Lebanon, another Victim in the War against Iran

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Sideviews
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The following is the translation of the new article by the German blog “Alles Schall und Rauch” about the current increase of violence in Lebanon and the purpose behind the bomb attack from last weekend in Beirut.

The plan for the approach against Lebanon and Syria was already in “Clean Break”.

The great chess game of NATO and Israel in the Middle East has cost another sacrificial lamb. After the bomb attack on the head of the Lebanese Police intelligence service, Lebanon is now in the crosshairs of the warmongers in order to trigger another bloody conflict. Syria and Lebanon are directly related and must be eliminated.

The Cedar Revolution is reactivated, which was directed against Syria and against Hezbollah. The answer to the question of who benefits from the murder of the Syrian enemy Wissam al-Hassan reveals who are the perpetrators. Assad has certainly no benefits, when the anger against the Syrian government in Lebanon is triggered by this event.

The plan for the approach against Lebanon and Syria was already established in the “Clean Break Report” by American and Israeli authors in 1996; it was supplemented by the so-called PNAC report (Project for the New American Century). The “Clean Break” is a study by a group, led by Richard Perle, which has elaborated a strategy for Benjamin Netanyahu, the former and current Prime Minister of Israel.

The study shows how Israel should be able to remove the “enemies of Israel” by an aggressive policy. The first, who became a victim of this plan, was Saddam Hussein. All other “regime changes” have followed like dominoes. Now, it`s Syria and Lebanon’s turn, with the ultimate goal Iran.

The assassination of Wissam al-Hassan by a car bomb in Lebanon on Friday will again trigger a bloody conflict. It is about the matter to set the Sunnis against the Shiites (in order to stir up the sectarian violence – Salvador option). “The Sunni blood boils”, was changed by hundreds of protesters on Saturday, as they tried to storm the presidential palace in Beirut.

The Sunnis get persuaded now, that the trace of the assassins leads to Damascus – and the Lebanese Hezbollah. Throughout the city, large pictures of the general of the intelligence service were to be seen, where he was hailed as “martyrs of the sovereignty and independence” of the country, as if the poster campaign was already prepared before the assassination – the propaganda appeared too quick and too professional.

NATO and Israel want to again trigger a civil war within Lebanon and have poured more gasoline into the latent conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. The Sunnis sympathize with the predominantly Sunni insurgency across the border and support the Salafi terrorists with weapons and money.

The Lebanese Shiites in turn continue to support Assad. This applies not only to Hezbollah; it also applies to the Shia Alawites in northern Lebanon. In the predominantly Sunni city of Tripoli, there was already heavy fighting in the past, because Assad-loyal Alawites and Sunni-loyal opponents of Assad do fight each other for months.

Another sign of a civil war, which gets implemented in Lebanon by foreign powers, was the call of several Gulf States in August that their citizens should leave Lebanon. Saudi Arabia has specially offered aircrafts and also organized three evacuation flights for its citizens.

Of course, the governments of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, who are the main sponsors of the terrorists in Syria, knew that it will soon also start in Lebanon, because they are also behind it. These three Gulf States are used by U.S. and Israel as a tool in order to stir up the conflicts with the help of money and weapons. What they still do not understand is the fact that, after they have been used as useful idiots, they will be the next and they will experience their “regime change”.

According to the “Clean Break”, all countries around Israel will be “liberated”, that means, in the language of the Pentagon, they will be attacked, thrown into chaos and balkanized. This is done in four steps. First, the governments are purchased. This is what has happened with the “allies” in the Arab world, such as Morocco, Jordan and the Gulf states.

If that does not work, then it is claimed that the state leader is a very evil dictator, who would oppress his people, and sanctions will be implemented against this “regime”. If this also does not work, then it is followed by a military intervention, either directly as in Iraq, or by proxy, as in Libya and now in Syria.

At the end, the despot, who was previously a friend, is murdered together with his family, in order that he/she is not able to speak about the dirty deals and the secret agreements with the West, like Saddam and Gaddafi (Qaddafi).

What is now happening in Lebanon is the expansion of the war against Syria, as both countries at the flank of Israel have to be neutralised before the West is able to attack the Iran. As China and Russia do not allow a direct military action by NATO under a UN mandate, it is implemented with proxies. Thereby, the NATO member Turkey plays an important role.

Turkey is used to smuggle the terrorists of al-CIAda (al Qaeda) to Syria, so that they can rage there. Erdogan wants himself also a piece of the cake if Syria falls and will be divided, so he takes part with a lot of eagerness and tries to provoke where he is able to. As I said earlier, all governments in the region, which currently take part in the conflicts in Syria and now in Lebanon on behalf of the United States and Israel, will experience a huge “Blacklash”, or in German, they will get a punch in their faces.

After the Saudi Salafis (Salafists) of al-CIAda (al Qaeda) have raged enough in Syria and all the “wicked” (ungodly) were massacred, they will begin to bite the hand that feeds them. Just look what is happening now in Libya, where the banner of al-CIAda (al Qaeda) wafts over Benghazi and the Islamist terror groups plunge the country into chaos.  The Western “liberators” look a proper charlie and they do not understand the ingratitude, because their consulate was destroyed by rockets and the ambassador was murdered.

It is really interesting how one is able to know and read about the Western military policy in the Middle East for over 16 years, after it was implemented since 9/11. It is not as if the psychopaths do conceal it, on the contrary, they proclaim it, without restraint.

The former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle, who was also heavily involved in the Balkan War, has developed an “aggressive new strategy” for Netanyahu 1996, in order to “liberate” Israel from all the enemies in the region and to ensure the supremacy, which then actually is realized.

In the PNAC report (Project for the New American Century), there are the same names and the same strategy as in “Clean Break”, only this time with the goal of reaching the U.S. domination of the world (Pax Americana), with the requirement that there has to be a new Pearl Harbor as an useful trigger, that was then 9/11.

Source: alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.de


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