Syria: CIA sends Weapons to Al Qaeda and other Ultra-Islamists

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Sideviews
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So, according to the New York Times, U.S. intelligence officials have now finally admitted that most of the weapons supplied by the USA to Qatar and Saudi Arabia do finally arrive in the hands of Al Qaeda and other ultra-Islamists. That’s really something totally new. The boys are in good shape – after one year, they have finally discovered it!

These weapons are supposed to fall into the hands of the secular Syrian opposition, which has, however, stepped behind the back of Assad, because they have recognized the danger of a fundamentalist government à la Libya.

Especially since these fundamentalists now do not make any secret of it anymore that they want to introduce Sharia in Syria.

It is on top of that also grotesque that the U.S. sends the weapons for the ‘moderates’ into the hands of the ultra-radical Islamists. Moreover, the U.S. has also maintained constantly, that they would not send weapons but only deliver devices for communication to the “resistance”. But with all the lies it is really just hard to know what you have spoken yesterday.

Now, Obama is very concerned, how it will go on in Syria and the Middle East, and that the Foreign Policy crisis is exacerbated even more so close to the elections. Perhaps, the Europeans, who have yet now received the Nobel Peace Prize, help him off the hook with his endless peace efforts.

Meanwhile it has even spread to the “Deutsche Welle” (Deutsche Welle / DW is the international broadcaster of Germany and similar to France 24, Voice of America and the BBC World Service. This also means, one should not expect the situation, that the “Deutsche Welle” is totally objective in its reporting.), that the CIA supports the Syrian opposition in all silence from Turkey; what is even still denied by the U.S. government.

Mr Erich Schmidt-Eenboom of the Research Institute for Peace Research told to the Deutsche Welle: “The CIA is mainly active in Turkey for months. The CIA is, after it has overthrown the regime of Gaddafi (Qaddafi) in Libya, now also at work in Syria.” However, he is convinced that the West only supports the moderate forces in Syria.

David Pollock, the head of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says that the CIA would be in Turkey in order to control the flow of weapons and to ensure that they do not land in the hands of religious extremists. Obviously, the Al Qaeda people have tricked the experts of the CIA.

It is interesting that even now in Lebanon, Lebanese and Syrians demonstrate together for Bashar al-Assad. At first they were in front of the Syrian Embassy and then they marched to the Russian embassy, shouting: “We thank Russia!” and “Lebanon forever with Assad’s Syria!”, while they have interposed slogans against Saudi Arabia and Qatar. There, the flags of Syria and Hezbollah were waved. As one is able to see the fact, how the U.S. manages it to make friends everywhere.

The British Telegraph has reported on 13 October 2012, that the new UN Peace Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, is making plans for a 3,000-strong peacekeeping force from European troops in event of a ceasefire. I have already reported about this here on 11 October.

But the “Telegraph” keeps the fact secret, that the UN has an agreement with the CTSO (the anti-NATO defense alliance, including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan and Russia), which keeps a 50,000-strong peacekeeping force ready. According to Brahimi, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain should join the UN “peacekeeping force” UNIFIL.

Well, of all things, exactly the NATO countries that have behind the scenes vigorous impelled the escalation of aggression against Syria in order to topple Assad. One can only hope that Russia and the CTSO will not be fooled and tricked by the West once again.

Especially because Brahimi also says that the 15,000 UNIFIL troops, who are at the Lebanese border with Israel, could also have an important role in the peace operations. That would then have already a total of 18 000 man.

Would this fifth column already be in Syria, they could very well prevent the situation, that the CTSO-force could be used. But in the meantime, the CTSO should have probably learned this.

English translation of the German blog post: SYRIEN-NACHRICHTEN


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