Syria: Dababa in Harasta

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Sideviews
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ANNA-News has another correspondent in Syria since a few weeks: Vyacheslav Nemyschew.

Besides the fact that he is, more likely as the “mastermind”, Prof. Marat Musin, good for the role as crowd favorite, he runs just as well through the hedges at the front line and throws himself with the Syrian soldiers in the ditches.

Here is a short documentary that was made by him; this documentary was filmed a few days ago in the area of Harasta, northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus.

(The video report by ANNA-News correspondent Vyacheslav Nemyschew from Harasta, near Damascus, is embedded below in this article.)

“Dababa” – that is how the Syrians call this tank. Heavy machinery moves in Harasta – which is a suburb of Damascus. Here, a rebel unit was surrounded, and along with Syrian journalists, we enter this district in which the Syrian army begins with its special mission.

It seems as if the shots come from anywhere, one is able to hear the bullets whistle – a very unpleasant feeling. The Syrian soldiers say that one has to move very quickly here, because of the open ground is under fire from the snipers (snipers of the “Free Syrian Army”).

It is not known exactly how many rebels squat here. The gunfire stops sometimes, sometimes it starts all over again.

The Syrian soldiers are no cowards, but the counter-fire is forcing them to crouch on the floor.

According to Syrian intelligence services, there shall be an attempt by a group of terrorists to break through in the direction of the Syrian city of Homs. Armored and motorized infantry block the exit routes of the specified gang.

For Syrian journalists this is everyday work, in eighteen months they have become accustomed to the war. Maïs Akel, a reporter for a satellite channel, was along with the men many times in military operations there. When asked why she does this, she replied that it is her civic duty as a Syrian:

Maïs Akel:

When I work together with the soldiers, also my own fighting spirit is increasing. I try to present the truth as it is, and I am glad that I have this opportunity.

There comes another truck with a heavy machine gun that is installed on it. A group of soldiers goes to the left flank, and takes position at a concrete wall, for the event, that the rebel fighters will try to break through there.

Vyacheslav Nemyschew:

We are now about 500 meters away from the front line, and currently it is not possible to get closer because there is barrage and the snipers (FSA) are active.

At the time when we were waiting for the approval to move on, we went through the deserted courtyards; there, they told us that the rebels had a stock there, one is able to see leftover food lying around, and under the constant noise of gunfire, the soldiers feed the homeless sheep.

And a half hour later, the Syrian unit goes to the front line. The terrorists have managed to break through the blockade. But not all. The bandits burn their dead, so it is impossible to identify them and it is also not possible to make any conclusions about their origin.

Behind the fence, it starts to burn; we get the sign again that we should wait in a safe distance.

The prisoner is shown to the journalists. Here one is able to see the symbols of the rebel groups, uniforms, religious literature. The camp was located just 2 kilometers away from a Syrian military base, practically under the nose of the army. The conversion and conscription of the camp was made possible by information from intelligence sources.

Syrian soldier:

Here, the rebels had settled, there was a workshop for the manufacture of explosives. Now we have the area under control.

The Intelligence Services report that the rebels regroup and intend to proceed to Aleppo from different directions.

Vyacheslav Nemyschew, ANNA-News, Syria.

Source: Dababa in Harasta

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