Syria: Massacre in Tremseh, Province of Hama

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Sideviews
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Again a “blood bath by close to the government troops”, this time, in the province of the Syrian city of Hama.

According to the information of more or less unnamed opposition, the Syrian town Tremseh was attacked by government troops using heavy artillery, helicopters and armored vehicles.

Afterwards “Alawite militias” soared “through the smoking ruins and have carried out a massacre at the residents” – in line with the well-known scheme. 200 victims, all victims were peaceful civilians, of course.

There is another no less or more credible source, namely the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London, which is a bit stingy and estimates the victims only with 150. Of course, this does not change the information as such.

What are a bit odd about this information are the details of the unrelenting shelling of the village Tremseh, Province of Hama. One thinks:

a peaceful place. Sleepy flies buzzing around, dignified old men in white caftans are sitting on the benches and are gazing after the teenagers when they drive away on mopeds, young women in colorful clothes with babies in their arms.

A heavy bombardment, when there is nobody who could afford a significant resistance? Heavy shelling by artillery sounds a bit useless and senseless, considering this village.

Back then, Shamil Basayev got a chance in Budyonnovsk (Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis) without own artillery and airforce. The Chechen fighter Salman Raduyev has also not taken the Dagestan Kizlyar with armored wedges, a light infantry was all he has needed to capture it (Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisis).

But in Tremseh, the ground was first made clear from the air and then from a distance?

When one takes other examples from the Russian Chechen wars (they are reminiscent in many ways to the current situation in Syria, except that they were easier to be localized by Russia, than the large field of actions of the terrorists in Syria) – for example, the storm of the settlement of Komsomolskoye (Saadi-Kotar) – yes, the “Putin regime” had to use the entire range of the above-mentioned arms at that time: Buratinos (TOS-1 Buratino), air force, tanks.

The only peculiarity of Komsomolskoye was that there were no “peaceful civilians”. That is, no, there were some natural, but well mixed with about a half thousand armed fighters, of which 1,200 have ultimately remained there. There, it was logical to use heavy weapons and helicopters.

If one takes it here in consideration, that the Syrian army is currently engaged in  methodical operations of purges in the provinces of Homs, Hama, Idlib (Idleb) and Aleppo, that another “stronghold”, namely Ar Rastan (Al Rastan), is surrounded and is likely to be soon the target after Homs, so the whole situation looks quite different.

It makes no sense, to command the use of so much heavy machinery, military, resources – in short: combat power – in order to stage a massacre in a small village. But if one allows the proposition, that in Tremseh, larger rebel units could have been excavated, so everything moves into place, so that one is able to classify this information.

The Syrian government has shared relatively small losses in the armed forces after the operation there.

Depending on the source one reads, 3 to 5 members of the army. For comparison, the storming of Komsomolskaya, that was already above mentioned: on (again, depending on the source) 500-1200 liquidated bandits, about 50 Russian military personnel were killed.

A similar proportion as now in the Syrian village of Tremseh – and just in order to protect the lives of soldiers, Komsomolskoye was pretreated prior to the assault with a hail of fire and steel. So in Tremseh it was most likely an operation in order to destroy fortified rebel gangs there.

The now widely rumored version of staging a massacre by the Shabiha-bugbears (specters) seems very far-fetched when one considers the events in the Syrian city of Hama and other provinces of Syria. One has to wait what will be reported and documented in the upcoming days and weeks. The first pictures, published by London’s “Observatory”, show about 20 corpses of quite adult males.


  1. brian says:

    Syria 24 English
    2 hours ago
    #Syria #RealSyria #Hama – HAMA COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA)- A military source on Friday stated that some of the armed forces units on Thursday morning carried out a “qualitative operation” in al-Treimseh town in the countryside of Hama province that targeted the gatherings of terrorist groups’ members as well as a number of their leadership’s whereabouts and dens which they used as a springboard for their criminal acts and a base for torturing kidnapped citizens.

    The operation, the source said, came in response to the pleads of the inhabitants of al-Treimseh town who had been exposed to various forms of criminal acts at the hands of armed terrorist groups including acts of killing and terrorizing in addition to exploding a number of houses.

    The operation was carried out after a process of monitoring and accurate information gathering in cooperation with the residents, the source added.

    It said the terrorist groups’ dens were destroyed and a big number of their members were killed in the operation, while scores of them were arrested. Large amounts of weapons and documents, including IDs for non-Syrian persons, one of them Turkish, were seized.

    The military source mentioned that the seized weapons included 45 machineguns, 13 Nato sniper rifles, 9 RPG launchers, 7 BKC machineguns, 3 mortars, 3 hand-made rockets, 14 pump-action rifles, 10 military pistols, 24 mortar shells, 32 RPG shells, 53 machinegun chargers, 30 sniper rifle chargers, 8 explosive devices, 10 grenades, 150 detonators, 1500 sniper rifle bullets, 5000 BKC machinegun bullets, 4200 machinegun bullets, 500 pistol bullets, 7 gas masks, 5 prism binoculars, 25 satellite wireless devices, 30 shields, in addition to materials for making explosive devices, explosives and large amounts of gunpowder, TNT templates, highly explosive C4 material, a field hospital and an amount of military equipment, stolen cars and registration licenses.

    The source said that after the armed forces successfully dealt with the terrorists without casualties taking place among the citizens, they searched into the terrorists’ dens where they found the dead bodies of a number of citizens who had been abducted and killed by the terrorist groups.

    The source stressed the armed forces’ full preparedness and permanent readiness to intervene to protect the citizens and confront the terrorists and their criminal acts against the safe citizens wherever necessary.

    It also expressed the forces’ thanks to the residents who cooperated with the authorities in specifying the terrorists’ whereabouts and thus contributed to restoring security and safety to the area.

  2. brian says:

    The Tremseh slaughter: corporate media lies over Syria feed the dirty game played by NATO-backed terrorist gangs
    by Tim Anderson on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 7:04pm ·
    Cynical condemnation from Brussels (EU) of the TREMSEH attacks in Syria; while corporate media lies feed the dirty game played by NATO-backed terrorist gangs.

    article by The Scarlet Revolutionary (Spain) July 14, 2012
    (Information obtained by SANA, Prensa Latina News & RT – i.e. from Syrian, Latin American and Russian sources)

    Syrian media today denied that government forces were involved in the slaughter committed by armed gangs in the central province of Hama but which had been attributed (by western media) to pro-Syrian government militias.

    A note from the Syrian SANA news agency reported that dozens of terrorists invaded the village of Tremseh, a rural area of the province of Hama, 209 kilometers in the center of the country, killing and wounding dozens of Syrian civilians.

    The terrorists, according to eyewitnesses quoted by local TV, looted, destroyed and burned dozens of houses in the village before the arrival of the authorities in the area.

    Khalid Abo al-Arif, a local witness, said in a telephone call to Syrian television that the people of al-Trimsa (Tremseh) lived a nightmare when the armed terrorist groups attacked and fired on inhabitants and houses, killing more than 50 people.

    A woman and her son were murdered before the eyes of all the people there, said al-Khalid, lamenting the absence of the Syrian army or security personnel of the village.

    If members of the Army or security had been present in the village, terrorists would not have been able to invade and perpetrate the slaughter, he said.

    Syrian forces in response to these events, confronted the gangs, causing them heavy losses, capturing dozens and confiscating their weapons, including machine guns which were made in Israel, said SANA.

    According to the source three security officers were killed during these clashes.

    A government spokesman criticized the news circulated by some media such as television al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya, saying this was an attempt to manipulate public opinion against Syria and its people.

    The attack occurred on the eve of a meeting by the UN Security Council on Western initiatives that push for foreign intervention in the country, SANA said.

    Meanwhile, a source of the Information Ministry reported yesterday that some TV channels were involved in the slaughter, perpetrated by terrorist groups against the residents of the village in the province of Hama.

    He noted that these channels represented in the Istanbul Council were on full alert both in the Turkish capital and in Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin and other Western capitals to incite public opinion against Syria – as if they had been informed in advance of slaughter.

    The failure of the plot against Syria caused a state of hysteria in the channels involved in the attack, which led them to spread false news that really had nothing to do with events in the country and to retransmit images of old demonstrations and events, stressed the source.

    Prensa Latina was able to confirm that on the evening of Thursday a convoy of cars passed through the neighborhood of Mezzeh, west of Damascus, in support of the government, and that this was reported in Western countries as anti-government protests against the slaughter.

    The massacre in the Syrian province of Hama was a terrorist provocation before the meeting of the Security Council of the UN, says the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

    On Thursday the news broke that Tremseh village had been attacked with artillery fire, causing over 200 deaths. The opposition blamed Damascus. However, state television held terrorists responsible for the killing, adding that government forces entered the village because the inhabitants had sought help.

    Kofi Annan, the UN special envoy and the Arab League to the conflict in Syria, on Friday condemned the use of heavy weaponry in Tremseh. The events in this city took place the same day the Security Council was meeting to discuss a new resolution on Syria.

    A proposal by the U.S., France and the United Kingdom provides for sanctions against the Arab country.

  3. Souri says:

    Arabi Souri:

    In a clear message against girls teaching Taliban Syria pose in front of the girls Public Religious School in Aleppo

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