Syria: Military aid from NATO for Turkey is no surprise

Posted: October 10, 2012 in International
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Last Wednesday, five people were killed in Turkey after grenades were fired from Syria on a Turkish border town. An emergency meeting of the NATO member states had not the result that was hoped mainly by the so-called Syrian rebels and the dubious opposition outside Syria.

Not to mention that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan could have hoped for a different result of this NATO emergency meeting. This hypocritical NATO emergency meeting of the member states of this suspicious organization had the only result that they have pledged to stand on the Turkish (Erdogan – JDP/AKP) side, and the admonition was published that one should act prudently.

The NATO member states have considered this incident not as an attack by Syria, and thus as the beginning of a war, but as border disputes, which Turkey as NATO member state should be able to solve without the help of the other NATO member states.

But since this week, there is daily news about the threat that the violence will escalate, but there is also evidence already that the trigger, the so-called border incident, could have been a false-flag act in order to have a pretext. These new border incidents only help the so-called “Syrian rebels” and do not have any benefits for the Syrian Arab Army or the Syrian government.

Thus, considering that a lot of wars were started by false flag actions and/or staged incidents, it is possible that the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has fired on Turkish soil and thus has killed these innocent inhabitants of the Turkish border town. As already stated in this article, it also seems that Erdogan and others not only support the crimes and terrorism against Syria, but also plan attacks together.

The recent reports by the named Turkish newspaper are very interesting and show the hypocrisies of the Turkish government and the willingness by Erdogan to risk the lives of Turkish citizens in order to achieve “his goals”.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military is reinforced in the border region to Syria and more and more reports by the known main stream in the West prepare the ground for a possible attack on Syria by using propaganda and false information in a way that would make somebody like Joseph Goebbels very proud of it. Nobody should forget the fact that the winners write the history.

On Tuesday, NATO Defense Ministers met and they have reaffirmed their support for Turkey in Brussels. The word “Defense Ministers” is a hypocritical name under the consideration what is happening since a long time, and that some of these Defense Ministers are responsible for the violation of international laws and the violence in some other sovereign states.

For example, the tones already indicate more clearly that the NATO is itself more and more ready to attack Syria. Defense Ministers, right?

The propaganda and hypocrisies is unbearable. According to the general secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the NATO war meeting, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization but some call it already North Atlantic Terror Organization) has already carried out the preparations to assist the member state Turkey militarily in the case that Ankara wants NATO protection and defense. Nevertheless, they feign further that they are concerned about diplomacy and prudence. What a staged scenario from the beginning. A spectacle for the masses and the biased media.

As stated, they feign further that they are concerned about diplomacy and prudence but that this is not really meant serious already show their calls on the so-called “international community” to tighten the pressure on Damascus.

Again and again, the Syrian government in Damascus is condemned as the sole manager of the insecure border situation and the so-called “international community” holds Damascus accountable for the violence. Of course, this hypocritical Western Ministers know very well that Turkey hosts a lot of armed fighters and strangers directly at the border to Syria.

But again, no word or condemnation of the Turkish support for armed Islamists and terrorists, although this is already confirmed. Instead, they only criticize the Syrian government over and over again. They act like pathetic dolls of the interests of other`s. Of course, in a better world, some of these ministers would be in jail.

Although, so far, it is not completely clear by whom the shells were (and are) fired at the Turkish territory, the NATO ministers far away already know that the Syrian government is responsible for this (the Syrian Arab Army). Good glasses, guys.

Not to mention that some videos and reports (Turkish newspaper) show a different truth and considering about the fact who would benefit from this border incidents, which is often the best question when these things happen, it seems more and more clear that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has staged these attacks by the help of the Turkish government.

The Syrian rebels, armed terrorist groups and radical Islamists, even al Qaeda fighters, are still celebrated and supported by NATO member states and NATO media. They accuse the Syrian government to force the provocations on the border again and again, although there is no evidence and the meanwhile shown videos and the information of the Turkish newspaper draw another picture.

Is the Syrian government in the capital Damascus actually really interested to attack Turkey, a NATO ally, while the situation in the own country is fragile and the international pressure is so enormous? What is this for an interest? How should the Syrian government react to an attack by the NATO troops?

Oh yeah. The new stories by Western media (Assad flees to Russia, has already bought 300 flats in Russia for his huge family, for example) and the “sold scenario” by NATO is not only propaganda, but also the dumbest shit to brainwash the public opinion in the West. Sad but true, it works.

Who has always demanded in the last months that the “Syrian rebels” must be supported? From whichever side were the claims raised for a so-called “No-Fly” zone and the hypocritical “humanitarian corridors”? These questionable demands were surely not raised by the Syrian government side.

As said, despite the lack of evidence that the grenades were really fired by troops of the Syrian Arab Army, they continue to call unilaterally on the Damascus government to declare a unilateral ceasefire. What a farce. They still pretend that they care about the importance of political solutions for Syria over and over again, but they do nothing for it. In contrary, they further stoke the violence in Syria.

The Syrian government in Damascus should declare a unilateral immediate ceasefire, which should then be followed by the opposition side -> in clear words, by the armed fighters, the Obama-supported al Qaeda members and the rest of these religious fanatics.

These experiments were already there with the result that the Western-backed and Turkish-supported gunmen were able to upgrade their stock of ammunition and weapons by the help of Turkey, while they still have carried out attacks, despite the ceasefire.

In addition, since that time, these armed fighters and radicals get the official support by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Since this week, it is finally also a fact for some others. As the next farce, the Emir of Qatar calls on the so-called “international community” to allow the delivery of heavy weapons to the armed fighters in Syria or, at least, to tolerate the deliveries of heavy weapons to the al Qaeda fighters and mercenaries in Syria by some Gulf States (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain).

As if not already enough weapons would be circulating in Syria, with which the terrorist carry out attacks against Syrian civilians and the Syrian army. But it seems that NATO has a false understanding of how to decrease and how to increase violence.

So, Qatar urges therefore the agreement for the supply of heavy weapons to the fighters in Syria, while in Syria, according to the BBC (what a surprise, isn´t it?), are already Saudi army weapons to find. But one can be sure that this report will not change anything.

Ban Ki-moon and all other puppets of the West send their views, accusations and threats to Assad, always forgetting or ignoring what level of violence was already carried out by the supported fighters in Syria and that the “international community” is already no more in a position to cover up and hide the crimes of these Obama-supported Islamists and mercenaries.

Some would like to see Hillary Clinton spending one night with a group of rebels that she supports in Syria. It would be likely that she will not survive this night, although she supports them. But as usually, that does not matter, as long as these radicals can be used to achieve questionable geo-political goals and dubious imperialistic, even Zionistic, aims.

If the secular and sovereign state of Syria will become a “Failed State” like Iraq, the whole region can be further destabilized and weakened. Iran would lose a formerly strong partner and would be more vulnerable for the Western and Israeli aggressors. As mentioned, the NATO officials have a lot of work in order to blame the Damascus government repeatedly and condemn their crimes. Some would even say that they have a lot of work in order to stage events that can be used as pretext for further actions, which are, to be honest, against international law, considering the reality of events in Syria and the “behavior” of NATO and the United Nations.

Help Al Qaeda vote for Obama

Help Al Qaeda vote for Obama

For example, that a lot of people were killed and injured in the recent terror attacks by the supported “Syrian rebels” is not mentioned by the very peaceful and objective NATO member states. Not to mention that they do not condemn the violence against Syrian civilians and the damage that is carried out by their supported fighters against cultural and historical goods.

Another example: the Islamist terrorist group al-Nusra (al Qaeda with a different title; considering U.S. Foreign Policy, one can call them Obama`s friends) has taken responsibility for the terror attack in Harasta, near the Syrian capital Damascus, and were first initially dubbed by e.g. Reuters (biased agency) as “Syrian rebels”.

The NATO member states did not yet criticized or condemned this terrorism by their supported groups of different kind of radicals. And yes, why to condemn this terrorist acts? For example, this al-Nusra group just does its duty to inflict maximum damage against the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian military buildings.

Even if Islamists commit violent acts, the Syrian government is responsible. What kind of logic… it is what it is – awful propaganda.

After this terrorist attack, another explosive device detonated near the Abbasid square (Damascus) yesterday. Not to mention the other acts of terrorism in other regions of Syria since the weekend. Even for this attack near the Abbasid square, a militant Islamist group has taken the responsibility later.

One knows that something stinks when Obama and Clinton are finally publicly in bed with al Qaeda.

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