Syria: Report from Douma by Anastasia Popova

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Sideviews
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Anastasia Popova of reports again from Syria – but this time not from the front lines (see here), but from Douma, where the Syrian army has dug another terrorist “stronghold” – or rather, a terrorist nest – by the armed gangs of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) these days.

The numbers that are mentioned in the report are worrying, even if one is able to subtract a bit from the numbers in direction to reality.

Below is the translation of the text with the times they appear in the video report by

The video report by out of Douma is under the translation of this text.

Syria: Report by out of the Syrian city of Douma

Russia has submitted a draft Resolution at the UN Security Council (UNSC) in connection with the situation in Syria. According to this document, the UN observer mission should stay for another three months in the country. A vote on the draft resolution is scheduled for the 20 July.

However, in Syria, the clashes between the government forces and the armed opposition forces continue. A few days ago, the Syrian army has managed to expel the armed fighters from the Syrian city of Douma (Duma).

From there, a report by our special correspondent Anastasia Popova.

From minute 0:27:

The town of Douma was always considered as one of the more turbulent locations in the vicinity of Damascus. Every day, there were reports from there about attacks on soldiers, gunfights and explosions.

The black columns of smoke were even be seen from the capital. The Syrian army received the command for a purge, and within 10 days, the order was restored.

Anastasia Popova from minute 00:43:

Only a few days after the completion of the purge, rescuers were able to get in here, they have examined all houses, while they also have found mass graves.

In this sewer pipe, for example, they found the bodies of seven soldiers.

From minute 0:55:

In the heat of 40 degrees Celsius, the breathing is already difficult, but it is also dangerous without the heat: the penetrating stench of decomposing corpses penetrates the clothing.

The soldier, who climbs down, almost loses his consciousness.

Soldier from minute 01:08:

We have received a report of the residents of the district Shafuni, that some vehicles with armed men had come here, they have attacked a checkpoint, and also have looted the farms.

At these corpses, we have found traces of massive violence and torture.

From minute 1:24:

The hands of the corpses were handcuffed, they have worn blindfolds. Partly, the limbs were chopped off from them. We are told that in this case such an ax like this one was used.

In one of the houses, they have found a “workshop”, in which the bombs were produced, and also the explosives for the grenades and the rocket launchers.

From minute 1:40:

In the streets of Douma, it is empty and quiet. The glass panes of the houses are cracked (up), the walls are marked by bullet holes. This bus was shelled from a grenade launcher; nine soldiers and the driver of the bus have died.

During the entire purge, the Syrian army has lost 150 soldiers, mainly by sniper fire. It is said, that there have been armed combatants in large numbers – more than 8,000, while 6,000 were liquidated. (SN: It is also said, that further about 7,000 armed fighters have fled)

However, it is impossible to verify this information. A part of the armed fighters fled to the suburbs of Douma (Duma), where they partly pretend to be residents and so, try to hide themselves on different farms.

The soldiers, however, promise that these will also be posed and liquidated in the next few days.

Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti, Syria.


  1. Souri says:

    Syria: SNC Convinces Russia To Increase Help For Assad

    The exile Syrian National Council was invited to Moscow and when there tried to convince the Russian of their cause. The way they did it shows a grotesque and amateurish stupidity.

  2. Souri says:

    الترجمة من غوغل ومحاولتي تظبيط النص لأهميته

    سوريا: التقارير التي ترد من دوما، سوريا.

    أناستاسيا بوبوفا من التقارير مرة أخرى من سوريا -ولكن هذه المرة ليس من الخطوط الأمامية (انظر هنا)، ولكن من دوما، حيث ان الجيش السوري قد حفر في آخر “معقل”للارهابيين – أو بالأحرى، مرتعا للإرهاب – من قبل عصابات مسلحة من “جيش السوري الحر” (FSA) في هذه الأيام.

    الأرقام التي وردت في التقرير مثيرة للقلق، حتى لو ان الارقام ليست تمام كالحقيقة الواقعة.

    وفيما يلي ترجمة النص مع المرات التي تظهر في تقرير الفيديو بواسطة

    تقرير فيديو من عن دوما وفيه ترجمة لهذا النص.
    سوريا: تقرير من خارج مدينة دوما السورية

    قدمت روسيا مشروع قرار في مجلس الأمن للأمم المتحدة (مجلس الامن) في شأن الوضع في سوريا. وفقا لهذه الوثيقة، يجب على بعثة مراقبي الأمم المتحدة البقاء لمدة ثلاثة أشهر أخرى في البلاد. ومن المقرر اجراء تصويت على مشروع القرار ل20 يوليو.

  3. antifo says:

    Kriminelle sind Rückgrat der “Freien Syrische Armee”

    That should be translated.

  4. Souri says:

    For Germans:

    Tremseh, Provinz Hama

    Wieder ein „Blutbad regierungsnaher Truppen“, diesmal in der Provinz Hama. Nach den Angaben mehr oder weniger ungenannter Oppositioneller wurde das Städtchen Tremseh von Regierungstruppen unter Einsatz von schwerer Artillerie, Hubschraubern und Panzerfahrzeugen angegriffen, wonach „alawitische Milizen“ durch die rauchenden Trümmer gestiegen kamen und nach altbekanntem Schema ein Massaker unter der Bevölkerung angerichtet hätten. 200 Opfer, alles selbstredend friedliche Zivilisten.

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