EU: Further hypocritical Sanctions against Syria

Posted: October 16, 2012 in International
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In Luxembourg, the ladies and gentlemen, the Foreign Ministers of the EU, showed their deep concerns about the situation in Syria and the ever-increasing spiral of violence, while they did not mention the fact that the EU (European Union) is also responsible for the increase of the violence within Syria, the destabilisation of the country and the constantly decreasing living conditions of the Syrian people.

That sanctions harm the people is a fact since years, but the European Union (EU) still maintains its hypocritical policy of sanctions – although the Foreign Ministers of the EU know about this fact. But they do not care as long as they can maintain their propaganda against states like Iran and Syria and as long as they can use sanctions for their staged shows.

To prune the freedom of expression and to implement sanctions which harm the normal people is sure not the best example for a so-called democratic European Union, that wants to sell these “values” to countries far away.

In order to express their concern, they have implemented a series of new sanctions. And yes, it does not only sound strange, it is just hypocritical and a false way for peaceful solutions and in order to help the people in e.g. Iran and Syria. In terms of Syria, these new sanctions are again sanctions that are sold by the EU Foreign Ministers and the Western main stream media as sanctions which will only harm the Syrian government and pro-government people.

These sanctions are not going to really harm the Syrian government and the “honourable” Ministers of the European Union (EU) are well aware of this fact. Nevertheless, they stick to their strategy. If one is not able to directly reach a government of a sovereign state far away in order to sweep it from its base, then it is surely a good (but not democratic) strategy to wear down the population in this country in the hope to trigger a “meltdown”, which will burst the country from within.

Salvador option, destabilization, terror squads, mercenaries and stupid religious fanatics are such a tool – just like the establishment of a pseudo-opposition in a neighbouring country. It is, at least, good for the hypocritical show against this country and government that one wants to break into pieces. Oh yes, the European Union (EU) really deserves the Peace Nobel Prize and to follow the steps of the U.S. President Barack Obama. Birds of a feather flock together. No surprise.

Of course, it is a shame for Norway, for the Peace Nobel Prize as such, but after the recent years, nobody can state that he is really surprised that war criminals are awarded with the Peace Noble Prize. Maybe we did not recognize it and the once honourable Peace Noble Prize became a satire award over the last years. Some are probably still searching for this press statement about this change.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the European Union (EU), that deserves this award just as much as the “drone-killer” Barack Obama, has declared its solidarity with Turkey, better said, with the Turkish regime under the lead of Erdogan. Of course, this is also no surprise. The European requests to Ankara to act prudently and calmly just sound ridiculous when one considers that the European Union (EU) has no real interest in the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

In contrast, the European Union (EU), just like some others, is grateful to have someone who is doing the dirty work on ground for the newly crowned Nobel laureate. And who could be better for this job than Turkey with Erdogan at the helm? Erdogan, who has lied and still lies to his Turkish people since years. The same Erdogan, who maintains a combined show together with the Israeli regime in order to please the majority of the Turkish people. Better said, to cheat at them.

The already famous clown, the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, has again delivered a fabulous staging in Luxembourg yesterday. The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, one of the Western war mongers, has announced that the impositions of sanctions are meant as a punishment for the Syrian government, because the Syrian government has not bowed so far. Mr Westerwelle, the subordinated clown, has also explained the new sanctions against Iran.

The German jack of all trades said that the sanctions against Iran are implemented because the Iranian government does not provide the contribution to the nuclear talks which are “desired” by the European Union (EU) and the United States (U.S.).

Of course, it’s Hobson’s choice. It is a matter of sink or swim. No other options. Do what we want you to do, or you`ll feel the consequences. Democratic and peaceful values? Of course, not. The implemented and demonstrated values by the EU clearly demonstrate that the European Union is not worthy to receive a prize that is called “Peace Noble Prize”. Peace? A joke.

Mr Westerwelle, who is called “Schwesterwelle” (“Sister-welle”) by some employees in his Foreign office, while these employees are looking forward to the day when this “bad joke” will leave this position, is nothing else doing than pleasing the United States and Israel. It is an open secret that the German government is, in terms of plans like the plans with Syria, blackmailed by other governments and organizations. When even employees of the State Criminal Office and the German Intelligence (BND) speak about this, it seems no more to be far-fetched.

These new threats, criticisms and demands are only directed to the Syrian government. Of course, in a better world, the European Union (EU) would request steps for a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis from both sides while they would condemn the supply of heavy weapons, ammunition and explosives to the religious fanatics, al Qaeda members and mercenaries, too. As usual, the Western Ministers only condemn the Syrian government. One-sided.

As if the situation within Syria would be just black and white. Considering this “democratic behaviour” since the beginning of the so-called “crisis” in Syria, it is clear that democracy cannot be the best state system we know, when such hypocrites and war mongers are able to get in office and to maintain a propaganda in order to achieve very dubious goals and questionable geo-political aims by the torment of the citizens in a foreign country.

Politicians that support armed groups of fighters, death squads and even fighters of so nice neighbours like the al Qaeda (some call it al-CIAda) should be arrested, and truly not in a position that allows them to administrate a country. It not only damages the image of democracy in the world, their “policy” also causes the death of ten thousands and it seems that they do not really care much about it.

Ok, the Ministers of the European Union (EU) called for the cessation of all arms transfers to all parties of the Syrian conflict, but when one considers the practice on ground, he is quickly able to realize that these calls are just empty words. These are just demands to further maintain the show that they would be democratic and also interested in peace and the Syrian people.

Especially the two allies of the West, the both Gulf States Saudi Arabia and Qatar, still provide weapons and ammunition to the opponents of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and some Western leaders are happy about this fact. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are especially supported by the United States of America. Contrary to what they want to sell as the truth to the stupid people of their own states, they are clearly informed about the situation of who is supplied with these weapons.

Many of the weapons that are smuggled across the borders reach the hands of the extremists and jihadists, into the hands of mercenaries and other marauding violent forces, who are with all certainty not interested in a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

The “regime change” is a done deal and not just since yesterday. One should only remember the day when Mrs Hillary Clinton has jumped in front of the cameras for the first time and, while she atomised her deceitful murdering allurement, announced that the Syrian president al-Assad has no more authority to act as the president of Syria. Of course, it was maybe meant to be a bad joke by Hillary, because the same day, the Syrian president still had the support of about 60% – 80% of the Syrian people. The Syrians clearly differentiate between the “Syrian regime” and the Syrian president al-Assad.

Since the situation with Syria is not as moving forward as Hillary has expected it, the evil game continues and the state terrorism is further maintained, especially also by the help of the Turkish government under Erdogan. It will continue as long as the government and al-Assad are overthrown.

Thereby, they don’t really worry and make up their minds about the time after Bashar al-Assad in Syria. They accept a “failed state” status for Syria like it is the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are willing to accept almost everything (perhaps even a World War III), as long as they are able bring Syria to its knees and to break the “Shia line”.

The provocations against Syria do not end. After a Syrian passenger plane was forced to land in Turkey some days ago, this “incident” was repeated again. While the Turkish Prime Minister still maintains the accusations that this Syrian airline carried military cargo, he is not able to really prove this. It is just further propaganda by Erdogan and his Neo-Ottoman “friends”.

This time, the Turks have forced an Armenian plane to land in Turkey. This Armenian plane came from the eastern Anatolian city of Erzurum and was on route to the Syrian city of Aleppo – with relief supplies. At least, according to some sources, it really carried just relief supplies. The Turks again suspected weapons aboard and have investigated the Armenian airplane. So far, there are no conclusive answers or explanations by the Turkish authorities.

One can interpret the incident as just another provocation against Syria. Erdogan and his friends want to provoke a backlash by Syria and to further decrease the already bad relations between Turkey and Syria, while the majority of the Turkish people are against this “policy of war” by Erdogan and his party.

In the war in Syria, which was carried in from abroad in large parts about 30,000 people have died so far, a lot of Syrian soldiers and security personal was killed by the Western-backed forces, the Syrian civilians mainly died innocent in this senseless war, which is nothing more than the implementation of US-Saudi interests in the international power game.

A secular country, that was once one of the securest states on this planet, is now in ruins. Thank you very much, Obama. Thank you, Angela Merkel. Thank you, Wahhabis and Salafis (Salafists). That the Israeli regime and the French Zionists support this destabilisation and violence within Syria is clear. Many Syrians have fled from their homes, some because of the Syrian leadership, and others because of the Western-backed terrorist groups and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Many have lost relatives and friends.

The livelihood was taken away from many Syrians and the end is not yet in sight, unfortunately. The new Special Envoy to Syria, Brahimi, has added himself very well to the imperialist structure after his first small rebellion against the intended “aims” of some Western leaders.

The new Special Envoy to Syria, Brahimi, has added himself very well to the imperialist structure after his first small rebellion against the intended “aims” of some Western leaders.

Special Envoy (“Special Toy”) Brahimi is currently trying to convince the allies of Syria that they should change their stances towards Syria. Change your stances towards Syria or be prepared that “we will bring democracy to your country, too. A threat.

Brahimi is working in order to enforce a cease-fire, especially for the days of the upcoming Eid (sacrificial feast). Of course, some would really believe in this good gesture by Brahimi if he would not only make this unilateral request towards the Syrian government, but also towards the Western-backed jihadists, al Qaeda fighters, foreign mercenaries and the stupid religious radicals. The so-called “Annan plan” was already a trap. This could be the next if it is just unilateral implemented.

The Syrian government has no choice: they cannot accept a ceasefire and thus run the risk that the Obama-supported terrorists, al Qaeda members, and armed gangs gain the upper hand again (recall the Annan plan). The sands are already running out. Some would even say it is already too late and that war is imminent.

In many provinces of Syria, there are still heavy battles between the Syrian Arab Army and the Western-backed fighters, while journalists are still getting kidnapped and killed – by the groups of people that are supported by the democratic West. Perhaps in the same intentions as the European Union (EU) has with the remove of PressTV. The freedom of expressions and opinions is only so long tolerated as long as one does not criticize the Israeli leadership or reports the truth about the events in countries far away.

A lot of wars in recent years were prepared first with the remove of the state media in these countries. Some would even go so far that this is an intended behaviour of Western powers in order to keep the amount of truth low, which could reach the Western population while preparing imperialistic wars and maintaining the factitious propaganda against this next country, which is mentioned in the “agenda” of the United States and Israel.

The Syrian population hopes for the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and also for the displacement of the gunmen. In the Syrian city of Aleppo, the formerly economic centre of Syria, the situation remains very critical. Shortly before the beginning of winter, many people have nothing anymore and are dependent on the supply of relief goods by the Syrian Arab Army, which tries to help, but also for the Syrian army, the situation isn`t the best in some districts of Aleppo (Halab).

The United Nations are running out of funds for Syria, according to it. No surprise. Who is really willing to donate when one is aware of the situation that the funds are used for the arming of Jihadists and Islamists? Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (ai), United Nations and all others – nothing more than tools for the interests of some specific states.

Just look at the backgrounds behind the establishment of Human Rights Watch (HRW). In contrast to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International (ai) was established in a good meaning, but became slowly infiltrated since its founding.


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