Syria: Bomb Attack in Bab Tuma, Damascus

Posted: October 22, 2012 in International
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This article about the bomb attack in the Old City of the Syrian capital Damascus that was carried out by the Western-backed terrorists and Islamist forces is a translation of the reportage by Marat Musin, who works for ANNA-News.

By the detailed and continuous work of the German blogger (see link and source below), it is often possible to deliver the interesting and important information by ANNA-News also in English language. As stated, the following text is about the bomb attack in Damascus, which was carried out by the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Christian area of Bab Tuma.

One could also say this bomb attack was again made possible by the help of Erdogan for these forces of destabilization and forces of terrorism.

Bab Tuma (Bab Touma) – Reportage by Marat Musin of ANNA-News

On Sunday, another bloody terrorist attack was perpetrated by the Islamists in Damascus. However, there was already previously information that the rebel gangs want to start a diversionary attack in the eastern suburbs of the Syrian capital in order to simultaneously commit a serious of bombings in the old town.

It was insofar also previously known that the terrorists want to ignite several explosives somewhere in the Christian district of Bab Tuma (Bab Touma).

The Bab Tuma gate is one of the seven gates of the Old City of Damascus, which is full of small, winding alleys and covered bazaars, which have grown at this area to several kilometres in length over the course of seven centuries.

Marat Musin:

Regardless of the security measures, the taxi which was prepared with a explosive charge was able to pass the checkpoints without problems and it finally was parked in a parking lot at the Bab Tuma Gate. The terrorist has ignited the explosives at the moment, when children flocked into the streets from the surrounding schools, and in the moment as the faithful came off an Orthodox Church here.

After the explosion, the people fled in all directions.

Ziyad al-Raiyes:

It was a huge ball of fire, enormous, certainly about 15 feet in diameter, so terrible.

They want to only kill what we name our homeland, Syria. It’s a home for everyone: for Christians, for Muslims. The population, which peacefully lives here for seven thousand years, they want to destroy them, and also to destroy everything else.

That is the goal of bandits and terrorists who have come suddenly upon our land, entirely unclear, where they came from all at once.

At many locations, pools of blood and shreds of human tissue cover the ancient place now, in the warm air, the sweet smell of the death, that I hate so much, is noticeable. Everywhere, the view meets on shredded body parts, such as fingers and hands, separated like from razor blades; shoes, scattered by the explosion, many of them are women shoes.

Thirteen people died in this place or on the way to hospital. 25 were injured. Some of the slightly injured persons have tried, despite their state of shock, to report the bystanders and journalists a bit of what has happened here.

The bishop of the local Orthodox Church, Moussa al-Houri, has visited the site of the tragedy.

Bishop Moussa al-Houri:

I was in church and I came out, immediately after the explosion. This terrorist attack is against the peaceful Syrian people. I condemn him on the strongest. God created the people equal; no one has the right to take their lives.

In Syria, there are now a number of people, who do not know what they are doing. They kill innocent people like these here and today: People, who come from churches and the mosques; children from schools; men and women, who are shopping in the market here. These are innocent people, why do they get killed?

Immediately after the explosion, the terrorists opened machine gun fire on the survivors in the square. The witnesses have reported that directly in front of their eyes, women were shot by the terrorists; women, who have previously, like a miracle, have survived amidst the explosion.

While we were filming here, there was still sporadic gunfire, while some armed volunteers (terrorists) were running out of the surrounding houses. They were visibly nervous, have decidedly acted; however, rather unorganized. We were not allowed to film the streets, in which the shootouts have taken place.

Over time, the situation calmed down. The workers sprinkled sand on the fresh bloodstains; Investigators examined the traces of the crime and gathered evidence.

The explosion in the historic centre of the capital, in its Christian quarters, testifies solely by hatred and the impotent malice of the Islamists.

Due to their barbaric acts, mainly the normal, peaceful people and young children are dying; monuments of world cultural heritage are destroyed. At the nearby police station, however, there was only a minor material damage.

Marat Musin, ANNA-News. Damaskus, Syrien.



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