Syria: Massacre before meeting of UN Security Council – Déjà vu

Posted: July 14, 2012 in International
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The propaganda war against Syria goes on. The readers and viewers in the West must live with half-truths and twisted facts, which are sold as confirmed information or the so-called journalists just write down and publish the suspicions that are submitted to them by ominous sources like the so-called „Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, even when these journalists know that their coverage of the situation and the events within Syria has nothing more to do with journalism in general.

On Wednesday evening, the first Syrian ambassador has announced his defection and thus, the Syrian ambassador in Iraq is the next “defector” and was sold as a really high diplomat who has now changed the side because of the brutality of the Syrian regime, of course. As if the opposition forces, militias and armed religious fanatics within Syria are angels and a blessing for the Syrian population, especially for the Christians and Alawites.

No surprise, the Gulf State media al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya were fast in spreading the news and the statement by this now “former” ambassador of Syria. This former Syrian ambassador to Iraq has called on all people and soldiers, that they should follow him. In addition, it was hailed as a success, that the first Syrian ambassador resigned of his post and turned against the Syrian government. But the backgrounds were not disclosed by the general mass media of the Gulf States and the West.

Nawaf Fares, the Syrian ambassador who was working for the Syrian government in the embassy in Iraq, is the leader of a Sunni Muslim tribe in the region of Deir az-Zor. So, in the region, were weapons and fighters from Iraq were smuggled into Syria and exactly also the area, were the Syrian army is currently in a tough offensive against these armed fighters and jihadists, who not only have organized the weapons smuggling at the border, but also terrorized the residents in a lot of areas there. Deir az-Zor was and is a special region in Syria.

After this now former Syrian ambassador to Iraq has announced his defection on Wednesday, it was said that he has quickly traveled to Qatar on Thursday. No surprise. Coincidence? Come on! Here, are some other things which play a part behind this defection by Nawaf Fares. This “declaration” by Nawar Fares and his appeal to all the Syrian civilians and soldiers to do the same, was only the beginning.

On Thursday, shortly before a new round of negotiations in the UN Security Council (UNSC), a new information about a further massacre in Syria made its round. This time, the inhabitants of a village near the Syrian city of Hama became the victims of the ongoing violence in Syria, which is also fueled by Western governments and not only by the two Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, it is not confirmed until now, who is really behind this massacre in Tremseh and who is responsible for the massacre on allegedly 200 Syrian civilians. As already written here, there are question marks about some details and the horrible event as such. It rather could be a purge by the Syrian army than that it was committed by the mythic Shabiha.

Not to mention that after the last horrible massacres in Syria, it would not surprise when the Western-backed militias and “Syrian rebels” would be responsible for this massacre in Tremseh, shortly before the next meeting of the UN Security Council, as usually. It was already predicted that a further massacre could happen and to be honest, it was sadly even easy to be predicted after the last months.

But it seems nobody in Western and Gulf editorial offices needs evidence these days to publish articles. Not to mention that it is really strange when one is able to read a headline in which “said to have done it” is used, while the content of the following article seems to miss this restriction and just asserts itself, without confirmed information or investigation (investigative journalism is a fairy tale), that the Syrian army is responsible for this.

As an editorial office in a country with free press and specific values of moral and truth, they should be ashamed. For example, BBC, ARD, CNN, but also the German newspaper “Welt” or the television company RTL. But they are not ashamed. Thus, the decline in values due to propaganda purposes and economic reasons should be a huge warning for the general audience. This is not the way in which journalism should develop. But considering the last 20 years or even 40 years, it is no surprise.

It did not take long until one was able to read it everywhere, that the Syrian army has committed a new massacre. Without evidence, not based on verifiable information, just the usual statements by so-called activists and opposition figures, the Syrian army was quickly responsible for this new massacre in Syria, even after the experiences around the horrible massacre of al-Houla (al-Houlah), that was carried out by the so-called Syrian rebels.

As the German journalist and former politician Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer has said, the massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula) will turn out after the warfare as the biggest propaganda lie (by governments, media and the so-called “opposition”). Perhaps the new massacre in Tremseh, in the province of Hama, is just the next staged massacre to force a military intervention.

While the external Syrian opposition has blamed the Syrian army, and speaks of 200 dead civilians, the Syrian government blames armed gangs as perpetrators of the massacre. But what really happened in the Syrian village near the known city Hama, Trimseh? Currently, there are two versions / views of the story. The view, which indicates that armed militias have occupied the village, killed supports of the government and terrorized the other civilians, is more plausible than the stated view of the external Syrian opposition – e.g. as already mentioned here.

Why should any army use large artillery, helicopters and other big weapons against a village, where unarmed sympathizers of the opposition are living, while this army has begun purges other regions like Idleb (Idlib) and Homs? Of course, also a purge is going on around Hama, but with heavy artillery and helicopters against civilians? This is a nice version for Western propaganda and the state media of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but the reality in Syria is a bit different.

Also the structure of the Syrian army is different than it is in e.g. some Gulf States.  In addition, the German “Junge Welt” has published that, according to eyewitness reports, there were 50 dead and 150 fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), who were also killed.

This information indicates that it was no real massacre, but considering the useful terms like “civil war”, which are willfully used in mass media, it is clear that these journalists are also getting horning when they can publish headlines that include the word massacre, even when the definition does not fit. Will the readers and viewers care about such “little mistakes”? Or any press council? No, of course not. The Media have fool’s license. In fact and as said, no information is proved and verified until now.

But considering that this allegedly new massacre in Tremseh was perpetrated only shortly before a new session of the UN Security Council (UNSC), one should ask, who benefits from such atrocities at “prime time”?

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad knows what is for him at stake, and even with all the hunger for power of the Syrian elite, that one could impute to them and also to the Syrian president Assad, he would not tolerate such a massacre at civilians with certainly. In addition, these massacres are counterproductive for the Syrian government and leadership, especially in front of another session at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The armed opposition forces benefit much more of these massacres in order to boost the possibility for a military intervention in Syria by foreign forces. Please bomb us, destroy our country, so that the “democratic, peaceful revolution” can be successful. Yeah, of course! This all makes enormous sense.

Let´s recap. In fact, the voices of the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, just got louder again in front of the UN Security Council meeting, and they demanded, again, a military intervention in Syria and the arrival of international troops in order to protect the civilian population.

While in fact, the majority still supports the Syrian president and the reform process and rejects a foreign intervention in Syria. But who said such a opposition must represent the majority of a population in order to be backed by Western democratic governments? Nobody did. The history teaches the truth. Afghanistan, Somalia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Libya – just to name some.

But indeed, the so-called “international community” has learned from the Libyan experiment and thus, there are still some skeptical about the possible results of the next replay of this scenario in Syria.

Looking at the events in Syria and then a consideration of the individual interests of the different sides, one should come to the conclusion that the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) was involved in the recent “massacre” in Tremseh with a not irrelevant part and has at least provoked reactions of the regular Syrian army.

It remains to be seen what lessons can be achieved in the next few days, even if the Western and Gulf mainstream press has already sold their scenario, similar to the massacre of al-Houlah, although that does mean, finally, nothing. As learned.

The UN Security Council (UNSC) was again unable to agree on a common approach. Already on last Tuesday, Russia has submitted a new draft Resolution to the UN Security Council (UNSC).

This next Russian draft resolution provides the base for the extension of the UN Observer mission in Syria (further three months), but still refrains from any sanctions against Syria, and in addition, also refrains completely from the implementation of the Charter VII of the UN Charter, which is the known basis for military actions by the “international community”. This Charter is as useful as the use of “humanitarian reasons”, phrases, as pretext for interventions. The UN as such has lost a lot of credibility.

Of course, the United States and Britain do not like the Resolution that was submitted by Moscow. No surprise. Both want desperately bring the Article VII of the UN Charta on the table and start their intervention to help the Islamists to gain the final power in Syria, because these people are so useful puppets.

Not to mention that a Syria that is destabilized, reasons do not matter, is a better Syria for the United States, than a stable Syria, that would be a better place for the Syrian civilians. That is just one point of the huge double-standards and hypocrisy of US foreign policy and the empty phrases by Hillary “AIPAC” Clinton. Especially the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken up the cause to overthrow Assad and will not likely give up until she has reached her goal. But as usually, considering Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice or Condoleezza Rice, that does not mean they are correct. It is often the contrary.

If one really would like to approach the matter objectively and wants to act politically effective, one would to have to agree to Moscow, which has, by the way, always asked all sides to engage in dialogue and to lay down their weapons, contrary to UN or the United States or the EU, which only act one-sided, because of dubious reasons and questionable intentions.

Of course, also Moscow has its intentions in and around Syria, but the stance of Russia is more democratically and objective than the stance of the so-called democratic West.  Unfortunately, the Americans and the Saudis together with Qatar are more interested to upgrade the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other militias even more with weapons, ammo and equipment, in order that these puppet forces can continue to increase the internal struggle and further fight against the Syrian army and government.

Thus, the destabilization of Syria goes on, but the Syrian forces have answered this now. No side really cares about the Syrian population first. But considering that any army has the duty to protect the population and also recalling the carried out violence and terror of these opposition forces against civilians, it is normal and even to appreciate, that the Syrian army finally tries to purge areas that are occupied by armed militias, which also terrorize the residents.

The Western interest group in close collaboration with other states like Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, still work together to ensure that Syria will be divided into small state formations, as it was intended originally in the Balfour Declaration (between France and England) to divide the region.

That they want to topple Assad is really no secret and that the West has also no interest anymore to protect the people of Syria learn more and more people currently. The alternative media are small compared to mass media, but the amount of readers grows steadily. No surprise, when the truth is not findable in the daily paper.

The meeting of the UN Security Council was ended without an agreement. The longer the situation in Syria remains as it is, the more devastating is the situation for the people. The sanctions of the West are harming the people. The sad truth is that the EU, UN and the Western politicians in general know this.

The Syrian economy is on the ground, victims are the ones, and the West supposedly wants to protect and to free them from Assad.  Many South American and African countries are under enormous pressure from America to join the sanctions against Syria, or the United States will impose sanctions against them – or much worse, they might send Jeffrey D. Feltman to these countries.

It is still questionable how long the tug of war about Syria will last. Syria is a very complex country with many different ethnicities and religions that previously lived together peacefully. Now everything seems to break down with an especially large commitment from the outside. To see the situation in Syria as black and white is absolutely wrong and leads to misunderstandings and mistakes.

The only thing that really helps Syria is a political-diplomatic solution, but it seems that just few sides are interested in political solutions. The rest wants to stir up the struggle and to further maintain the propaganda, although this means the death of many.

  1. antifo says:

    Hilarity Ensues as Russia Criticizes Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

    Worthwhile article by Mark Adomanis.

  2. Terence says:

    Syria must embrace and sustain peace.

  3. john rammuto says:

    Why are these powers supporting an islamofacist regime versus a secular democracy that is accepting of all religions and equality?world powers sold out to islamifacism
    just like Libya.

  4. Ernst says:

    In the last 20 years the USA has invaded,destroyed, massacred Panama, nicaragua, haiti, Vietnam,Yugoslavia, Serbia, Afganistan, Irak,Lybia….

    This TIME they will have to DEAL WITH CHINA .. together WITH RUSSIA..



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