Syria: News about the Ceasefire

Posted: October 27, 2012 in International
Tags: , , , , , , , , , is, despite the general view that journalists are not able to report from Syria, again on site and reports on the course of the “ceasefire” in connection with the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice.

The terrorist attacks that are now almost happening on a daily base in Syria, that despite their catching of the attention by the media, however, show that the situation in the country has turned.

From the previous experience with the war in Syria, one can say that the terror has always been increasing, whenever the aggressors militarily were fallen behind.

Once the rebel gangs are continuously neutralized and they have lost the initiative (like it has been the same situation after the liberation of Homs in April, which was then, as the consequence of the Annan plan, not able to be cleaned completely), then there is an increase of the pure terroristic component of this war.

It looks like this situation stated above is beginning yet again. Despite the fact that there is still news about collisions from the provinces, it is clearly evident that the Syrian Arab army is slowly but surely becoming the master of the situation.

How infinitely big the number of the armed rebels may be, they get obviously faster neutralized than one is able to recruit and train new fighters – so the Syrian army is working a little more effectively than the mobilization machinery of the aggressors.

The number of armed rebel gangs is decreasing, their actions are fewer and fewer coordinated and do not follow a uniform plan anymore. Of course, only if the general destabilization of the situation is not taken into consideration.

Anastasia Popowa of Vesti in Aleppo

Anastasia Popowa of Vesti in Aleppo

Report by Anastasia Popova /

The ceasefire in Syria was over even before it started

Regardless of the agreed period of ceasefire for the Islamic Eid, there are again terrorist attacks in Syria. In Damascus, 5 people were killed and dozens injured by an explosion. Our special correspondent in Syria, Anastasia Popova, is on site and reports on the situation in the country.

It is the first day of the ceasefire in Syria and there is already the next terrorist attack: in the south of Damascus, in the Sunni district of Daf al-Shouk, a vehicle exploded, which was parked at a children’s playground. There is a public holiday in the country, on festival days, there are many people are on the streets, thus the attack was deliberately focused in order to kill and injure as many civilians as possible.

Also in other parts of the country, the attacks were continued. Attacks on army checkpoints are reported from Deir al-Saur, Deraa (Daraa), Homs and Idleb (Idlib). Despite the announced ceasefire, the rebels in Aleppo have tried to perform several attacks.

Two hours before the entry into force of the ceasefire, several gunmen invaded the Christian district Assirian and performed an (show) execution: two men and one woman were killed by cutting their throats publicly. The residents tried to offer resistance, and they called army units for help.

The exchange of fire continues. However, the day before the Feast of Sacrifice, several districts were cleaned. Among the slain rebels, there was a sniper who came, according to his papers, from Saudi Arabia.

The army has not withdrawn. The town remains cordoned off, there are patrols in the cleaned areas and they take care that no rebel gangs break out from the blockaded districts. Furthermore, the armed gangs do not withdraw, they continue to bombard the checkpoints of the Syrian army and carry out provocations.

Mahmoud Hisan:

One has to be very careful with these rebels. They are not Syrians but foreign mercenaries – they even have a different language. What should one talk to them? They came and destroyed our district. Now we have the protection of the Syrian army and we can again allow our children to go on the streets.

Sheikh Mustafa:

It seems to me that it will not lead to anything this time, too. There was already twice a truce, this is the third ceasefire. The rebels declared to agree with the ceasefire, but began shooting a few hours later. Those who still do believe in a ceasefire are simply sick of the bombs and the blood.

Little girl:

I was with dad and grandpa on the feast day. I later drove the carrousel.

In Aleppo, anyone harldy believes in the success of the ceasefire. The reason is that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is not a uniform structure with a command, but rather it consists of dozens of groups that sometimes even fight against each other.

There are jockeying for the leadership between these groups. Even the UN observers, who were there to identify the persons for the negotiations and should bring them to the negotiating table, have failed at this task. Every day, other persons came to the negotiations; the latter ultimately failed.

In parallel to this, the Ministry of National Reconciliation started its work after the general elections in Damascus. Negotiators between the armed opposition and the government met with both sides and negotiated about various conditions. It was managed that the majority of the groups agreed.

The cease fire was initially for three days, even though Russia has already made a proposal to extend the ceasefire if it is successful and to gradually arrange a general political dialogue.

However, not everyone wants to lay down their arms. The Al-Nusra front in Aleppo and northern Syria as well as the Ansar al-Islam group which fights in the region of Damascus have rejected the ceasefire and continued to fire.

They also threatened with new terrorist attacks for the time of the Islamic Eid. The Army reserves the right to respond to such actions of the armed gangs. That was one of the main conditions at the talks with the UN Special Envoy Brahimi. This condition was accepted.

Anastasia Popowa:

The army command has declared the cessation of hostilities. Today it is still comparatively quiet in Hama, Homs and Damascus. In Aleppo, fighting is still taking place, and it’s hard to say how long this will continue.

Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti from Aleppo, Syria.



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