Syria / Turkey: Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for attack on Turkish village?!

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Politics
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One of the German state television channels, the ZDF, has broadcasted two interesting reports today.

In both reports it is said that the so-called Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for yesterday`s provocations for which the Syrian Arab Army and thus, the Syrian government was immediately blamed for by the Turkish government, Western governments, last but not least, by Western media, of course.

The below link to the first video clip by the German State television channel ZDF, there is one of these examples for this. From minute 00:50 in this video report, it says the following (translated):

“Rockets and Mortar Fire – Turkey exacts vengeance for an attack from the Syrian side which took place yesterday afternoon. For weeks, Ankara has warned for any provocation in direction to Turkey. Until late at night, the fighting has taken place. Meanwhile, Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for this provocation.”

Link to video:

In addition, there was another report by the German State television channel ZDF today. In the regular program called “Heute in Europa”, the ZDF has reported about the border violations of Syria and Turkey and also about the attack of a Turkish border town and the “answer” by the Turkish military.

In this video report of the German State TV channel ZDF it says following (wording):

“Yesterday night, Turkey took revenge for attacks from REBELS in Syria that have previously attacked a Turkish border village”

As one can read, the German media station ZDF has reported that Syrian rebels (we call them terrorists by the way) have previously attacked a Turkish border town before the Turkish government took revenge and shot back.

This official news report by ZDF was broadcasted today at 16:00 o`clock in the regularly news show “Heute in Europa” (“Today in Europe”); by the way, it is interesting what Turkey and Syria have to do in a news show about Europe, but OK.

Link to second video:

The broadcasted video also showed the border area between Turkey and Syria, but one is only able to see Turkish flags and the so-called flags of the Syrian rebels, which is in truth the French mandate flag. There are no Syrian flags visible, so it seems there is no Syrian army around.

In addition, the allegedly place from where the grenades in direction to Turkey were launched, is not occupied by the Syrian Arab Army to 100 percent.

In contrary, there are regularly fights between the Syrian Arab Army and the Western-backed Islamists and terrorists who try to enter Syria by crossing the Turkish border. No surprise because the Turkish government still hosts and supports these strange and radical fighters from several foreign countries.

ZDF: syrische Rebellen haben sich zu Angriff auf türkisches Dorf bekannt

In addition there is a new leaked video clip of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) members in which they allegedly take responsibility for the NATO false flag attack against the Turkish town of Akçakale in southern Turkey.

These radicals, religious fanatics and Western-backed fighters are based in the area of Tell Abyad (Tel Abiad / Tel Abyad) in the province of al-Raqqa near the northern Syrian town of Aleppo. The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) members have mortar shells as they prove this also in this video clip.

These mortar shells are Russian-made, at least, the armed Western-backed fighters state this in this video on YouTube. It seems that they use ammunition that they got by attacks of arms depots of the Syrian Arab Army.

  1. PetraJen says:

    “it is interesting what Turkey and Syria have to do in a news show about Europe, but OK”. It’s sad that someone would question that. It shows that there is a missing of understanding what Europe and the people living there have to do with the rest of the world. Do you know how many Turkish people live in Germany ? Do you know how many Syrians ? Do you know how many asylum seeking people are there ? It is not only important in Europe, it’s about Europe and the world.Try to look beyond the rim of your plate.

    • mklostermayr says:

      Because many Turkish and Syrian people are in Germany and other European countries doesnt make Turkey or Syria a part of Europe. The North of Turkey is perhaps nice to have in Europe, but the South Turkish region is sure far away from being related to Europe.

  2. links plz!! says:

    hmmm can u plz post the links to the 2 reports? thx!

  3. mklostermayr says:

    Erdogan then sent out his deputy to declare that Syria had admitted that it fired the mortars and apologized. This was widely reported:
    Syria has admitted it was responsible for a shelling that killed five civilians on Turkish soil and apologised, Turkey’s deputy prime minister said today.

    When the Syrian army shot down a Turkish jet that had crossed into Syrian air space it immediately took responsibility for it and apologized. The Syrian behavior in this case is different.

    If this incident was a false flag operation, which seems more and more likely, it only achieved a part of what it was supposed to achieve. Erdogan did get the Turkish parliament to give him war powers. But the more important backing from NATO did not come through.


  4. Steffen says:

    The first TV report from ZDF clearly says that so far nobody exactly knows who is responsible for the mortar fire. The continued provocations are from “Syria”, it says, not naming any party of the conflict.

  5. Steffen says:

    In the second one, and this true, the report names rebells as the attacker.

  6. Murat says:

    Neden Esat Cumhuriyet ilan edip, seçimlere gitmiyor? Savaş son bulur kan akmaz. Ama esad bir türlü iktidar koltuğundan vazgeçmek istemiyor. İnsanların ölmesi pahasına da olsa vazgeçmiyor..

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