American Sniper from Libya to Aleppo, Syria?

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Sideviews
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The German blogger (Source is below the text) is convinced that he has found a video from Syria on YouTube that shows a guy, even better said, probably an U.S. citizen from San Diego, California. This man is already known from the times of the so-called “no-fly zone” in Libya.

The times when a “no-fly zone” has meant a war and some foreign countries have started to begin their policy of arming unknown fighters on ground in order to use them to topple a so-called Arab dictator.

More and more people around the globe are aware, at least, now what really happened in Libya. The murder of the U.S. ambassador in Libya was carried out by the same people that were previously encouraged by this ambassador and the American leadership to fight against Gaddafi (Qaddafi). But not only encouraged, because they also have received the technical equipment and even weapons.

In Libya, this putative person has boasted himself of having worked as a Counter-Sniper in Sirte. He was even disappointed (look up Twitter) that he was not a observer of the horrific assassination of Gaddafi. It is probably also to assume, that he would have liked the situation to be a part of the torturers.

While Human Rights Watch (HRW) came finally up with the truth of the murder of the former Libyan leader Gaddafi, one should be aware of the recent history of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in terms of Libya. It is the common process by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

First underline the accusations against an unpleasant leadership, dictator or whatever, by so-called human right reports; then, a year or two years later, publish something that is more in line with the truth of these “old events” in order to save your ass and to show the people that you care about human rights and the truth. Human Rights Watch (HRW) was and is a tool for Western aims.

The mentioned Counter-Sniper from Libya, who is presumptive a US citizen from San Diego, California, was in Libya and came to Syria some time ago. At least, the video(s) suggest that it is the same person who is now working for the religious radicals and terrorists.

(Kevin loves gadgets that kill)

Nobody should be surprised, considering the fact that these armed sides just do the dirty work for the United States, Israel, Turkey, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and, last but not least, for the fresh Nobel Peace Prize winner, Europe.

It seems that this U.S. citizen, former Counter-Sniper in Sirte, Libya, has now thrown away his small calibre and started to use a really big calibre now. He tries it with the antiaircraft tools now. Perhaps these new gadgets are more effective in the business of murderers?

But also other Libyan-Western terrorists are already in Syria. The ancient enemies of Libya are now the new enemies of Syria and the Syrian people.  The killings in Libya seem to have not satisfied their thirst for blood. They continue their blood baths, contract kills and slaughters in Syria now.

In this second video one is able can see one of the now infamous cluster bombs in Syria, which is warmed up again and again as a steady propaganda by Human Rights Watch (HRW) because it is useful in order to influence the opinions of the masses in the West. Ultimately, the Western people should accept military actions against Syria in order to save the poor people. A usual pattern, already known since years.

One is still able to see the traces of the watering in the sand and also directly around the bomb. At least, this famous cluster bomb, which was seen by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Syria, has not landed there. This bomb was planted and also watered carefully in Syria.

This pic below shows Kevin from San Diego, California. His neighbours at home in the beautiful San Diego are surely looking forward to the moment when Kevin is back again. Probably the U.S. authorities, too?

But nobody should be surprised if the CIA is already aware of the fact that Kevin from California fights in Syria, together with some nice jihadists who are famous for their love for the American way of life.

Kevin from San Diego, California?

Kevin from San Diego, California?



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