Syria: Turkish Army continues its attacks on Syrian positions

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Turkish army has continued its offensive military actions against Syria on Monday, the 6th day in a row. The Turkish Attacks are propagandistic masked by the classical way to say “now, we shoot back”.

The Turkish attacks on Syria happened ​​on at least three widely separated sections of the border at the same time: from Akcakale out to Tel Abyad (map), from Güvecci to Khourbet Al Jouz (map) and from the area of ​​Hacipasa in direction to Darkoush (map).

The Turkish actions seem to be about the same actions at all border areas to Syria in the recent days. It is, as described below:

Initially, a large number of well-armed terrorists penetrates towards the Syrian side of the border, unhindered by Turkish security forces, and opens fire directly after the border on Syrian security forces.

As soon as the Syrian security forces begin to defend themselves and return the fire on the terrorists who attack them, it happens accidently that a grenade, fired from Syria, falls on Turkish soil.

Due to the exchange of fire it is hard to say in retrospect, who has fired the grenade which has descended on Turkish territory, it cannot be proven with absolute certainty, even if much indicates that the terrorists, who are supported by the Turkish government, fire grenades on Turkish territory in consultation with the Turkish government, in order to deliver a possible justification for the intervention by the Turkish army.

The Turkish army uses the grenades which smashed on Turkish territory as an excuse to destroy positions of the Syrian authorities by artillery fire.

The Syrian security forces do not respond to the shelling of the Turkish army, they get killed either by the Turkish artillery fire or by the Turkish-supported terrorists, or they flee.

The Turkish government and the known NATO propaganda claim in public that Turkey had been attacked from Syrian territory, and that the Turkish army has responded, in order to retaliate, as revenge, “just returned the fire”.

Afterwards, the terrorists, who have penetrated from Turkey into Syria and who are also supported by Turkey, brag publicly with the successful conquest of Syrian boundary positions.

Since the attacks from Turkey in at least three sections of the Turkish-Syrian border were carried out in the same way, and the attacks, as an involved terrorist has declared this to a Dutch journalist, would have had no chance of success without the artillery fire by the Turkish army, the results suggest this:

That Syria has to deal with a systematically planned and coordinated war of aggression (and war crimes) by the Turkish government.

Given the information by Javier Espinosa, that many members of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) do reside in Güvecci in order to join the fight in Syria, there is also no question that the terrorists start their attacks on Syrian border regions from Turkey.

And that Turkey hosts these terrorists and supports and endorses their attacks at targets in Syria; at least, the Turkish government tolerates this. And on top of that, it is crucially involved with regularly artillery units of the Turkish army in the attacks by the terrorists against Syria.

It remains unclear till now, why the Syrian government does not label these obvious war crimes by Turkey as such in public, instead the Syrian government only declares in public that these incidents would be investigated, while they ask Turkey, to finally stop the support of armed terrorist groups.

Perhaps, the Syrian government rates the Turkish attacks at the border in the face of the aggressive Turkish behavior in recent months no longer as a significant escalation, but primarily as a red herring by the Turkish government in order to divert the Syrian Arab Army from its successful actions against the Western- and Turkey-supported terrorists in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab).

Meanwhile, it is totally incomprehensible why, otherwise fairly critical media such as Russia Today, in the face of the Turkish acts of a war of aggression, also spreads the Turkish propaganda lie that Turkey would just “shot back”.

Source: Türkische Armee setzt Angriffskriegshandlungen gegen Syrien den 6. Tag in Folge fort


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