The Arab Spring, A Spontaneous Public Uprising, Or Is It?

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Journalism, Media, Media, Syria, Terrorism, USA
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Bu Azizi burnt himself and suddenly a revolution sweeping the Arab world from Tunisia in the west to Syria in the east, skipping some countries for some reasons. A spontaneous public uprising, as what mainstream media and western leaders like to describe the riots which saw the ousting and chaos replacing long times of stability under what also is suddenly discovered in the west as brutal dictators, while just a few days ago in each targeted country, the leaders of these countries were the west’s best allies in the region, until the domino effect hit a wall in Syria.

Tunisia saw its 23 years time ruler Zeinedden Ben Ali leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it was the power of the people, in his place a pro-western very radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy statements was: there’s no clause in the constitution to prevent establishing relations with israel..!

Egypt saw its 30 years time ruler Hosni Mubarak leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it was the power of the people, in his place a pro-western very radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy decisions was: destroy the life-line tunnels of Gaza, which israel wasn’t able to find for so long..!

Yemen saw its 18 years time ruler Ali Abdallah Saleh leave after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced him out, it wasn’t the power of the people, rather a deal struck, yet, his replacement was ‘fairly’ elected in a US praised free elections that resulted in 98% approval, and Al Qaeda infested this strategically geographical positioned country, which oversees the entrance of the red sea thus the Suez Canal, thus the Persian Gulf oil route to Europe..!

Libya saw its 41 years time ruler Muammar Gaddafi leave, the world, after ‘spontaneous public uprising’ forced NATO to help them to kill him, in his place a pro-western extremely radical Islamist regime is installed, first of its significant foreign policy decisions was: arm a copy cat militia in attacking the only state in the region that forms an existential threat to israel, Syria and on the longer run Iran.

Other Arab Countries which saw real ‘spontaneous public uprisings’ are either still facing turmoil non-mentioned at all in mainstream media, or have ‘resolved’ the ‘spontaneous public uprising’ by doing nothing but were praised by the western leaders. It already have very pro-western regimes by the way.

Syria, was never a target of a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ but somehow was included in the list of countries witnessing a ‘spontaneous public uprising’..! Ask the mainstream media how this happened.. Then what? The domino effect stopped affecting and somehow it was the entire world’s attention and out of a sudden and countries till just last year hating the Syrian people are crying for the oppression the Syrians are suffering from..! Armed gangs popped up out of nowhere, very advanced weapons were used, not available in Syrian military or security stock, these armed gangs started increasing in numbers and very sophisticated communication devices were found.. Countries suffering the worst economies ever are ready to allot huge sums of their tax payers, not to help their own people, rather to arm this ‘spontaneous public uprising’ and help the Syrians achieve their ‘freedom’ by destroying Syria and slaughtering its people and mainstream media can of course help with the rhetoric used before in each previous ‘spontaneous public uprising’: the regime is killing its own people, it worked before why it’s not working in Syria?!

Sit, relax and enjoy watching this documentary of 4 parts, it’ll take maximum about 35 minutes of your time but might change your view about world politics, the Arab Spring and the Syrian crisis:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Don’t you like how mainstream media was performing for so long and managed to shape the people of the west into Sheeple?

 As I like to say: They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.




  1. […] Ok, that was a nice introductory and ‘intelligent’ thinking on behalf of the USA against sovereign nations it turns into foes then ‘democratize’ them, but that also explains when Iraq suddenly had a role in the 9/11 attacks, somehow and it needed to be ‘democratized’, punished, invaded, whatever.. it doesn’t matter anymore after tens of thousands, actually hundreds of thousands (100,000s), lost their lives, over 4 million Iraqis displaced internally, 1.5 million fled to Syria, another million scattered between Jordan and Egypt and we should not forget the ‘noble’ acceptance of few thousands in the countries that invaded Iraq. Should read: […]

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