Syria: U.S. throws homemade SNC on to the scrap heap

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Sideviews
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In Syria, the new week has again started with terrorist attacks and explosions, where many people died; dozens were injured and transported to the hospitals. The attacks occurred in the capital Damascus as well as in Hama and the area of Idleb (Idlib) – further heavy fighting between the Syrian Arab army and the Western-backed terrorists happened in other regions.

Although the attacks were clearly carried out by the groups of mercenaries, who are still celebrated as rebels in the Western media, there are still no signs that these crimes of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) will be brought to justice, or at least, will be criticized by the West and its media. What a shame for the so-called democratic West and the allegedly “free press”.

Many of the attacks were and are focused on buildings of the state power, police offices and bases of the Syrian Arab army, further terrorist attacks are clearly focused on civilian areas and Syrian civilians.

Syria sinks ever further into chaos and blood, but the so-called “free press” in the West is not listening to the Syrian people within Syria, all what they have to do in the West is feigning some sympathy and to further pursue the known “policy” towards Syria – by the help of the propaganda in the Western media.

But this statement that they still pursue the same political machinations and way, as they did it since the beginning of the “Arab Spring”, is probably not completely correct. The United States has reported back by Hillary Clinton as the mouthpiece in the past week.

The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), a Western farce, including mainly exiles who have not taken a step into Syria for a long time and where the majority belongs to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, is now no longer aggressive and useful enough for Washington. Although the dubious members of this “organization” are supporting the war and gunmen in Syria and always were begging not only for funds and arms but also for a military intervention in Syria, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has served its time.

The U.S. is unhappy with the Syrian office-sitters in exile, which in the vast majority do know Syria only by hearsay and from the news, perhaps even by a couple of maps. Other exiles of this U.S.-established “organisation” came to Syria just for holidays. So, Hillary “AIPAC” Clinton wants a reconstruction of the self-created Syrian opposition, but only of the part of this so-called organisation that is acceptable to the West, of course. That means the part of this pseudo-opposition that was convened by the West and still follows the orders of the United States.

Since last Sunday, some exile oppositionist, representatives of the terrorist group “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), and other representatives, who have the huge interest in the overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad but no interest in democracy, freedom and human rights, have a staged meeting in Doha, Qatar, in order to comply with the will of the United States. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) as such should be restructured.

Hillary Clinton has explicitly called for more people in the opposition who are fighting and dying at the frontline in Syria, so she wants more experienced fighters, aka terrorists, in a new formed “opposition group”. Syria therefore should be led in future by persons, which previously have fought against the Syrian Arab army and security forces? Just assuming that Washington further maintains the currently demanded “fighters” from the frontline – who probably want some benefits for themselves in the case that Bashar al-Assad was overthrown. This is more worrying than before.

And again, the other Western governments, so-called democratic leaderships that never would violate international law, are just watching how the U.S. again intervenes in the affairs of sovereign states. These governments of Britain, Germany, France (just examples) have even courted Washington and they have applauded to the violations of international law. That this Western alliance of state terrorism, also including Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, has really no interest in a ceasefire in Syria, should be clear to everyone now.

The disinterest of the West in a real decrease of the situation in Syria becomes even more apparent by the meeting(s) in Doha, Qatar, because the internal Syrian opposition, which is acknowledged by the Syrian government, and also works with them like the National Coordinating Council for Democratic Change in Syria (NCC) and other movements within Syria, have been explicitly excluded from the meeting in Doha. Ah, how democratic are we, back in the pursuit of our geostrategic, destructive goals.

After the U.S. has determined the rules of the game and the participants, it just continues after American discretion now. The Western alliance against Syria wants to establish a new umbrella organization, the so-called “Syrian National Initiative” (SNI), in which the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is only allowed to represent 15 of the 50 “seats”.

This botchy gang of allegedly Syrians should then form a kind of government in exile (a farce considering the description for governments in exile), consisting of murderers, Islamists and the big greedy mouths and selfish hypocrites who are definitely interested to further maintain the violent struggle as long as the Syrian government is in power, and they are certainly not able to guarantee security and protection for the minorities let alone Syria as a country, in the form as it (still) exists.

A special role has the careerist and draper Riad Saif (Riad Seif) in the cobbled together government in exile for the United States. If he is brought into play, it is at least ensured, that there are filled money bags, which can be used in order to achieve the goals.

It should also not be forgotten, that Riad Saif (Seif) is in contacts with America for a long time, and he has also leaked information about the Syrian leadership into the hands of the United States; according to documents, published by WikiLeaks.

So the bloody game of the United States is in the next round, and now, that Obama has won the election, he is in a position to stop baring his teeth, and start to bite. They want to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in Damascus – and they continue to fight till they have achieved it. International law and human rights do not matter. The truth doesn’t matter, too.

However, if all previous players will continue to support this false game is questionable. The domestic political pressure in some countries is increasing. This is worth a closer look at Turkey, where the population more intensive rejects the policies of the government from day to day, and also the Kurds increase the pressure enormous.

One can only hope that the Western forces and the so-called members of the staged opposition have a real go at each other or lose their teeth at the hard nut Syria and therefore desisted from their previous strategy of a violent state terrorism against international law and against the common sense.

Whether that will really happen, however, is more than questionable. The West has used already too much in order to achieve its questionable goals – too much for a backing down now and to begin with the support of really peaceful solution.


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