Syria: New Umbrella Organization of the so-called Opposition

Posted: November 13, 2012 in International
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It was negotiated, threatened and rescheduled in Doha, Qatar, for about one week until a new representative of the so-called Syrian opposition, better said, for the farce of the external Syrian opposition, was found.

Now, since last Sunday, there is a new umbrella organisation which has set the goal, to overthrow the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and to form a new transitional government for Syria and the Western democrats have no problem with the situation that their policy is again a clear violation of international law. So nothing new in/from the West and the Gulf.

At least, a bit new could be the fact that now are also armed groups parts of this merger of so-called Syrian opposition groups, which is probably not really in line with the usual policy and the good examples that the usual Western democracy should follow.

This is a reason for some fears and horrors, isn’t it? When so-called democratic Western governments have wilfully blind eyes about the violations of international law and about the support of armed groups abroad, then it is really the moment of the final downfall of democracy. If only one so-called democratic government in e.g. Europe would handle these violations and crimes in this way, it would not be so dramatically, but considering all the Western governments who have joined this alliance of state terrorism, it is not only dramatically but also sad and horrible. There is probably the time for some revolutions in Western countries in order to get rid of these non-democratic governments and to end the exploitation by their elites and leaderships.

The composition of the new umbrella organization was observed by former U.S. ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford – and also more or less controlled. It is clear that also Jeffrey D. Feltman, the modern Lawrence of Arabia, had his hands in this game. The majority of Syrians within Syria are convinced that Robert Ford and Jeffrey Feltman are terrorists. Considering some leaks and information about Robert Ford and Jeffrey D. Feltman, this opinion is not really too far-fetched.

After the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria, was not manned by an American ambassador for a long time, Robert Ford was appointed as a sign of a seemingly new era between the United States and Syria – a dirty trick by the U.S. administration. The position and the duties of the U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, are very controversial and the last steps of Robert Ford have made it clear, that he was just a tool for the U.S. imperialism in order to finally destabilize Syria to pave the path to Iran.

It is hardly far-fetched that the U.S. ambassador in Damascus, Robert Ford, has used his position to support “anti-government” groups and also to prepare the “initiated uprising” within Syria. Nothing new about Robert Ford and the mastermind Jeffrey D. Feltman. A keyword is e.g. “Salvador option”.

The Islam scholar Moaz al-Khatib was elected, or better said, appointed as the new head of this umbrella organisation against Syria, after all, he was the only candidate for the post. Not much is known about his person, at least, not much about him in the Western hemisphere, and the masterminds in the background will do a lot to keep it that way.

Some information about Moaz al-Khatib show that he was Imam at the Umayyad Mosque; he is representing the Sunni Islamic teaching and stood already against Bashar al-Assad at the beginning of the initiated uprising – because of his affinity towards the Saudi Wahhabism. His anti-Assad stance has “brought” him into jail for several times.

Several months ago, he fled from Syria, or better said without propaganda, he has not returned to Syria from one of his trip. The West covers up how radical he might be in his views of Islam and this is therefore not mentioned, but perhaps this is completely irrelevant, because after all, the Gulf States love him and the Gulf States dictators do not think that Moaz al-Khatib is representing a too radical interpretation of Islam, of course.

After the new association got together, the so-called Arab League (AL) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have cheered as if the next Prophet has arrived on the planet. Both so-called organisations (Arab League / GCC) did not miss it to recognize the new anti-Syria-entity and they also demanded the international recognition for this still fractious bunch of Exiles, marionettes and Islamists.

Especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which probably accepts anything but democratic policies, let alone to follow such democratic policies, still maintains its course to convert Syria into a state of law.

So, the dictators of the Gulf States, which have no democracy or human rights at home, demand this for another sovereign state, which is even secular, in a huge contrast to e.g. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain… If this all would not be so sad and deadly for the people of Syria, one could laugh so much about this falsehood and hypocrisy. Unfortunately, the deep wrongs of the dictators in the GCC and the (Qatari) Arab League do cost many innocent lives.

Whether this new bogus umbrella organization for the divided “Syrian” opposition groups outside Syria is actually recognized internationally will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.

Some villainous European foreign ministers, of course, including the German Clown in office, Guido Westerwelle, have praised this new union of the Syrian oppositions outside Syria, although or because it finally represents the radical forces within Syria now. One should assume, however, that the new alliance will hardly act in something like a unity. The internal squabbles are much too large.

State Terrorism against Syria

State Terrorism against Syria

The lowest common denominator what they have found in Doha, Qatar, was likely the aim to overthrow the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Furthermore, the threats by the United States and the fear of the absence of financial support should have finally led to the merger. The farce of the Syrian National Council (SNC), which has always been the so-called largest group of the tools, had to subordinate itself grudgingly.

No “representative” of this motley bunch of Exiles and Islamists, that was put together by the West, has received a position in the upper echelons of this new “umbrella organization”. The restructuring of the Syrian opposition in exile, however, is at least to consider as questionable and critical like the former main opposition outside Syria.

Actually, the new mouthpiece of the so-called Syrian opposition was only founded to get additional help. Here, this is not about the representation of the Syrian people in Syria, even if they still want to drill this farce into the heads of the Western populations. The statements of al-Khatib and Sabras are clear if one reads them carefully and puts it into question.

Al-Khatib has expressed for example, that he is striving for a change in Syria, with the hands of the Syrians, while hoping for the support of the “Friends of Syria”. This is a skilful euphemism for the demand for further arming and financial support of the armed religious fanatics and fighters in Syria.

Sabra, who was recently elected as the President of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), was less diplomatic and restrained in his demand for weapons and further “support” in the fight against Assad, of course. Nowadays, modern revolutions ask for support by foreign countries in order to e.g. murder more civilians that support the current government of this country – an interesting development.

While there was a so-called agreement in Doha, Qatar, and the West and Gulf States look for ways to support this new umbrella organization that was founded for propaganda purposes and thus they further undermine the efforts of Brahimi, the fighting in Syria continues unabated. Not only the Syrian border areas with Turkey and Israel are now affected. The battles stretch across entire country, including the Syrian capital, Damascus, which is often under attack by armed thugs.

Terrorist cells appear again and again and they are forcing the Syrian Arab army to new attacks, even in areas that were considered as “cleaned” – this happens regularly now and in a larger extent than the Syrians, who believe in their army are willing to accept. The usual troops of the Syrian Arab army are not well equipped and also in parts not well-trained; only the so-called Special Forces in Syria have a really good training and are better equipped than the general soldiers.

The situation in Syria is catastrophic. The people in some areas of Syria are suffering and “all” have nothing better to do than to fight about power and influence. The West always boosts it by the support for radical groups, and presents itself outraged when casualties are reported – although, the West is itself also responsible for the violence and dead in Syria.

Both sides commit war crimes and try to outdo each other with their propaganda and at the expense of the population. Neither side is more trustworthy in any way. The Western-backed gunmen and religious fanatics in Syria do not want a ceasefire; instead, they keep fighting for so long until they reach their goal. The situation is so bogged down that hardly any solution seems possible. The hypocritical West and even the Vatican do not worry about the future and the fate of the minorities in Syria.

What will happen if Bashar al-Assad is gone and the “protection system” collapses like a house of cards? The German expert in affairs of the Middle East, Christoph Hörstel, gave an answer. The same answer, which was already given by other Middle East-experts.

That the future of the minorities in Syria is probably very sad and dark, is almost clear, especially considering Iraq or other Arab countries where religious and ethnic minorities were and are repeatedly suppressed, expelled or even “wiped out”, while the Vatican and the West only pretends “relief” for the show.

Considering the new trends as they emerge in Syria, it is to expect that the secular Syria in which religious and ethnic minorities and groups are able to live as neighbours without problems, is now unfortunately a relic of the past. The Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with the help of Germany, France, Britain, the United States and Israel, have pushed Syria back into the dark Middle Ages – wilfully, without remorse and by the use of force and by the violations of international law and human rights.


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