Syria: United States increase financial support for al Qaeda and other mercenaries

Posted: October 2, 2012 in International
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The anti-Syrian war alliance of U.S., EU, Turkey and the Arab League, which calls itself even the so-called “Friends of Syria”, a clear mockery, still tries to undertake all possible efforts to thwart an internal Syrian peaceful settlement. Led by the U.S. administration, which make no secret of it anymore, that they share all costs of the so-called armed rebellion with the Saudi regime in the Levant.

At a meeting of the alleged so-called “Friends of the Syrian people”, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has again announced to an increase in financial assistance to the armed opposition to an additional 45 million dollars, which will be recorded as “humanitarian aid”, although that is truly a wrong name for this blood money, and above all, a mockery.

The public has long been accustomed that these imperialist wars get palmed as humanitarian aid. The recent history is full of these imperialist wars that were sold to the public as humanitarian aid and/or a war against terrorism.

In the same breath, in which Hillary Clinton has announced the money transfer for the continuation of the bloodbath in Syria to achieve a further destabilization by terrorism and to support radical religious groups of armed strangers, mainly from foreign countries, the U.S. Secretary of State has also complained about the Iranian “regime” that allegedly helps its Syrian allies by land or with air force.

So while the Washington regime sees it as its natural right to replace a recalcitrant leadership of an secular and sovereign country by a more docile “leadership”, it considers the aid that is given to this outlaws by other outlaws as unacceptable interference in its intervention policy and its plan to destabilize and weaken Syria and its people as much as possible.

The U.S. AIPAC Supporter of State, Hillary Clinton, is shedding crocodile tears in the same speech and said that more and more victims are brought into hospitals and morgues in Syria, but this situation is the sad situation for which Hillary Clinton is also responsible.

In addition, also European countries and the known Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are responsible for the bloodbath and violence in Syria; formerly a secular state in which Muslims, Christians and other sects were able to live next to each other in peace and harmony.

But then, the imperialistic destabilization was finally carried about by e.g. the U.S. and Israeli regime. The so-called “Salvador Option” was implemented and the Washington leadership started to support al-Qaeda (“al-CIAda”) and other religious fanatics again in order to destabilize Syria to finally pave the path to Iran. These crocodile tears by Hillary “AIPAC” Clinton are a mockery of the truth and every democratic value.

Hillary Clinton uses the same pathetic slogans over and over again. Something like “The regime of Bashar al-Assad must come to an end, so that the suffering of the Syrian people will be ended” are already known, not only about Syria and its leadership. The U.S. regime is using these pathetic slogans and the willfully inversion of truth for propaganda purposes since decades. In a better world, such war criminals and warmongers would have been arrested a long time ago.

The Washington regime and its allies in war are prepared to fight for the overthrow of the Baathist leadership in Syria till the last Syrian guy has been killed. The costs of this imperialistic violation of international law and this violent implementation of questionable geo-political goals and Zionistic dreams do not matter.

Of course, the West-Wahhabi unity of aggression does not make their death squads and religious fanatics, mercenaries and members of “al Qaeda” responsible for the massacres and bloodbath in Syria. They hide the implementation of the known “Salvador Option” under the cover of false phrases and hypocritical lies. In addition, the U.S.-Gulf connection of terror does not only blame the Syrian and Iranian leadership for the violence within Syria, but also the states which still block a war resolution at the so-called UN Security Council (UNSC).

In the opinion of the imperialistic leaders and war criminals, states like Russia and China block a “humanitarian intervention” to “stop the violence” on Syrian soil. Of course, that is a pathetic accusation but by using mass media and other methods, the people in West have almost no other chance than to buy these lies; also they are raised with the believe that their states would have something like a “free press” and that their journalism in their country is just telling them the truth.

But the truth is different to the horrible phrases of war by these Western leaders. At least, slowly but continuously, more people in the West raise questions about the coverage of the events in Syria by their media and also start to put the “goals” of U.S. Foreign Policy and the behave of their own governments into question. At least, it is a small beginning.

By the way, there is already another example why the UN Human Rights Council is just a tool of American Foreign Policy and Israeli interests. The Swiss Carla Del Ponte was appointed in the special commission of the UN Human Rights Council in order to investigate war crimes in Syria. This is no surprise at all.

The former chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, in which the NATO war criminals are sitting about their Yugoslav victims in judgment, will do everything that is possible for her to again use the required offender-victim-reversal in her results about the violence and war crimes in Syria. This way of using the UN Human Rights Council is already known and no surprise. But, indeed, it is again and again sad and to condemn in every level.

At least, it can be seen at the person of Carla Del Ponte that the war propagandists run out of new ideas and rely on old approved methods to brainwash the Western population in order to carry out blatant crimes and to succeed in their imperialistic and geo-political goals.

Readers from Germany are able to read a good report about this here.

  1. mklostermayr says:

    Turkish officer attempt to assasinate journalist who witnessed weapons distribution to terrorists in Syria. Translated.

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