Syria: War Preparations in Full Swing – False Flag as Pretext

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Sideviews
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Since grenades from Syrian soil have hit a Turkish border village on Wednesday last week, in which five people have sadly lost their lives, the situation is getting worse at the border between Syria and Turkey. The situation is wilfully escalated by the Turkish leadership under lead of Erdogan.

Here, the absolute aggressor and even warmonger is Erdogan with his desire to finally reintegrate of further Syrian soil into Turkish territory; but to be honest, Erdogan is just a tool for others, while he thinks that he could also get a piece of the Syrian cake at the end.

After all, is was the fact that Syria was the heart of the empire in the Ottoman times and more or less the lifeline it, so it is no surprise that Erdogan dreams about the possible end that he could grab a part of the Syrian territory. Not to mention the situation that Syria is geo-strategically and logistical important for some interesting economic and military benefits.

The Turkish leadership was very quick to implement a law that allows Turkish units to invade Syrian soil – for, believe it or not, a full year now. Since then, one is able to read it again and again that Turkey is “just defending itself”, or takes “revenge” for the behaviours of the “bad boy” Syria, although there is no evidence and the logical aspect should tell everybody, that it is sure more near the truth, that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is responsible for these staged attacks on Turkish soil.

The simple question of “Who benefits from” should often (or always) deliver the best answer. While the Syrian leadership could not benefit from these attacks on Turkish soil and the areas that are occupied by the Israeli regime, it is also a fact that they cannot be interested in an open war with the neighbouring country Turkey and also not with Israel (for the moment).

In addition, the Syrian leadership also knows that Turkey is a NATO member state. The only side(s) which would benefit from these border incidents are the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) (including the allegedly Syrian opposition outside the country), which loses constantly ground in Syria, and the Turkish leadership under Erdogan.

Not to mention the already known interests of NATO, the United States, Benjamin Netanyahu (“Nerotanyahu”) and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The backgrounds are partly mentioned in the published articles about Middle Eastern policy.

Looking at it very detailed, it is a clear fact that the Turkish leadership only works for it in order to directly intervene in the war. The false-flag actions by the Turkey-supported terrorists and Islamists shall create the pretext for a “legitimated intervention” of Syria.

As known, already a lot of wars in history were triggered wilfully by such false-flag actions. So it is nothing new. The sad aspect is just, that these staged scenarios still work. Blame the media and the fairy tale of investigative and free journalism. It is all about economic benefits and the benefits for some parts of the societies around this beautiful planet.

It seems that the Turkish leadership under Erdogan knows that the supported fighters, mercenaries and Islamists, who are used to create chaos and commit massacre in Syria, are losing ground in Syria and that the Syrian Arab Army has meanwhile gained the skills, in e.g. urban warfare, to better fight against these Western-backed terrorist groups.

The chiefs in Ankara, NATO slaves and partners of Israel, in contrast of their regularly show for the Turkish population, have enough of the support for the armed fighters and religious fanatics, they have enough of the role as host and supporter for their training camps and are interested to boost the plan, so that the day of decision will take place sooner.

They have searched for a way to switch to a higher gear and, voilà, the shelling by grenades from NATO inventory has taken place on Turkish soil – they really think the majority of the world`s population will buy this. Sadly, they are correct, although it is obvious how staged this scenario is. Not to mention that Western mass media, e.g. the German media, has vehemently concealed the information that the ammunition were from NATO inventory.

Turkey used the armed and supported fighters in order to fire on own territory. This is not new in history, but should lead to the situation that the Turkish population should do everything that is possible for them to remove this leadership and to bring them in court.

Of course, the like-minded persons of the NATO countries happy about this and cover the violations of international law as usual. Germany, France, Britain, and others strengthen the back of Erdogan, at least, verbally. No surprise. It is just, like it is since years, the so-called democratic governments violate the (their own?) international law daily.

These hypocritical NATO governments side with Erdogan`s leadership in Turkey and only condemn Syria for the attacks. Of course, the bad boy is always Damascus. It doesn`t matter whether there is evidence or not. Either these persons in the NATO governments are not able to use their brains for logical thinking, or they are really, in terms of their machinations, persons who should be jailed ASAP. At least, they should be faced with courts. That this group of governments can violate international law and human rights daily, is, to say it clearly, scandalous and a disgrace for every real democrat.

But again, the question is clear and leads to the correct answer: How does the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad benefits in the current ailing domestic situation from the attacks at the neighbour, who is also a member state of NATO, and only waits for the moment that the war against Syria is carried out (in public), finally?

The northern Syrian border areas  in direction to Turkey are, as stressed repeatedly, occupied by the armed groups of fighters and religious fanatics, or even “liberated”, if one wants to work with the hypocritically (but “useful”) vocabulary of mainstream media.

How should the Syrian Arab Army be able to fire grenades on Turkey from this area, which is occupied by the armed groups of radicals? Perhaps it is like the tales of Asterix & Obelix. A small unit of Syrian soldiers, between a lot of armed terrorists, but they are still strong enough to fire in the meantime some shells at Turkey, just because it makes some fun; in addition, the Syrian Gauls have sure forgotten the fact that Turkey is a NATO member state and that Erdogan has started last year to hate them, while he has jumped on the side of Israel and the West.

The Turkish leadership under Prime Minister Erdogan uses the terrorists who are (beside other “aid”) armed and trained by him as a means for the reason to find a pretext for war, after they were used to destabilize and destroy Syria and its secular society. The “Salvador option” says “hello again”.

But the provocations against Syria were still not enough. On Wednesday night, a Syrian airliner was intercepted coming from Russia with target Damascus by Turkish fighter jets and forced to land because the Turks have allegedly received information (from the United States) about an allegedly military cargo in this machine. The Syrian airliner was forced to land on Turkish soil; Turkish troops have occupied the plane and searched for suspicious materials and parts, which are not allowed in passenger services. And lo and behold, they found some. What a surprise!

They don`t really spoke detailed about the found stuff, but they have announced that they have found banned materials that were then seized. As some Russian experts have already stated afterwards, the Turkish authorities can say what they want, but they are not able to prove their accusations with evidence. The Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu, one of the three guys who are responsible for the situation that armed groups of fighters were able to fire grenades on Turkish soil from Syrian territory, was very quiet and gave no real answer to the legitimated questions about these accusations.

Syria has announced an investigation into the incident. The entire incident is highly controversial and raises more questions, than it is able to provide some clarity. It is clear that Turkey (e.g. Erdogan) was not able to reach what they wanted to achieve, or maybe they were? As one was even able to read in Western media, for example, in the German press, there were inconsistencies and violations by the Turks. At least, it is a small surprise that these so-called journalists do not jump on the propaganda-train against the Syrian government, as they always did before. But in terms of the general media coverage by them, it is just a worthless exception and they know it.

Some of the inmates of the Syrian airliner were beaten after they have refused to sign a statement that the landing of the airliner was just an “emergency landing” in Turkey. Russia is, as well as Syria, outraged over the incident and demanded explanations from the Turkish side. These statements are still missing. The Turkish authorities allowed the Syrian airliner to finally fly to the Syrian capital Damascus, but they seized some allegedly chemical materials in order to “examine” them now.

Now, one just can wait which lying story will be soon presented by the Erdogan leadership. In any case, this wilfully (considering the Turkish side) incident has caused a further escalation of the conflict. After this air piracy, Erdogan has forbidden all Turkish air planes to pass Syrian air space, because he fears revenge by the Syrian side. The words come straight from the mouth of the guy that is lying and does not have to be asked twice to take “revenge”. Hypocritical person, no honour.

So far, the Syrians reacted very calm and prudent. Those, who wants to escalate the situation is Erdogan, who is finally a puppet of U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, at least, for some time, although 90 percent of the Turkish population oppose his “policy of war” against Syria. The war, which was sparked in Syria by foreign powers, still continues, without any real success (beside a violent destabilization) for the part of the NATO mercenaries, but that is just the reason why they further tighten the belt around Syria now and seem to be interested to finally implement the invasion of Syria, which could trigger the next World War, no questions about this.

Now that Turkey has found reasons and has staged some, the units of the military and artillery were increased enormously at the border to Syria. If the reports are true, Turkey has, for the first time, taken an active part in the war against Syria and forced back a combat helicopter over an area that is occupied by the Turkey-backed terrorists on Friday.

Not only on the northern border all is prepared for an attack on Syria, also in the south, on the border with Jordan, a lot happens, but that is no surprise. The Jordan King is an American tool. The Jordan leadership is subordinated to the United States and Israeli wishes.

The Americans have already sent U.S. soldiers to Jordan this summer, but this week it was announced, however, that a “task force” of military advisers (cute name for soldiers, intelligence agents and military instructors) were transferred to the Jordanian-Syrian border – allegedly in order to prevent that the dangerous Syrian chemical and biological weapons will fall into the wrong hands (so the armed but supported rebels are dangerous) and to help the Jordanians in addressing the refugee problem (also a joke). But those, who follow this conflict since the beginning, will shake their heads in disbelief while they are faced with this miserable lie.

Some of the members of this dubious U.S. “task force” in Jordan are sure not only common soldiers, but with certainty persons of the American Intelligence, who shall collect information and prepare strategies for a possible attack on Syria from the south. Over a year ago, the battles have started on the Syrian-Jordanian border within Syria, then they widened further in direction of the north of Syria, always close to the borders with the neighbouring countries.

They just wanted to make sure that in case of war, the boundaries are easily passable for foreign soldiers. That is also reason for the so-called “humanitarian zones”. Whether an attack, possibly even an attack from two sides, will really happen, is an open question but all signs are on the table. One can only hope that this is prevented. An attack on Syria as it is currently being prepared would have implications for the entire region and would presumably be, considering the constellations and interests of different countries, the trigger for World War III.

Actually, all people should be interested to precisely prevent this, but right now, the signs are more likely on assault, and the propaganda against a secular and sovereign state in the Middle East has succeeded its aims. Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya… …weapons of mass destruction and a threat for the West, Islamist terrorism and so on.. It rather seems that some so-called Western governments (beside some known Gulf States) are the real threats for the civilians on this planet.


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