Aleppo: About the Civil Resistance against the Aggressors

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Sideviews
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The German blogger, who cares about the topic Syria in depth, has publish another article about the current situation in Aleppo and the horrible crimes of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other radical Islamist splinter groups.

This time it is again a new report from the fearless correspondent in Syria, Anastasia Popova. The main topic of this new reportage by out of the Syrian city of Aleppo are the heavy destructions and desecrations by the marauding “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists and the impressive resistance and will of the civil inhabitants of Aleppo to defend their city and their way of life.

While we are very thankful for the work of Anastasia Popova and for the work by this German blogger, our prayers are still with the kidnapped Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva. Anhar Kochneva is already over two weeks in the hand of radical religious fanatics, fighters and mercenaries, which are supported, for example, by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as by Germany, France, Britain and the United States. has published an interesting post from Aleppo, that on the one hand shows the destruction and desecration by the marauding rebel bands on historic buildings and shrines, and on the other hand, this report gives an impressive testimony about the resistance of the society against these aggressors.

Secondly, the continuous coverage by one of the major Russian TV channel from Aleppo could be evidence that large parts of the city can now be considered as safe and liberated of the rebel gangs.

Source:, Reportage by Anastasia Popova

The fighting in Syria continues, although a truce was declared for the time of the Islamic festival sacrifice. According to some sources, more than 200 people have been killed within the last two days.

On Sunday, opposition fighters have been trying proceed to attack in Aleppo. Currently, our special correspondent Anastasia Popova is on site, and she has more details.

The historic centre of Aleppo: in the heart of the old town is the Umayyad mosque, the important sanctuary, which was built in the 8th century. Even now, after the beginning of the formal ceasefire, it is not easy to get there. Through the narrow streets, one has to be very near along the walls to get through. Reaching the other side is only possible with short sprints of maximal two persons.

The crossings are fired at by snipers. However, the residents remain: they have become accustomed to the endless exchange of fire, but every time they accelerate their pace involuntarily.

The rebels have destroyed the walls of the ancient building partially, the entrance gate burned down. Inside, everything has been smashed; the grave of the prophet Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, has been looted, and the most valuable – relics – items of clothing and a hair of the Prophet Mohammed – have been stolen.

Syrian soldier:

We have held the gates with a small unit. They came from behind, they fired from rocket launchers, broke through the walls. From the other side of the street, snipers fired.

And they talk of truce. The rebels have never really thought about stopping the shelling. Our guys defended themselves to the end, and four of those, who died in the defence of the mosque, came from Christian families.

Out of respect for the traditions of the Muslims, the Christians among the soldiers had taken off their shoes; they fought barefoot, despite the broken glass, bullet casings and splinters. Pierre’s parents say: it was never been divided by anyone into confessions in Syria. That is the reason why all fight united for their country.

Hanni Asishaïd, mother of a killed soldier:

He was hit by shrapnel; a fellow soldier was injured at the leg. He carried him out on his arms, he self has refused to go to the hospital. He said that he will not leave the mosque and his comrades. As he came up the stairs, he was hit by two bullets.

He has always told his mother that she should not cry, but pray. He phoned the last time just a day before his death. He was not more at home for over two months and promised to come home at the next morning. He wanted to again see his sister and the little daughter.

Estel Asishaïd, sister of the slain soldier:

My brother has always told me: first pray for Syria, then for me. Syria was more important to him. I called him and said that I really miss him. He said, just be patient for another day. But he did not return.

Before the crisis, no one has ever cared about who believes in what. But in the past 18 months, the people were persistently incited by against each other with religious reasons.

Anastasia Popova:

So the rebels have tried in the centre of Aleppo to separate a Christian and a Sunni neighbourhood from each other. Along this road was a kind of border. The residents were detained here; whoever has tried to resist, was blasted away. They called the army and it came to heavy fighting between troops and rebels gangs.

The rebel fighters were excavated without the use of heavy equipment. In the narrow streets, there would be no room for them. A part of the rebels has been liquidated, another part of them escaped through tunnels into adjacent neighbourhoods.

Atlas Hori, a resident of Aleppo:

They tried to break the door and they destroyed the lock. In the apartment above us, they fired from a grenade launcher. They shouted “Allahu akhbar” and fired from machine guns.

They wanted to frighten us, but I am a Christian and I have lived here for 50 years – I’m not going anywhere.

A Greek Orthodox Church built in the year 1843. On the wall, the traces of a grenade explosion. The courtyard was fired from mortars. A grenade did not explode, like a miracle, after the second hit of a grenade, the staircase was destroyed.

Mariam Mariet, sexton of an Orthodox church in Aleppo:

Our parish priest was on the second floor, he fell, and his face was dissected by broken glass, he lay there, covered in blood, and was wounded in the back. Now I take care of the church.

These devils want to divide our society, but we will still continue to regard each other as brothers and live together peacefully.

Both mosques and churches are still described with one and the same word in Syria: as a “temple”, in which all have admittance, regardless of their religion.

The soldier from our entourage is Muslim; he is touching the iconic figures and prays together with the Christian woman – in his own way. It is not so important, where and how you do that. The main thing is that the peace will return to Syria.

Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti from Aleppo, Syria.

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  1. Cultural and industrial sites destroyed
    Ceasefire not holding
    Kurds fighting FSA
    No militias supporting the governmenmt
    but neighbourhoods are allowed small arms and to make checkpoints
    Airforce now bombing supply routes
    FSA controlling villages outside Aleppo
    Morris Afterthought: This reminds me of Libya – Turkey provided weapons to the rebels and it just recently held a trade fair in Tripoli for Turkish goods.

  2. Adnan Fouad, a volunteer doctor in Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), has been killed by FSA sniper in Douma city of Damascus countryside.(

  3. Az says:

    The syrian autorities are morons if they dont take off the relics inside the mosque before what happen to aleppo, it show that they really dont care about their cultural heritage

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