PimpMyRom: Android ROM Tweaks as Alpha Preview

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Smartphones

The popular Tweak Tool for Android ROMs, PimpMyROM (PmR), was just published as a new, revised version and even as an App for Android Smartphones. The developer behind the interesting Tweak collection for Android ROMs has fixed many problems and also removed duplicate entries in the build.prop (etc).

The new version of PimpMyRom for Android Smartphones is now available as an app, as stated, so the flash process in the recovery of the mobile phone is no more necessary and working.

This should also mean that there are fewer problems for some people and the handling of the Tweak collection for Android ROMs is easier and will even become get more easily in future releases of PimpMyRom for Android.

In the new Alpha Preview # 1 of PimpMyRom, not all tweaks and options (eg GPS tweaks) are included btw. Fully working, but these will follow shortly and work in later versions of PimpMyRom.

It should be noted that after installing the new app PimpMyRom on your Android smartphone, you should not just click straight on and activate everything; instead you should be careful about the tweaks and options you really needed, because not all are always optimal for different smartphones and their possible configurations / Android ROMs.

In addition, the support for init.d scripts is necessary, of course. Should this support for init.d scripts not be available or if you would like to test whether the installed ROM (kernel) brings an init.d support with it, you can do this now even in this new Alpha Preview # 1 of PimpMyRom.

Changelog – PimpMyRom – Alpha Preview #1



First public release of the app version of PmR

Introducing a new feature : Universal Init.d Support ==> If your rom/kernel doesn’t have init.d support (usual on stock roms), you can now add it easily, thanks to Ryuinferno’s method that I transcripted into an app. You can also check whether you currently have init.d support or not in case you don’t know/are not sure.

The release of this app version fixes a wide number of issues PmR users have experimented so far with the Aroma version :

– Obviously all the Aroma-related issues are now gone ; no more frozen installer, no more replacing files in a zip package, no more need for xhdpi/ldpi/mdpi/ldpi versions which also means less confusion for the users, no more installation stopping because the user skipped a screen, etc…

– ALL duplicates are now gone, be it in the build.prop or in the init.d script, no matter how many times you apply the same tweak

– Some apps & mods options (i.e walkman, touchwiz or beats) will now download flashable packages, simply flash them in recovery to enjoy those features (there often were installation problems for apps in the aroma version), I’ll try to find a workaround soon to avoid using recovery and having PmR installing all the assets needed directly after downloading those.

Pimp my Rom will now generate one single init.d script containing the tweaks you have chosen instead of creating on script per tweak. This makes things a lot more tidy, and if you face bootloops, removing this single script with aroma-filemanager will fix the problem, a lot easier than before

New resampling tweaks and htc-crafted props were added to Beats Audio to improve audio quality even more

Touchwiz Launcher, Weather widget and Dialer widget are now back in PmR

Sony Walkman and Album have been updated to the latest Xperia V version (thanks to Rizal Lovins )

Many adjustments, improvements, clean-up and fixes have been made to the tweaks, always aiming for more stability across all devices (thanks a lot to PapaSmurf51 for his friendly help )

An Help Center is included in the app and will soon be filled with detailed informations, pros & cons and explainations about each and every feature offered by Pimp my Rom

As its name implies, this is a very early preview, this means that some features that were in the aroma version aren’t already implemented, and that there surely is bugs (this is what public alphas are made for : debugging). The UI and the whole app will constantly evolve

There will now be new builds as soon as a new tweak/feature is implemented and/or a new bug is fixed

You’ll most likely be able to download and update the app through the Play store soon, thanks to the donors that covered the inscription fee with their donations

Download and further information about Pimp my Rom (PmR) for Android phones:



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