Turkey: For Erdogan, the Moment of Truth is near

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Sideviews
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As reported by German media, the Turkish newspaper “Radikal“, which belongs to the Dogan Group, has just published the information, citing military and intelligence, that Turkey will no longer say, after an analysis of the wreckage and the debris of the downed fighter jet, that this downed Turkish RF-4 Phantom fighter jet, which has crashed into Syrian waters, was hit by a missile.

The Turkish newspaper “Vatan” has reported previously, that the downed Turkish fighter jet was even equipped with a missile warning system.

The Turkish military and the Turkish intelligence service should therefore now assume that the Syrian claim, that the Phantom fighter jet was downed by an antiaircraft gun, is accurate.

Nevertheless, Turkey insists, however, that the Turkish fighter jet was shot down in international airspace, according to the media reports.

For the liar Erdogan, thus, the hour of truth comes near. His transparent fabricated story, in order of stirring up the war sentiment in his country and the other NATO countries, therefore, has collapsed completely.

Anti-aircraft guns, in general, have a much too short distance than these guns would be able to shot down a fighter jet that is more than 20 km away from the coast, and in international airspace. The Syrian anti-aircraft guns have a maximum range of about 2.5 to 3 km.

With the Syrian anti-aircraft guns it is simply not possible to shoot as far as Erdogan claims that the Turkish fighter jet was downed in international airspace. This claim by Erdogan cannot be true. A fact.

If Erdogan would have decency, he would now, due he was found guilty for using a brazen falsehood for the intention of beginning a war of aggression, withdraw and take the Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu and his President Gül, who had given him a cover for this lie, with him.

Source: nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com

  1. Pau says:

    How much money this Ataturk(Erdogan) owns to USA?

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