Turkey: Erdogan wants a war with Syria

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Sideviews
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The following article is a translation of the latest article by the German author from the Blog “Alles Schall und Rauch” about the current hairy situation with Turkey because of the policy of war, which is carried out by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Of course, the Turkish Prime Minister is just a tool, although he might think, that he also can get a piece of the cake. As said before, that the Syrian Arab Army willfully fires at Turkey it nothing else than pure nonsense. This is devoid of logic.

Sadly, the propaganda by some countries work, but that Syria was never able to win this media war, this was clear from the beginning. Nevertheless, there are signs that slowly more and more people of foreign countries wake up and start to feel themselves faced with a huge staged show in order to achieve dubious aims and questionable geo-political goals, e.g. by the arming and financially support of Islamists and radicals.

This is also devoid of any democratically principles. Let alone that it is a violation of international laws and pure state terrorism, carried out by some Western governments, Turkey, and the famous Gulf States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The translation is below.

Erdogan wants war with Syria

As a long observer of the difference between what politicians say and what they then do, I am aware that one has to always expect the opposite. There are hundreds of examples for this behaviour. So if Erdoğan says that Turkey does not want war with Syria, then I’m 100 percent sure that’s what he wants is war.

For me, it is also clear, that Turkey will trigger the World War III when Turkish troops start to invade Syria. According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, the planning for a Turkish intervention in Syria is in full swing, 250 tanks, artillery units and combat aircrafts were moved to the border.

The Journal has reported on Friday, citing military circles, that the Turkish military planners have come to the conclusion, that the relatively flat area around the city of Akcakale would be well suited for an assault with tanks.

In this area of the border it is already scorching hot since eight days, in which was constantly fired from Turkey at Syria, with the excuse, that it would be retaliation. According to Hurriyet, the considerations provide the plan to prepare a tank assault by air strikes on Syrian positions.

Hürriyet wrote further, that positions for the Turkish troops are currently excavated at the border. Also the number of artillery units and warplanes in the border area was considerably increased. The Turkish newspaper has quoted an unnamed military official, saying that a possible intervention would aim to bring the Syrian side of the border under Turkish control, thereby an invasion and occupation of Syrian territory.

Thereby, Erdogan knows the fact exactly, that Turkey is not attacked by Syria and also the Turkish public knows this, too. The guy is constantly lying about a Syrian threat, just like he is lying about the situation, that there were weapons on board of the Syrian airliner, which was hijacked on his command.

It’s about the military aid to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in order to overthrow Assad and to take the power. The name for this terrorist group is also a lie, because it is neither free nor Syrian nor an army, but it is a gang of bloodthirsty mass murderers.

Erdogan, the Vampire.

Erdogan, the Vampire.

The grenades from Syria are quite safe from terrorists, because the Syrian army has lost the control of the border area. How is the Turkish government therefore claim that Turkey is attacked by Syria?

Erdoğan constantly lies like a rug, because the terrorists are from Turkey and the weapons also. This means that Turkey is attacking itself, through the detour of the terrorists, and has then the impertinence to bomb Syrian territory, with the intention to conquer it, as an answer.

Erdoğan is a puppet of Washington, Riyadh, Doha and Tel Aviv. He is their command receiver, but he also thinks, that he can have a piece of the pie, if Syria will be divided.

Thereby, he doesn’t even represent the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the Turkish population. According to polls, no more than 5 to 10 percent advocate his war policy, 90 percent oppose his war policy.

It is also clear why, because no nation wants war; since they are the citizens who have to give away their lives for the criminals up there. They are too scared to go themselves to the front. If Erdoğan really wants a war, he should take a gun and also put himself at the head of the invading troops. Should he show how brave he is and what kind of a hero he can be.

Not always just command wars from a safe location, and to send the poor bastards to death. No, to be himself near the enemy and to die for his country. This applies to all supporters of the war, whether they are politicians or the big mouths at the pub. These, who want war, should stand up in the first position at the front and they should do what they demand of others.

But military forces are not only taken in positions at the border with Syria in Turkish territory, but also in Jordan. U.S. Defense Minister Leon Panetta has confirmed the deployment of U.S. troops into this country. “We are working with Jordan for a long time now,” he said.

As an excuse, he has cited the protection of the deposits with chemical weapons in Syria. Among the 150 specialists, who are said to work at the headquarters of the Jordanian army, there are communication experts, logisticians, planner and instructors.

Also Israel has reinforced its troops in the Golan Heights on the border with Syria, or correctly stated, on the region that belongs to Syria and that is occupied by Israel since the Six Day War, it was annexed by Israel in 1981.The theft of Syrian territory goes back a long time, and now, they want to get the whole piece.

Like on commission, on Tuesday, several grenades from Syria have hit the soil, as it is claimed by the Israeli side. Of course, Assad is not only so stupid and attacks Turkey; he also attacks Israel at the same time.

As we are able to see, there is an escalation and the preparations for war by all sides, and the United States and NATO are directly involved. The Turkish Foreign Minister has even said it openly, that Turkey will not respect the Syrian border and send their military units into Syria, just as they do not respect the borders of Iraq already since a long time, and they constantly attack the positions of the Kurds with soldiers, armoured vehicles, helicopters and warplanes.

What now occurs is the long-planned military intervention of Syria by the Turkish government, together with Israel, NATO and the Pentagon, in order to destroy Syria as a state.

So far, they have used their hired mercenaries as useful idiots, members of the al-CIAda (Al Qaeda), who are paid and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar; they are sent to invade Syria from Turkish soil in order to spread terror and to commit massacres.

Now, they provoke reasons, in order to be in a situation to invade Syria with regular troops, tanks and aircraft themselves. The psychopaths do accept the fact, that the World War III could be triggered.

Source: alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.de


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