Syria: NATO mercenaries en route to Homs – the Mobilization?

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Sideviews
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The day before yesterday, has aired a story by Anastasia Popova from the Syrian city of Homs. One thing in this report seems worth it to call again to mind:

At the end of this report, there is the talk that “some 10,000 armed men … have now crossed over the border from Lebanon and try to fight their way through on their way to Homs.”

The number could be first considered as a metaphor or the imagination of journalists, in order to end the report as effectively as possible. But the team of Vesti received the permission “from the very top” to report from the front lines in the Syrian city of Homs.

From the first man in the state (SN: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad). And for that reason “Vesti” received such information, which one is otherwise not able to simply make it public. So, one should treat this information very seriously, especially since there is such an information also from other sources like PressTV.

Ten thousand is a huge number for such a war. Here it is, however, even about, that there are 10,000 additional armed persons… in addition to the thousands in Homs, who are currently handled and were already handled.



This raises two fundamental questions. The first is the question about the organization. In fact, one has to deal here with a mobilization machinery of the West, which compensates the losses among the armed gangs, and smuggles further fighters, crowds under weapons, into Syria.

Yes, they are less trained than the Syrian army, but they are simply masses, and it is not a pity about them, because one is able to maintain these influxes practically endless.

For Syria, this means, that without a “counter-mobilization”, its battle-ready units will get worn down (wiped out) over time, their combat strength will wear out and also thins out in the face of these waves.

For the aggressors, it is like a shooting game with cheat code – no matter how strong the enemy is and what “level” he has, one is anyway able to get him down with time.

This is precisely the realization of the idea that war is actually a kind of rivalry between different organizational structures. The organization of the mobilization of the “insurgency” and the intervention is still stronger than that of the Syrian government.

The second is the question about the permeability of the Syrian borders. Without armed forces at the borders and without own “effectively” Syrian frontier protection, Syria is not able to react against this influx.

You are able to wipe out the infiltrated theatrical companies as quickly and efficiently, but if you do not lock the borders, so the entire efforts to wipe out the armed gangs are, if not pointless, but without a perspective that it will end ever – in the sense that this war has no end in sight.

Anastasia Popova and Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on 16/5/2012

Anastasia Popova and Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on 16/5/2012

However, the people will get tired of war, however, and to say it quite banal – the people will run out.

The only way to get out of the situation with this gloomy prospect: the closing of the borders and a mobilization.

The mobilization is not easy in terms of the fact, that one distributes weapons to the population, but in the sense of a real mobilization. Bashar al-Assad has recently acknowledged that Syria is in a war.

However, these remain empty words if they are not accompanied by measures, for example, a measure would be to put the country under the martial law (law of war).

Because it’s true – though the Syrian borders are not breached by armored spearheads, but anyway, for a given situation, a military response has to happen.

And a mobilization would be such an answer that would mean in concrete terms:

The economy switch to the war, a state of emergency and a mobilization would be such an answer that would mean in concrete terms: to switch the economy to the war, a state of emergency or martial law, military field courts, the judicial treatment of looters, bandits and traitors. Surely this is not humane. But it’s also war.

In the same level, there would be the answer to the question, what the objective allies of Syria could do and should do. These are Iran, China and Russia. Maybe also Belarus, which is probably already in the queue for an upcoming “democratization”.

Their job would be to deploy peacekeepers (sit venia verbo / pardon the word) and to secure the borders by the help of these peacekeeper units – also the border in the airspace. By such a measure one could let the Syrians be Syrians, because actual it is their very own duty to ensure law and order in the country. With secure borders, they can easily do this alone.

Nothing else, that would also be realistic at the same time, can solve the problem of what was mentioned in the last seconds of the report by Vesti.

These are even most important seconds of this article, everything else is  – on all the undisputed authenticity – rather a little more adrenaline for the spectators, than it would deliver a great value of information.


  1. olunga says:

    Come on my brother let be realistic the garbage comming out of syria an the garbages comming out of the west, will nnot solved the problem,instead of talking crap , tell the president to meet the russian an the american half way, inorder to save ur wonderful countrykeep this in mind russia is not in syria for u, nor the american is fighting u, they r there to feather an prommoted there own cause, remember when the war is over the 2 captial will be still in tact what will be the state of urs? have a good day.

    • benjy32 says:

      YOU are in a state of denial just like all other trolls on line dont u c russia and usa attacking those the deam threats to their national security.Syrian AL BASHAAR needs to give the green light for the airforce to create a huge soccer feild btw the borders anything with weapon that tries to cross should be used to score a goal on that field.PERIOD NO COUNTRY WILL TOLERATE TERRORISM

  2. You seem to think it is so easy. The President has met with Russia on several occasions and the Putin knows the truth of what is going on in Syria. Olunga, who do you suggest speaks to Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, FSA, Mercenaries from Libya etc, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Freedom House and all the others who do not want to negotiate but take over the country over a pack of media lies. This will escalate outside of Syria and in the end it will be the US that will suffer for their determination to start this war.

  3. 3arabisouri says:

    What the mainstream media managed to do is personalize a country in the person of the president:

    – a whole trauma happened in Egypt: remove the president, everything else intact, except installing a CIA backed radical Islamist.

    – a whole trauma happened in Yemen: remove the president, everything else is worse.

    – a whole trauma happened in Tunisia: remove the president, replace him with CIA backed radical Islamists

    – An onslaught invasion occurred in Libya, over 100,000 killed to save 5,000 presumably Gaddafi wanted to kill, Gaddafi killed as well, CIA backed radical Islamists in his place.

    – A whole trauma happened in Sudan, divide the country into 2 pieces, then divide each piece into smaller pieces. The first thing the southern Sudan did was to recognize israel & pay them a visit.!

    All of the above traumas were only media baseless ones to further their long awaited One World Government in a One World Order to enslave the Sheeple and wait for their king to come and rule. Those psychopaths in the west are so religiously freaking radicals they think God sent them to reign the world as former US criminal George W. Bush stated.

    Do you still think it’s about the Syrian president? Think again. You should pray for him so God can preserve him and lead his nation to victory over the these psychopaths and their stooges, then the world would be more livable.

  4. antifo says:

    Former U.S. Foreign Minister criticizes Hillary Clinton’s Syria Politics

    “Everybody … would have difficulty saying no, we’re not going to go for an election, particularly if you let Bashar run. Let him run. Make sure you have a lot of observers in there. Make sure they can’t fix the election. Why not try that?”

    Clinton had no answer and did not reject the suggestion to let President Assad be reelected.

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