Turkey and Syria: Is The War Imminent?

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Sideviews
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Following is the translation of a German Blog post about the information by a Russian journalist who is currently in Turkey in order to collect information and reports about the machinations of the Turkish government which is led by Erdogan.

The Russian journalist was already able to speak with some interesting people who have an insight in the developments between Turkey and Syria, but also in the machinations of both sides. The conclusion of this Russian journalist is sad and horrible.

A real war between Turkey and Syria seems to be imminent, because the Erdogan leadership is totally interested in and the Syrian side knows that all possible actions are worthless to prevent it in the end. The next war crimes by NATO member states and allies are imminent and the main stream media and so-called journalists in Western and Gulf States are also responsible for the crimes that happened and the crimes and violence that will happen.

Mummery (Rondo alla Turca, Part 2)

That the Turkish newspaper “Yurt” is said to have confirmed already a while ago that the shells that have hit Akçakale were from NATO stocks or respectively are NATO standard, which the Syrian Arab Army does not own, finally doesn`t change anything at the extremely, highly volatile situation, which now exists in the region.



Even in the situation if it now could be clearly demonstrated that the Syrian Arab Army was most definitely responsible for the firing of the grenades, this would hardly have any meaning.

Turkey supports terror squads which are operating in Syria, it trains them, supports them with manpower, weapons and ammunition, and thus, Turkey already leads a war against its southern neighbour. That these actions are purely legal probably not yet to be qualified as “war”, this only reflects the fact that the applicable international law lags behind the reality.

Basically, Turkey bears itself – before anyone else – even the guilt for the death of their own citizens in the border town. Equally for the death of thousands of Syrians who are murdered by the hands of these terrorist groups. The question of whether it will come to a war between Turkey and Syria is thus not totally correct.

This war is already running for some time, there is no other way to qualify this situation. One is currently, at the most, only able to propose the question, when the next, more intensive phase, will begin.

The editor of the Russian series “Transforming of the World”, which is published here in the Blog in German language, Mr Jewgenij, has carried out his announcement and went into Turkey.  There he had – on the recommendations of fellow journalists – contact with people who are very well in the picture of about the backgrounds and the situation.

Here is his temporary upshot, which he has meanwhile sent from Turkey:

Only briefly about the situation. On this day of my stay in Turkey, I had already the opportunity to talk with a lot of people (…) Just now, I am coming from a meeting with a person that is very important for me and who is very well in the picture of the current situation. Our conversation was detailed and depressing. (…)

I will only quote the most important parts of it:

The war against Syria will happen, and that very soon. Unless, there will be a UFO and destroys us all (or something not probable like this will happen). That what we are currently seeing is an extremely cynical masquerade (mummery).

And all of us are really virtually in a kind of blessed ignorance, full of romantic notions, exaggerations and aberrations. Similar to the situation how children do imagine the world of the adults, in an age in which one thinks that the best profession is the job of an ice-cream vendor.

The war against Syria will happen, the war is imminent. And the saddest part is that we [Russia] are not able to do anything against it. Nothing at all.

The best thing that would be still somehow conceivable, would be the situation, if we would simply further maintain our position. But there will be no salvation for Syria, for example by something like a resolute military action or a similar action.

The Turkish newspapers note that the events will not reflect in a de facto cooling of the relations between Turkey and Russia, but that our diplomats had so agreed, that they demonstrate contradictory positions in the public, which will however not affect the economic relations.

So far, so bad.

Since the Turks have closed their airspace completely for Syrian aircrafts today (in response to a similar ban in Syria), one is only able to state yet, that the tensions not only do rise, but they are also inexorably heading towards a conflict.

Neither Turkey nor Syria take steps to avoid this conflict – one side does not want this, while the other side understands somehow, that such steps are fruitless. The “international community”, as the UN Security Council (UNSC), remain silent.

In contrary, a number of States are banging together the heads of Turkey and Syria and they cannot wait that the things will explode. Unfortunately, one is really only able to probably only conclude that the war between Syria and Turkey is an already decided issue.

By the Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, it was hinted, that they are only waiting for the “final cause” to start this mechanism.

The last two events – the shelling of Akçakale et al. and the thing with the “emergency landing” of the flight Moscow – Damascus in Ankara, where rocket parts ammunition and ultimately subversive secret dispatches no “illegal material” were on board – have expired by its usefulness and they cannot generally be utilized for anything anymore.

Anyway, the Turkish Intelligence services have failed obviously in the attempt to cobble something credible together. Perhaps some foreign colleagues are able to help. On the other hand, hardly anyone is still interested in the “legality” of a war.

Under the present conditions, one can almost start with the weighting of different variants against each other. “Whether” or “whether not” was yesterday, now one can slowly start to wonder, when and how it will start, and how it will end.

Source: apxwn.blogspot.de

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