War Reporter Ulrich Tilgner about Media Lies and Cyber War

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Sideviews
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Mr Ulrich Tilgner is a German journalist and foreign correspondent. He became famous as war correspondent in Baghdad. Mr Tilgner has left the German State television station ZDF by his own admission because of his dissatisfaction with the working conditions like the interference in the freedom of press and the constantly considerations about alliances. He has also criticized, that there is a lack of independence and a propensity to “embedded journalism” in the German State television agency ZDF.

The following text is an English translation of a recent interview with Mr Ulrich Tilgner about the problems of journalism nowadays and the new type of warfare. He also states that the civil war in Syria was not triggered by a democratic uprising, but that the violence and chaos in Syria was triggered by the West and some Gulf States.

Interview: War reporter Ulrich Tilgner on cyber war and the lies in media

The famous war correspondent Ulrich Tilgner (64) from Germany told us in an interview, how a journalist works, how the war is today, and shows us where the danger of this development in a war exists. In his new book “The logic of Weapons” one is able to learn about a war where no one will be held responsible no more.

The very dedicated journalist describes the actual state of affairs and calls on the politicians and society from all countries to take actions in order to stop this dangerous trend in the war. Ulrich Tilgner is considered as a Middle East expert.

He knows the Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and other countries in this region of the world like his own. He is particularly well-known and popular because of his determination not to violate the code of honour of journalism.

How is a journalist working today?

It is very difficult to report about, what one does not like to see or read in policy. It is equally difficult to show the failure of Western intervention in the field of politics. Europe, China, the U.S. and Russia block certain developments.

The Western journalists have a problem. They only emphasize the other side. In their portrayals, only Russia slows down. These journalists do not write what the Western powers do.

Can you give us some examples?

It is not written what Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and the West are doing. In Syria, there was no democratic uprising. This has been caused by the West and also by the States with oil. As a result, a civil war has emerged. The civil society in Damascus has practically become irrelevant.

Are the journalists no journalists anymore?

The Western journalists and journalists from other countries do not make journalism anymore. The others criticize the West and the Western journalists criticize Russia or China.

My criticism goes to the mainstream Journalism in Western Europe. As a result, the distorted image originates, as the image that we get from the Orient. There is a kind of stereotyped thinking.

Is Obama credible?

Yesterday, we could see it in the debate between Obama and Romney. Obama is against the use of ground troops. But he was the one, who has virtually started the war in Libya. What I criticize in this war is that these countries were forced into a civil war.

What do you think of the Peace Nobel Prize Award to Obama?

In Afghanistan, I spoke with Sima Amar, Head of the Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan. This woman should have been awarded with the Peace Nobel Prize. But she has said to me: “But I am not an American President”. It is very unfortunate. It’s a criticism by me to this prize.

Thereby, it is not shown that Obama is changing a failed policy into a feasible policy, which has very strong military elements. It is not seen that he uses less ground troops. His speech towards the war does not mean that the war is not conducted.

In your new book “The logic of Weapons” you are talking about a new technology in the war. Please explain what you mean.

We have drones and robots. The robots work independently. The drones are working remotely. It is semi-automatic. Under international law, this is important. At drones, the one is responsible, who does control the drone. The pilot sits in the CIA. The drones cannot decide if they should intervene.

The automation of the war occurs if not just a rocket is launched, but rather if the decision is no longer in the hand of the humans. A program will be developed, and on the basis of this program, a war will be carried out and nobody will be responsible. The robot decides independently, when, who, how to intervene.

I do believe that robots are used. The Americans do not tell us everything. People, who do behave suspiciously, are murdered by this method. The person is killed if a certain behaviour is just enough for that – this is the next level. The pilot sits at the desk. The images from the camera at the drone are evaluated by software. If a fully automated drone is used, you do not have to know the victims personally. This software orders the attack. The Americans do not talk about the civilians, who are killed there…

What remark do you have about this new warfare?

This type of warfare has to be prohibited. Cyber war, the automation of the war, must be prohibited. A robot will kill everything that is in a particular environment. It is a new kind of warfare with these robots. We do not know who was behind this. One should ban the production of these weapons.

Curiously, there is no initiative to ban this kind of war. The United States, some states from Europe and Russia, as well as China do not want a moratorium. That comes from my observation.

What is your position on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

It was early visible that one will not be able to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. NATO does not even trust the Afghan soldiers. The position from Berlin towards the war is totally wrong. Germany has no place there in the war. The Kunduz affair was the logical consequence of military action in the region. It has been extremely concealed (covered up), what I think that this has not yet happened before in this form. There, civilians were killed.

What does the population of these countries want?

The population is very concerned. A man who lived in the south of Kabul, and who I have interviewed in 2008, was killed in an air raid yesterday. Today, I have received this information by email. He had criticized the use of German aircraft with AWACS sharply and told me: “Germany is thus a hostile nation for Afghan people”.

The majority of the population is against foreign intervention and against the Taliban. They want that the soldiers go away. They also want the money from abroad. The government there, which was imposed by the West, is extremely corrupt. This is absurd that the West establishes something that does not work. And afterwards, the West tells, as with Obama in the televised debate yesterday, that they would leave a reasonable Afghanistan behind, which is not true. And if it breaks down there, they say, that people from there are stupid, which is not true.

What is the future of these countries now?

Iraq and Afghanistan are countries that are extremely corrupt. One is not able to do policy with these people. The politicians in the West keep it secret that they have created these structures. The way has been wrong. One is hardly able to correct it. The chaos in Iraq, Libya, and Syria is not at the end. It is a real pity, that one has dragged these countries into a civil war. There are only fighting.

Source: german.ruvr.ru

  1. Souri says:

    Syria Eid ceasefire broken as fighting erupts at army base – rights group


  2. David says:

    The American people have no knowledge of our Govts. involvement in aiding and arming terrorist mercenaries destroying Syria through Turkey. You should compile the evidence and then demand an end to US involvement because normal Americans don’t support it. I hope you get your country back. There is no need any longer for Turkey to be in NATO and no reason for Nato to be outside of its “north Atlantic” territory”.

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