria wants to prepare a so-called 12-point plan for the future of Syria. After almost two years, just another attempt to reach the goals of the West and its allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, while e.g. the German government has already cared about the way to benefit from Syria when the current leadership is gone.

One might be interested in the fact that the stipulations and agreements of the Geneva Convention in the summer are not included or addressed in this so-called 12-point plan for the future of Syria. They do not want negotiations with the Syrian government, e.g. to decrease the increasing level of terrorism and violence in Syria, but they want their dismissal (or death) and the transfer of the power above Syria. A usage of “democratic values” in a way like Israel loves it.

Whether the implementation of the new plan will work and how long it will last till it will have success sure depends on how quickly this new umbrella organisation will be recognized internationally and how it proves itself, especially when it comes to internal disputes and power struggles. It is in any case already intended that this redesigned group in Doha will be recognized as the sole legitimate representative of Syria, which is a huge farce because it has no support by the majority of the Syrian people.

Even a transitional government for Syria will be formed from this group, consisting of ten ministers, elected by a council of 60 members. The so resulting transitional government (more like a transitional farce), wants then to Syria and into the northern areas – „liberated” with the help of the Turkish Erdogan regime. From there, they will again and again demand international support and the establishment of a “no-fly zone” above Syria.

The first statements by Kathib and Sabra about more weapons and further financial support for the fighters in Syria should surprise nobody anymore. Thereby, they still rely on force and they continue to let the people of Syria run into the honed blade. The mediation attempts by Russia and Iran, for example, to get all sides at one table for negotiations and talks in order to decrease the level of violence in Syria fail due to the Western boycott or due to the wilfully ignorance for the situation of the Syrian people on site.

The war in and against Syria is dirty and is demanding more and more victims. It drives an even deeper wedge into the Syrian society and this is even boosted by abroad. One could recall keywords like “Salvador option”. The insurgents commit war crimes and dispose the bodies in mass graves or burn the corpses.

The Damascus government is no better. There is no regard for consequences and the Syrian government also uses propaganda just like the opponents in the West and Gulf States. The Syrian army is a disaster in terms of organisation and structures. That army troops also commit crimes is no surprise, it has already happened everywhere on this planet with (from every country) army troops in action.

That the Syrian army is alone able to defeat Israel is nothing more than a Syrian fairy tale. The training and education in the Syrian army has been a farce for a long time. The situation for the cadets was bad and the most were really glad when they were in a position to bypass the time in the army by the pay of some money. But the Syrian Arab army consists of the people of Syria, of every sect and religion. As long as the signs of the dissolution do not increase, compared to the current state, there is still hope that further increasing chaotic situations can be prevented in Syria. The Syrian Arab army fights for the Syrian majority and not for Bashar al-Assad.

The poor and needy are the Syrians, our friends and contacts almost everywhere in the country, without a job, without food and without proper medicines and especially in terms of heating oil, a lot look very anxious on the upcoming winter. The violence and battles already lasts much too long and if the Western alliance of state terrorism not seriously applies real efforts to begin negotiations and to decrease the violence within Syria, then the suffering of the Syrian people will even increase. The greater the suffering of the people, the more will just want an end of the violence, pure resignation. Slogans such as “Everything is better than the current situation” can be heard more often now.

Many have resigned; have ceased to fight for the Syrian government and the president Bashar al-Assad because they are not able to see any progress. That does not mean that they have changed the sides, they are still opposing this “revolution”, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the groups of Syrian Exiles and Islamists abroad.

The war, which was brought into the country from the outside, is not only the result of the machinations of the West, Israel and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it is also the result of the incompetent, corrupt and torn government in Damascus. Honestly, it is also the result of all the bad behaviours and problems in the society and in official levels that were previously already criticized for so long.

Looking at the conflict in Syria that lasts for almost two years now, one could come to the opinion that this situation has arose due to the fact that the Syrians in its majority see themselves as leadership personalities, just as the German journalist Herman cited the quote of the former Syrian President al-Quwatli. One is ready to betray and sell his country for power and prestige. Even if no high position is waiting, but they can make some good money and this seems to be enough incentive for some Syrians.

The dilemma of the leadership personalities is also shown again and again in the quarrels of the so-called external Syrian opposition groups, especially by the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) that has made itself repeatedly incapacitated by this manner. They are now trying it by a new umbrella organization, hoping to finally end the chapter Syria, howsoever the end may look. The fear is certainly not over yet.

All current developments are again reminiscent of Libya. An opposition group was founded, however, in Libya. This opposition group was recognized as the sole legitimate representative and the new pseudo-Syrian umbrella organization strives for the same now. Then the war came in Libya. Everything suggests that the recent history of Western war crimes will repeat itself. France was the first European country that has recognized the new Syrian union, as then, the Libyan. A year ago, it lasted nine days until the attack on Libya.

How long will it last now for Syria? The hints and ambitions are clearly recognizable? It has become absolutely difficult to make a reasonably objective picture of the situation in Syria and its possible future. The situation in the country has gotten out of hand and every side has contributed to this.

As before, it is clear that this foreign alliance behind the violence and terrorism in Syria has no interest in peace and a peaceful political solution to the problems. Syria has to be subordinated in order to pave the path to Iran, to weaken the resistance and to gratify some masterminds behind all this. Would the West really be interested in peace and political solution, it would have made a difference.

All stakeholders have to be taken to account for the suffering of the Syrian people within Syria. It is only left to again and again just appeal and pray that the suffering of the people, the suffering of our friends and contacts, have soon an end. All the power-mad struggles for the dominance in the Middle East have cost and will cost many innocent lives.

The West, only a dark shadow of democracy. Qatar and Saudi Arabia (the leaderships), lost in religious and economic horniness. The Syrian government and President al-Assad? The days are counted due to their incompetence, corruption (also a problem of the Syrian society) and selfishness.

  1. olga Nakkas says:

    A am sorry to say that the description of Syrian government and Syrian army is very counterproductive and full of lies. Syrian Army has done very well under a planetary attack of more than 20 countries. On the other hand the Syrian government is not incompetent.As fart as the situation goes it has held very well more than the US or any european country under such a diabolic attack.Enough crap from western journalists

  2. Souri says:

    Israel must know that Syria has limits for its patience – Meqdad

    The deputy foreign minister Faisal Meqdad confirmed on Wednesday that the Syrian Army forces have moved on to confront insurgents in Golan heights after receiving an affirmation from the UN.

    Meqdad stressed that some of the radical forces have entered the buffer zone and occupied two or three villages and threatened their residents of killing them.

    The deputy minister estimated those attackers for 600 persons.

    He added, “We have moved and that’s all, we respect the Agreement on Disengagement and we are committed to it, but Israeli has to know that our patience has limits”.

    Mr. Meqdad pointed out that Israeli and its allies issue big statements to hide their intentions because they only see their personal benefits in Syria.

    He added that if Israel wanted to take advantage of the situation, we are ready to respond.

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