Syria: Ceasefire on Eid al-Adha

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Sideviews

There will be a ceasefire in Syria for the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, i.e. from Friday to Monday. The Syrian Arab Army has stated in a short statement that it will not conduct any offensive counterterrorism operations during this period, but they will respond to attacks and any attempted replenishment movements of the active terrorists in Syria.

The international supporters in the UN Security Council (UNSC), who have a huge influence in this Council, have also agreed to the ceasefire officially and adopted a statement. Turkey has also has called for a ceasefire.

Consequently, the organization “Syrian National Council” (SNC), also known as the Istanbul Council, has declared its intention to abstain from offensive actions while the Islamic holidays. According to the media, the call for the ceasefire was accepted with conflicts and different enthusiasm by the local commanders of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists, who are related to the “Syrian National Council” (SNC).

On the one hand, the media of the international terrorist supporters have reported that the terrorist leader “Louay Mokdad” said that his units will cooperate, because they want to see an end of the carnage, and on the other hand, however, there were such statements like the statement of the terrorist leader “Zahran Aloush”, who has announced that he will ignore the calls for a ceasefire in Syria.

Also the in Syria active terrorist group, the “Al-Nusra Front”, which is led by the Israeli Secret Service, has announced at the usual Zionist propaganda channels, that they will ignore the calls for a ceasefire.

So it is clear, that the active terrorists in Syria will also carry out attacks in the next days, and that the Syrian Arab Army will respond to these attacks. The carnage will continue.

Nevertheless, it might be interesting to follow the reaction of the international terrorist supporters and the media coverage of their media about the expected terrorist attacks in the upcoming days in Syria.

The Western, Arab and Turkish supporters of the terrorist, who have started to nag at the terrorists for their attacks and violence, could be interested in a negotiated settlement now – because of the increased economic and political pressure. But those who try to push the terrorist attacks into the shoes of the Syrian Arab Army, still have not enough and want that bloodshed to continues.

It is worth taking a closer look in the upcoming days at which statement will be published by the former supporters of the terrorists and which media will report it in what style.

On the recent events of the current bloody conflict in Syria:

The terrorists in Syria, who are amongst others supported by leading NATO and GCC nations, have decided to reject all negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the political conflict in Syria, and they have triumphantly started the offensive called “Volcano in Damascus – Earthquake in Syria” on the 17 July, in order to take over the power by force in Syria.

In response, the Syrian Arab Army has changed its defensive stance and started an anti-terrorist operation against the active perpetrators of violence, terrorists and gangs of cutthroats in Syria.

After the part of the offensive of the terrorists, which was relevant for the Syrian capital Damascus, has collapsed, the terrorists have, by the help of their supporters of the NATO and GCC states, stormed Syrian border posts, outgoing from their bases in Turkey and they have entered the northern Syrian city of Aleppo in large numbers – with the plan to take control about Aleppo and the northern area of this Syrian city, in order to then declare all this a “secured area” and to use this bridgehead in order to conquer the rest of Syria (of course, including Damascus) with the extensive weapons assistance from NATO and GCC states.

The Syrian Arab army has subsequently started a comprehensive anti-terrorism operation in order to clean Aleppo from terrorists and to cut off the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists from their supply bases in Turkey.

Other German articles about the current anti-terrorist operation by the Syrian army against the Western-backed and Zionist-inspired Wahhabi terrorists in Syria can be found here.



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