Sevim Dagdelen: Turkey is the Aggressor against Syria

Posted: October 13, 2012 in International
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Sevim Dağdelen is a German politician of Turkish origin and she is a member of the German Left Party (die Linke); she is also a member of the German Bundestag since the year 2005. The politician Sevim Dağdelen has also participated in the State dinner with the German chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House in Washington.

Since this year, Sevim Dağdelen has faced (hypocritically) criticism for her signing of a document that is accusing the United States of preparing a war against Syria and Iran. Of course, in a better world, this accusation would not be named controversial by media and other politicans in Germany, but presented as the truth, considering that the facts are no more able to keep secret.

In contrast to a lot, many other politicians in Germany, Sevim Dağdelen is one of the politicans that not only sees through current events and backgrounds, but she also has “balls enough” to speak the truth. Although it will not change anything, she has deserved respect for her stance and the statements, while the most other German politicans, including the Foreign Minister and Chancellor, have no backbone.

In addition, it is a fact that Germany is blackmailed by the United States, the Israeli regime and some other governments and organizations. Take our side against Syria and Iran, or face the situation that you do not get any Intelligence information anymore while the great economic deals are carried out with others, and so on. It is a hypocritical world. Politics is sometimes a whore, but with increased regularity one noble whore, for money, she does almost everyone.

Sevim Dagdelen: Turkey is the Aggressor

This interview with Sevim Dagdelen appeared in the German daily newspaper “Junge Welt” on 06/10/2012 – Source.

Since Wednesday, Turkey is attacking targets in the neighbouring country Syria. The attacks are said to be a “reaction” on the shelling by Syrian grenades, in which five civilians have lost their lives in the Turkish border region Akcakale. How plausible is this explanation?

The shelling did in fact happen; the Syrian government has already apologized and announced an investigation. It is unfortunate that here again people were killed. But it also seems possible, that armed insurgent groups were the originators of the shelling, because it came from the direction of a border crossing point that was conquered by the rebels.

Prime Minister Erdogan and the Turkish government give the impression that they have just been waiting for such an occasion. They specifically destabilize Syria, already since months.

The arms shipments along with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf dictatorships, the training camps and safe havens for insurgents, that has already adopted the criterion for a – albeit indirect – military invasion on behalf of NATO.

Under the terms of international law, Turkey and the U.S. and German supporters are actually the aggressors.

The Turkish parliament has announced on Thursday that the government and the army have the green light for a military intervention in Syria. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced on the same day: “We are on the side of Turkey”. Do we face the next mission of war?

The German Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle had already before the attacks on Syria spoken with his Turkish counterpart and has also taken a very biased position, without that the actual event was in the least clarified.

And all this despite the fact, that Turkey and its allies were already in June interested to boost it to a further escalation by a dishonestly way because of the allegedly downing of a Turkish jet fighter above international waters.

This time, NATO has even more clearly taken the sided of Ankara.

The Turkish National Assembly has on the basis of the cross-border “war on terrorism” against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PPK), like it is constantly carried out against international law with the bombing by the Turkish Air Force in Iraq, given the green light for a military intervention in Syria by the votes of the Justice and Development Party (JDP/AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi/MHP).

Thus, that takes both interests in account; for the self-interest of the Turkish government to carry the war also into the Kurdish regions in Syria, but also for the interest of the NATO allies to force a “regime change” in Damascus when necessary not only by the support of armed groups.

It is a very dangerous situation, and I am very glad that there is a wide majority of the population in Turkey, which rejects the war.

The mass demonstrations in Istanbul are a very hopeful sign that the war-government of the Justice and Development Party (JDP/AKP) will not succeed in its policy of escalation.

On Wednesday, NATO has extended the tenure of General Rasmussen for a year – until summer of 2014. Is there any explanation for this surprising extension of the mandate?

This is obviously a worrying sign. It seems that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) assesses the situation so seriously, that they are not willing to risk a change in its leaderships.

It also suggests the assumption of new additional concessions to Turkey, which had already a critical opinion about Rasmussen during his election in 2009 and that has been able to get additional posts for Turkish generals in the NATO military structure for its agreeing.

In the German Bundestag, it nevertheless seems to be still very calm. Why does the Foreign Affairs Committee not meet, at least, for a special session in order to get informed by the German government about the “How to further act in this situation”?

I have suggested to my faction to convene a special meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee, immediately after the announcement of the border incident. Because the German government is also working for a destabilization of Syria by a secret diplomacy.

In terms of its activities in Syria, they refused to provide any information to the German Parliament. A lot is covered in secrecy by the reference to national security interests.

It does not matter whether it is about massacre, the downing of a Turkish jet fighter or the border incidents: it (the German government) is very quick in accusing the Syrian regime, but is later no more interested to talk about when it is about to, at least, present some moderately robust material for their allegations.

In this manner, it (German government) has denied human rights violations, acts of terrorism and the persecution of religious minorities by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), al-Qaeda units and other Islamist groups from the beginning and has, until now, not clearly condemned it.

This is also a part of a deliberate destabilization, a illegally policy of a “regime change” against any international laws, which prevents the peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria.

  1. Orkun says:

    AKP government is not representing the opinion of Turkish public at all. They are at service of Western powers. I hope that this ugly game finishes soon and Syrian people can get back to their normal and peaceful life.

    • Souri says:

      Thank you very much, Orkun. Yes, I think and wish the same. I also tried to make it clear in some parts of the posts in the recent days that it is about the Erdogan leadership and that it has nothing to do with the Turkish population (of course). All Syrians I know make a huge difference between both and have recognized the protests in Turkey against this war and againt the “policy” by the AKP “government”. I hope you have a good Sunday.

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