Syria: Fights All Over the Country

Posted: November 3, 2012 in International
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The situation in Syria is becoming increasingly opaque and, above all, also more and more violent. All sides are willing to increase the level of violence in the fights against the other side. A week ago, a truce should give the people the opportunity to breathe and to experience some days without gunfire and fighting, at least, during the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice.

Unfortunately, far from it: The truce in Syria, which was brokered by the UN Special envoy Brahimi, has only lasted for a few hours before the truce was mainly violated by the armed radicals. Since the proclamation of the truce, the fighting have intensified across Syria, not to mention that some of the groups of these religious fanatics and mercenaries have not agreed to this truce and thus, it is clear that the truce was doomed to failure.

The truce was again doomed to failure because the foreign powers were and are not really interested in a real truce. The time of truce was again counterproductive for the people in a lot of areas in Syria.

Both sides, i.e. both the government side and the opponents of Bashar al Assad, increased their struggles. The terrorists want to trigger the downfall of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and it seems that the armed gunmen had already a lot of success in the destabilization of Syria and still do not recognize that they are useful tools for foreign powers. The destabilization of Syria is simultaneously a debilitation of the resistance. Some would even say it is a huge debilitation of the resistance and also intended by some foreign powers.

While even the supporters of the Syrian leadership increasingly lose the faith in the opinion that the Syrian President al-Assad is really able to get the situation under control. Syria is like a war zone (except some parts of the Syrian coast), where one is not able to say which side has actually the real control in which region of Syria, and which side has really the larger losses in the fights.

For quite some time, more and more groups become parts of the struggle. The losers are clearly the Syrian civilians, who are again and again caught in the crossfire or are murdered by the armed Islamists and Western-backed terror groups, for example, in order to stage another massacre. Optimally just before a new session of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The armed men and religious fanatics, or as they are often referred by the West, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), is supported by the radical currents of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with the consent and acquiescence of America. U.S. president Barack Obama again supports al Qaeda, like in the good, old Afghan times. Of course, with goals in mind, aims like the destabilization of Syria and the destruction of the last resistance against Israel and against Western imperialism. Not to mention the geo-political goals and the struggle for resources that has already started.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not only interested to spread their radical ideas of Islam and to counteract against Iran, but also in some gas pipelines through Syria and other economic benefits. This is an example of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is in bed with the Emir of Qatar, while the Saudi king has not only a thrill of anticipation while lying between both. While it is a surprise that the bed is still steadfast, it is totally clear that these alliances of same interests will collapse someday.

Hillary Clinton and Hamad bin Chalifa Al Than (Qatar) won`t have babies and the Wahhabi currents will fight the Salafi currents, or vice versa. It does not matter. Both radical currents are construed to fight each other someday. There won`t be babies of love by Hillary Clinton and the Emir of Qatar because of the same reason. Qatar will one day be the enemy of the United States, or vice versa. No questions.

Even if the West is slowly but surely sceptical about the results of its involvement in Syria, the West still maintains more or less firmly the policy of supporting terrorists and pours oil on the fire. The West is responsible for the increase of violence and the horrible situation on site in Syria by supporting the armed groups from the beginning and in preparing the base for this violent struggle.

For a long time there are reports of the atrocities which were committed by the armed groups in Syria. The fighters of the anti-Assad brigades and religious fanatics always look for shelter in residential areas, of course. A good strategy for these armed groups, no question. Thus the Syrian Arab army cannot really interfere without the risk of losses among the Syrian civilian population. The skills of urban warfare have increased in the Syrian Arab army, but it is still a long and awful way to go. And as mentioned already, the signs are not really good. The leadership in Syria is corrupt and selfish, while the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has no strong hand.

Homes are destroyed or occupied indiscriminately; looted or they are used as shelters and command centres by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Even mosques are used as weapon depots and headquarters for the fights against the Syrian Arab army. Especially those al-Qaeda-affiliated groups are again and again responsible for explosions, bomb attacks and gunfire in crowded neighbourhoods. Terrorism that is clearly supported by U.S. services under the wilfully blind eyes of European governments.

It seems that they are particularly proud about the victims in the civilian population, as they hope to faster achieve their goals when they commit such crimes against the Syrian civilians. Perhaps the rogue calculation of the radical gunmen and Western-backed fighters will be successful in the end. Syrian Sunnis seem to increase the distance to Assad and have started to join the side of the radicals. It seems that some of them recognize the Islamists and their goals in order to finally get nearer to peace in Syria. It is hard to say how many have already jumped on this train, but some sources say that a tendency is noticeable.

The readiness for violence is increasing. The so-called Syrian rebels, still so celebrated by the West, seem to more and more elude themselves of the Western influence. A dreamer might think that there is the possibility that they might realize in the United States and the affiliated allies in Europe that the “Syrian rebels” are also dangerous for the West and that these armed gunmen will not prevail the Western “interests” in Syria.

That currently horrible video on YouTube about the massacred Syrian soldiers is another warning. In addition, the debate about this video in the West is a sign. In the video, one can see Syrian soldiers who have given up. It is assumed that the video is from the northern Syrian city of Saraqib that was overrun by the armed gunmen. The Syrian soldiers are beaten and kicked. Shots follow, then the camera turns back to the scene and the Syrian soldiers are either motionless or still writhing bodies on the floor.

Vigilantism, torture and executions of soldiers and other similar crimes by the armed “Syrian rebels” did not occur for the first time, but it is apparently considered for the first time as a war crime by the useful tools like Amnesty International (ai) and the UN Office for Human Rights. Of course, this horrible video is still under investigation, but it seems that the Western powers and pseudo-tools like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch again have opened their eyes for the crimes of the previously acclaimed Syrian rebels. It could mean a lot – or nothing. Time will tell.

Of course, would it have been a crime of the government soldiers, the propaganda would be already high and nobody would call for an investigation of this horrible video. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other useful NGOs would not care about the veracity of the evidence and just publish further propaganda that is useful for their clients, masterminds, as well as for their own benefits.

But as stated, it could be the situation, that the actually information about this video in Western media and evening news means, that the West is slowly recognizing the direction of the “supported fighters” in Syria. Of course, some of these Western powers knew this in advance, however, some probably not.

A good example about the stupidity of Western ministers is Mr Guido Westerwelle, German Foreign Minister. The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle was in Tunis and was really glad about the “great revolution of the Tunisian people” (…).

So he talked with some Tunisian persons. Mr Westerwelle said in these talks, for example, that the “Salafists problem will decrease” and that the Salafists “can be compared with the German political party CDU”. A smart comparison by Mr Westerwelle; however, one can be sure that the German CDU will not be happy about such stupid nonsense. This is no invention by us.

Nevertheless, they will be hardly being able to change the current developments in Syria and nobody is able to say that they really want to. In addition, what the West wants and does not want must not be congruent with the things that Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar want and do not want.

The huge involvement in this avalanche, which was initiated by the West and the Arab Gulf States, is too intense so that they are hardly able now to find a quick exit. Also the meeting of so-called Syrian opposition groups in Doha tomorrow, in which the divided sides want to find an agreement of the various currents and to elect a new board, will hardly fulfil the hopes of the West and sure not deliver any results for the benefits of Syria and the Syrian people.

Although there are different approaches and efforts within the so-called “Syrian” opposition parties, the interests are virtually so far apart that even a tentative agreement will not last long and will quickly lead to the outbreak of new disputes.

The opposition groups abroad do not represent the Syrians on site in Syria. The Syrian opposition, which is tolerated by the government in Damascus, is not recognized by the Syrian exiles and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) heads. A stalemate follows another stalemate and so on.

While the farce of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and its related groups still have hopes for an intervention in Syria, whether by NATO or Arab armies, and all still try to create a so-called “humanitarian zone” by force in the north of Syria, which can be used for air strikes and a final military intervention, Russia and China still pursue their strategy of a political solution that is, in contrast to what Western media tells its readers, not always in favour of the Syrian government and leadership. In contrary, some Syrians already feel betrayed by the Russian bear.

The West, although some of the governments maintain a huge propaganda and acts against international law in order to achieve Assad`s overthrow, is still a bit restrained when it comes to an intervention. No wonder, the results of such a military intervention by NATO forces in Syria are not predictable.

Nevertheless, preparations are made for an intervention since a long time. Just one example: the Americans are already busy in Jordan to train the Jordanian forces. Brahimi is not able to proceed with his pseudo-diplomacy, even if he still pretends that he is looking for talks and mediation – he does not look different than his forerunner-puppet, Kofi Annan.

Many historical sites and cities are already destroyed in Syria. Many Syrians are suffering, but an end to the fighting is not in sight. Assad’s position is hardly estimable. Unlike Mubarak, Saleh and Gaddafi (Qaddafi), the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is hardly on TV; there are no similar rallying calls by him to his people. It is questionable how long Bashar al-Assad will be able to remain in power and it may depend on the interests of Iran and Russia. Unfortunately, however, in political power struggles, it is never about the people, who suffer most by these situations. It does not matter whether it happens in the West or the Middle East.

  1. Souri says:

    Unconfirmed reports about an assassination attempt of Erdogan which resulted the death of 6 of his guards after gunfire near the headquarters of the Turkish government.

    قناة الميادين – Al Mayadeen Tv
    أنباء غير مؤكدة عن محاولة اغتيال أردوغان ومقتل 6 من الحراس بعد اطلاق نيران قرب مقر الحكومة التركية.

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