Lebanon: Assassination of Wissam al-Hassan – Cui Bono?

On Friday, the senior Lebanese Intelligence Officer Wissam al-Hassan and seven bystanders were killed in a massive car bomb in a Christian neighbourhood in Beirut, just a few hundred meters away from the headquarters of the  anti-Hezbolla, March-14 alliance fascist party the Phalangists.

Dozens of other people, mostly pedestrians, were injured by the bomb attack, many of them sustaining serious injuries. Nobody has yet taken the responsibility for the bombing. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, among others, have condemned the act immediately stating it is a heinous crime.

They also expressed their condolences to the relatives of the victims.  The terrorist attack has significant parallels to the assassination of the Saudi-Lebanese senior politician Rafic Hariri in 2005.

The murdered Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan was the head of the information branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF). In other words, he was the head of the Lebanese Police Intelligence. Wissam al-Hassan was previously the personal head of security of Rafic Hariri.

Even though he was not among the car convoy of Rafic Hairir, in 2005, he excused himself from his duties in order to take an exam. Since the axis Syria / Iran / Hezbollah was blamed by the media for the assassination of Rafic Hariri, and the absence of Wissam al-Hassan in the convoy at the time of the bomb attacks looked like a prior knowledge, he latter as also been a mediatic suspect and he was accused of being an agent to Hezbollah at that time.

The bombings of 2005 against Rafic Harari and a number of other personalities, and the accompanying accusation against Syria have led in 2005 to the following:  Syria had to withdraw from Lebanon, and that the pro-Syrian government in Lebanon was overthrown by the long prepared US-led colourful operation of a regime change, which is also as the “Cedar Revolution” and later rolled back with the election victory of a Hezbollah alliance in 2009.

Before his assassination, Rafic Hariri is said to have established contacts with Syria behind the scenes, although this was virtually unknown in public; Rafic Hariri was publicly perceived as a close confidant of the Saudi king and as a staunch opponent of Syria and Hezbollah.

Whether that is true or not may be an open question, but the fact is that, in the end, the assassination of Rafic Hariri by a car bomb, and the predictable public outrage concerning it, has enabled the colourful US-led regime change in Lebanon.

If Syria or Hezbollah would have killed Hariri, they would have scored a huge personal goal. Rafic Hariri was more valuable for the anti-Hezbollah alliance dead than alive. Some time ago, the Hezbollah Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, has virtually presented evidence that Israel was the mastermind behind the bomb attack against Hariri: indeed, Hezbollah proved that Israel has targeted the travel routes of Rafic Hariri with the help of drones.

In addition, Israel had the greatest interests in the consequences of the events, which were triggered after the bomb attack against Hariri, namely: the toppling of the pro-Syrian government. The exact same thing is happening now after the bomb attack that has killed Wissam al-Hassan.

As an evidence for this it is stated that he has launched an investigation that led to the arrest of the former Minister of Information, Michel Samaha, who is a close confident of Syria. Michel Samaha is accused of planning bomb attacks in Lebanon in order to destabilize the country.

According to rumours, Wissam al-Hassan was also responsible for arms smuggling to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists in Syria or for the cover of these smuggling of weapons. His friends of March 14 are claiming, because of these activities and other anti-Syrian activities of this type, that since he had been a thorn in the eyes of Syria that would make Syria a prime suspect in the bomb attack which has killed him.

These claims do overlook a little detail: Syria has absolutely no interest in destabilizing Lebanon and thus to overthrow the pro-Syrian Hezbollah-Mikati government of Lebanon (Remark: Najib Mikati is not rated to be pro-Syrian by others). Syria, however, has every interest in the fact that the pro-Syrian government will remain in Lebanon, and that Syria will be still able to further rely on the widest possible support in the anti-terror fight by the Lebanese government.

Of course, the charges against Michel Samaha will also not disappear by the assassination of Wissam al-Hassan. A new head of the Police Intelligence in Lebanon was already appointed. The killing of Wissam al-Hassan will not help in the containment of the smuggling of weapons by the members of March 14 to the hands of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists in Syria. There are too many weapons in Lebanon.

The containment of the arms smuggling from the Lebanese March 14-territory is rather carried out on the Syrian side of the border by heavily armed Syrian border units, and these were so successful in the last few weeks and months that the supply route of weapons by the Lebanese March 14 alliance en route to the Syrian city of Homs has been virtually drained.

A huge interest to destabilize Lebanon has, however, the pro-Israeli/pro-Western and pro-Saudi March-14 anti-Hezbollah axis, which is currently a part of the political opposition in Lebanon. This axis wants into power, and Israel wants to get rid of Hezbollah by all means.

Even the Zionist German hate sheet “Der Spiegel” just confirmed the fact of what is the consequence of the assassination of Wissam al-Hassan by the bomb attack – “The opposition hopes for a new Cedar Revolution” (الأرز ثورة).

This consequence, that the government of Lebanon is weakened by the assassination and that the pro-Israeli/pro-Saudi opposition can hope for a regime change in Lebanon by this, was completely predictable by the assassinators, especially because of the fact that the consequence already has occurred once before – after the assassination of Rafic Hariri (Rafiq Hariri).

The one power, that wants to get rid of Hezbollah by all means, is “Israel”.  Car bombings are an acceptable means of security policy for the Zionist regime, as it was already shown in the assassination of Imad Mughniyah by a car bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus in the year 2008, which was organized by “Israel”. For Israel, Wissam al-Hassan is surely more value dead than if he would be still alive, because the member of March 14 was not completely loyal to Israel.

On the contrary: Wissam al-Hassan has carried out heaviest blows against the Israeli intelligence service in recent years. His ambitious officious work in uncovering several senior Israeli agent networks in structures that belonged to the Hezbollah axis FPM, were heaviest blows for Israel.

So, Israel had not only a motive to murder Wissam al-Hassan. Syria and Hezbollah, however, had a strong interest in ensuring that such a destabilizing bombing attack will not happen.

Source: nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com


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