Syria: Syrian Arab Army with successful anti-terror operations

Posted: October 3, 2012 in International
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A unit of the Syrian Arab Army has targeted one of the Western-backed armed terrorist groups on the Airport highway at al-Ramouseh Bridge in the Syrian city of Aleppo. This attack resulted in the killing off all the armed fighters on Tuesday.

In addition, the terrorists Khalid Zakariya al-Mustafa, the leader of the armed group, Mohammad Zakariya al-Mustafa, and Ali Abdul-Karim Izz-Eddin were identified among the dead of this armed group of religious fanatics and terrorists which are still supported by foreign countries.

Another unit of the Syrian Arab Army was able to kill all members of an armed terrorist group behind the groves on the highway in Aleppo and has also seized their weapons.

A field source told a reporter of SANA that the weapons included five Kalashnikov rifles, five pump- action rifles and an RPK machinegun, quiver waistcoats, narcotic pills, two contact stations, IDs, documents and three cars for passing terrorists, but also two cars equipped with machineguns were found.

The Syrian Arab Army carried out a qualitative operation, killing the terrorist Bashir al-Ghoul, a leader of another armed terrorist group, in addition to several members in the Karm al-Jabal region. Overall, the troops of the Syrian Arab Army were able to defeat a lot of different Western-backed armed terrorist groups in recent days.

For example, also dozens of Western-backed terrorists were killed and injured near al-Jankiyeh orchard in the neighborhood of al-Sheikh Khudr while they were attempting to enter Suleiman al-Halabi district to rescue members of another armed terrorist group which had sustained heavy losses by the Syrian Army.

The Syrian Arab Army was also able to destroy 3 DSHK-equipped cars at Kfar ta’al in al-Atareb in the countryside of the Syrian city of Aleppo. All terrorists in these cars were killed by this attack. In addition, the Syrian Arab Army has also launched operations against the known terrorists’ hideouts at al-Tananer, Kastal Harami and Kadi Askar in Aleppo, causing heavy losses among the NATO mercenaries, who are still supported by Western governments and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Further, several gatherings of these Western-backed terrorists were targeted, some rockets factories and cars, equipped with DShK machineguns were destroyed near the city of Aleppo. For example in the area of Karlek, in the countryside of the Syrian city of Aleppo, a unit of the Syrian Arab Army succeeded in killing all armed members of another terrorist group.

The Syrian Arab Army also has destroyed three explosives and rockets factories, three cars equipped with DShK machineguns, two vans and two 24-passengers cars which were used to transport groups of these armed fanatics, mercenaries and terrorists.

Further, three terrorists were killed by Abdelkarim Salameh, the leader of a terrorist group, after a dispute between two different Western-backed groups of terrorists over how to split the stolen goods and the stolen money. Some also say that these two terrorist groups have argued about how to split the money they have received from abroad to be able to maintain their fight against the secular government of Syria and the Syrian Arab Army in order to achieve their horrible dream of an Islamist State of Syria with a puppet government, subordinated to Washington and Israeli orders.

This dispute has resulted in the death of three terrorists. Two of the dead were from the al-Raslan family and the third dead terrorist was called Faraj Hamed. This is another example for the differences, interests and readiness to use violence by these Western-backed mercenaries, terrorists and religious fanatics, but also for the fact that they are not really united and will never deliver freedom, peace and a better future to Syria and the Syrian people.

In the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus, a unit of the Syrian Arab Army was able to carry out another qualitative operation against further Western-backed terrorists in the already famous areas of Duma and Harasta.

This operation of this unit of the Syrian Army resulted in the dead of more than 15 terrorists, while different kinds of weapons were seized. Another unit of the Syrian Arab Army has seized a truck loaded with 30 explosive devices and materials for manufacturing explosives in Douma groves, also in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus on Tuesday. Further, a pick-up truck, equipped with a DShK machinegun was destroyed near Harasta and another explosive device factory was found and destroyed in this area.

In the same area in the countryside of Damascus, another unit of Syrian Arab Army was able to target an armed terrorist group near the crossroad of Samsam, which has inflicted heavy losses upon the members of this Western-backed terrorist group. Also a house was raided in the area of al-Qteifeh, located in the countryside of the Syrian capital. The result was the arrest of most of the terrorists that have used this house as a hideout to prepare guerilla-style attacks.

Not only near Damascus and in Aleppo, but also in the Syrian coast town of Latakia, weapons have been found. The Syrian Arab Army was able to seize a lot of weapons and ammunitions in Basaten al-Rihan, Latakia. As a reporter of SANA has told, 10 Russian rifles, 5 snipers, bombs and bullets were seized in this warehouse of Western-backed terrorists in Latakia.

A Syrian Arab army unit has further clashed with armed terrorist groups in Qastal Ma’af, Ballouran and nearby villages in the countryside of Lattakia. These attacks have caused heavy losses upon these groups of armed fighters and Islamists, while the engineering units were able to dismantle a number of explosive devices. These explosive devices were planted by these misanthropic religious fanatics and armed mercenaries in the countryside of the Syrian coast town of Latakia.

Of course, also the countryside of the Syrian city of Homs is still not safe to 100 percent. The Syrian Arab Army was able to remove more than 20 armed terrorists in the neighborhood of Bab Hood, Homs. But also in the neighborhoods of al- Warsheh and Bustan al-Diwan in the Syrian city of Homs, further armed groups of foreign mercenaries and US-backed Islamists were targeted and partly killed. These operations resulted in heavy losses upon the members of these different groups of armed fighters and fanatics.

Further three terrorists were arrested by Syrian authorities while they tried to flee away using a sewage canal that is connecting the neighborhoods of al-Khalidiyeh, Souq al-Hal and ends in al-Haswiyeh.

Another unit of the Syrian Arab Army was able to destroy a Mortar that was set up by another group of armed terrorists near the National Hospital in the town of Taldao in the countryside of Homs. The unit of the Syrian Arab Army has managed it to kill all members of this armed group of fighters and mercenaries.

Horrible but true, one of the Western-backed terrorists groups, that also receive money and weapons from e.g. Saudi Arabia, has attacked a school on Tuesday. They have kidnapped a student in the eighth grade in the region of Allajat, Daraa.

A local said that this violent terrorist group, consisting of seven fighters, has attacked the Syrian school, opened heavily fire and managed to kidnap a fourteen-year-old student. Hisham Khaled al-Hilal, the poor Syrian student, is the son of the senior sheikh of the al-Jamalat clan, who supports the efforts to protect the country and als supports the efforts regarding the reconciliation. Hopefully, Hisham Khaled al-Hilal is still alive and soon freed.

Another school was also the target of a terrorist group in the village of Jasem. The local high school was the target of a group of armed terrorists, which finally have succeeded in setting fire to the school building. Many classrooms were burnt completely, but at least, no students or teachers were injured. It already became obviously that these Western-backed terrorist groups often attack schools, kidnap students and carry out targeted killing of Syrian teachers.

The recent days and nights were again full of fights and thus it is no surprise that also in the Syrian border city of Nasib, in the countryside of Dara`a (Daraa), further Western-backed terrorists and mercenaries were killed on Tuesday. This group of terrorists tried to commit another horrible car bomb attack.

After Latakia, Homs, Damascus and Aleppo, also the countryside of the Syrian city of Hama is still not really cleaned and totally safe. The inflow of foreign fighters is still horrible and some would call it an endless inflow.

While the city of al-Salamiyeh is mainly safe and still quite, the countryside of al-Salamiyeh has some problems. Of course, it is in the countryside of the Syrian city of Hama and thus, it is clear that there are still some problems. But the authorities in Hama were recently able to destroy three cars equipped with DShk machineguns and to remove the Western-backed terrorists that used these dangerous cars.

The Syrian authorities have also seized ammunition, weapons and stolen medicine in a health center in Souha in the countryside of Hama. This health center was used by the Western-backed terrorists and religious fanatics as a warehouse, as usually. More details can be found here.

In addition, everyday there is a new theory that shows up talking about a different end for the Syrian crisis and it is clear and a fact that the things will develop even more worse if the Syrian government will be overthrown or even, if Bashar al-Assad is killed by the Western-backed terrorists and US-sponsored al Qaeda fighters. Clear as the sky. There are already previous examples in other countries.

  1. Hussam says:

    Syrian troops kill scores of insurgents in Aleppo

  2. Hussam says:

    Reports say 300 FSA terrorists were killed, 11 vehicle were destroyed in Qusair, Homs yesterday

  3. mklostermayr says:

    On Wednesday morning, three explosions hit at the Square of Saaed Allah al-Jaberi in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Another bomb attack by Western-backed terrorists.

  4. mklostermayr says:

    US-NATO Sponsored Syria Terrorists: 40 killed, 90 wounded in Aleppo blasts

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