Syria: Meeting of the Hypocritical Friends of the Syrian people

Posted: July 7, 2012 in International
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Representatives from about 100 countries and organizations met in Paris on Friday in order to again discuss about possible diplomatic solutions for Syria, while they bathe with their hypocritical butts in all luxury in air-conditioned premises.

These “Friends of Syria”, in reality enemies of the Syrian people, discussed in Paris possible diplomatic solutions for Syria without having to follow a fundamentally new course, or without the normal possibility to discuss new approaches. In addition, the agreements of the conference in Geneva were not part of the discussions at this meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” in Paris, France. The location of this meeting is already significant.

The meeting of these “Friends of Syria”, while Russia and China again stayed away, should have only confirmed what one was already able to predict ahead of the outcome and especially about the further claims. In addition to China and Russia, also some other states stayed away from this orchestrated conference in the capital of France.

Although the verbal shots against Russia are increasing and some try to discredit Russia`s image by all means, Moscow remained quite unimpressed, and the Russian government still maintains in particular to its policy of nonintervention in Syria.

The French President Hollande and the American termagant, U.S. Secretary of State and AIPAC-Darling Hillary Clinton, have foamed with hypocritical rage against Russia. While the French President Hollande tried to restrain somehow and limited himself only to calls for the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was again more clearly and threateningly, of course.

Although it is even funny somehow that Hillary Clinton has again used information in her tirades of anger against Syria, which were already proven to be false. But that is just the way how Hillary Clinton serves the interests of the operators behind her.

The female warlord of the United States has threatened Russia and China that they would have to pay the price for their ongoing support for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, at the meeting of the “Enemies of Syria” (to name it clear) in Paris, they also tried again to convince Moscow and Beijing, in order that they will change their sides and start to support the imperialism of the West.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton and others want to obtain a UN Resolution at the Security Council (UNSC), but they still need the approval of these two veto-countries. But it also seems that some sides like the United States want to have a military intervention without the diplomatic way to first obtain a Resolution in the UN Security Council (UNSC). Of course, this is not surprising.

When the U.S. Administrations is aware of the fact that such allegedly democratic councils and implementations do not work in favor of the American interests, they bypass, avoid and ignore them. The UN Security Council (UNSC) will probably never be able to enforce a UN Resolution against Syria as long as China and Russia maintain their veto rights. Thus, it is understandable, but also condemnable, that the old hag Hillary Clinton already thinks about to bypass the United Nations.

In addition, there is indeed another good option for the interests of the imperialists and to serve the intentions of the United States, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also to serve the intentions of Germany, France and Britain, which are partly blackmailed to do so:

Finally, the self-proclaimed “Friends of Syria” have decided to further support the opponents of the Syrian government and President al-Assad with more weapons and money. These “Friends of the Syrian people” have decided to send even more aid to the fighters, and thus, they support religious fanatics, jihadists, mercenaries and the common criminals who want to benefit from the current chaos. One would even say that these American friends of Syria further aid al-Qaida, considering the recent reports about the participation of al-Qaeda in the fight against the secular Syria. Afghanistan, Libya, Nicaragua, El Salvador… no surprise at all.

The useful tool, the “Friends of Syria”, further support the harassment and terror against the Syrians who have no interest to join the ranks of these Islamist armed militias or who just have another opinion or belong to another sect.

Not to mention that these Western-backed fighters especially terrorize Christians and Alawites, with pleasure. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and all other malefactors as France, Britain and Germany will therefore continue as before and thus, they kick the outward repeatedly presented diplomacy and the (in reality hypocritical) calls for political solutions with feet.

As long as the bands of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and all other armed, radical militias receive a huge support with weapons, ammo and money, a real political solution is not in sight. Of course, real friends of the Syrian people would not deliver a huge amount of weapons in the hands of these radical strangers.

But which government, apart from Russia, China, Iran and some other countries, actually wants a real political solution? A real political solution is not in the interests of the terrorist organization “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other militias of religious fanatics, criminals and mercenaries. In addition, the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), an useful tool, has already proven that this Islamist council, based in Istanbul, is also not interested in real political solutions.

They want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government in the capital Damascus. In addition, a dead Assad would be a better Assad for them. There is no doubt about this. The empty phrases of political solutions and the enormous lies about the real situation in Syria, which is far away from being black and white, are just useful to influence the public opinions, while taking further non-democratic steps to destabilize a sovereign state and to boost a regime change by force.

Even if it means that the supported Islamists kill some Christians and people from other minorities in Syria. Who cares? The results are more important than some lives, or the possible conflagration in the entire Middle East.

The self-proclaimed “Friends of Syria” have reiterated the call for the resignation of Bashar al-Assad and also agreed on a much more active support of the so-called “opposition”, which, in reality, would never be accepted as a legitimated opposition in/for any European country. The double standards of foreign policy in Europe already borders on a murderous game, which does not care about civilians and the truth. Europe drifts more and more away from the dogmas of democracy, truth and the respect of human lives. It is already a fact, that not only Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands, but also European governments have blood on their hands.

One who follows the developments and the double standards as well as the events in Syria could ask the question, what opposition? The so-called external Syrian “opposition” is so divided and fragmented that even in Cairo, earlier this week, it came again to blows and a bit violence at the conference between different groups. If this is not even the best conditions to lead a country out of chaos? But anyway, after all, the Western states have again called on the groups of the external Syrian “Opposition” to lay down their quarrels.

Easier said than done, especially when there are disputes between different religious and ethnic groups and also between their interests. In addition, this fractious bunch is infiltrated by Islamists, Salafists, other radical forces, and egomaniacs, of course. Not to mention the part of this external Syrian “opposition” which do act as puppets of Western interests.

In addition to the decision, that the so-called Syrian “opposition” will receive much more support and that the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) gets more weapons, beside the new demands for a military intervention by the war criminals of NATO, there are absolutely no new decisions or approaches. Not to mention that the taken decisions are not helpful and constructive to solve the situation in Syria. In contrary. The delivery of weapons into the hands of radical forces, criminals and Islamists is indeed counterproductive and contrary to democratic basics.

It is questionable how the situation will continue. Within the country, the Syrian army tries to regain lost territories, to protect the civilians, at least in some parts, and fights against the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed militias, while the calls of more and more Syrians increase, that the Syrian army should do more and should be on the spot in much more areas.

Although one will never hear it in the West, the majority of the Syrian people still support the President Bashar al-Assad, while the general Syrian population makes a huge difference between the President and the Syrian government / regime.

Statements about the actual situation in the country differ and are also depend on the locations and the day. While the situation in and around the Syrian capital Damascus seems to calm, the situation in Aleppo and around this Syrian city is still bad and insecure. But what’s going on inside Syria barely penetrates to the outside and the NATO vassals also try hard to prevent, that the truth about the situation has a chance to reach the Western population.

One can only hope that no more innocent people will lose their lives pointless in the struggle for supremacy in this sensitive region of the Middle East. Of course, more will lose their lives, but perhaps, they are just Arabs in the mind of the U.S. administrations.

It is clear that the Syrians definitely have a right to freedom and for reforms, but whether this freedom should be implemented in the sense of the NATO countries is questionable. Not the democracy is the goal, but the objective is another “failed state”, which is then no more able to confront the United States.


  1. Souri says:

    Guardian journalists look upon Syrian spy as a colleague

  2. 3arabisouri says:

    There’s no friendship in this, they call it Friends of Syria to hide its enmity to Syria and the Syrian people.

    USA, UK, Turkey, France and all other NATO member states and their stooges can’t be friends to israel and at the same time friends of Syria. It’s so simple.

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