The Hypocrisy of the Fighters for Freedom of Expression in Syria

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Sideviews
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The armed forces and their supporters, who are working on a regime change in Syria, often claim that they want to enforce the freedom of expression in Syria. For example, the revolutionary leader, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, argues with this phrase.

The Syrian government in contrast, refers to the fact that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and their supporters are violent terrorists, who hate nothing more than human rights and the freedom of expression.

And there are some hard facts that are able to prove these claims. In December of 2011, the European Unions (EU) had already imposed, in the name of the struggle for the enforcement of the freedom of expression in Syria, sanctions against the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan and the Syrian website ChamPress.

In June, the Arab League (AL), the organization, which is dominated by the petrodollars of Gulf dictatorships, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, had decided in the struggle for enforcement of the freedom of expression in Syria, to disable the satellite signals of the Syrian channel on Nilesat and Arabsat, so that the Arab population, which is heavily using these satellites, in future only receives the information about Syria which is spread by only the NATO countries and the dictatorships in the Gulf. Thus, they are no more able to compare these NATO and Gulf broadcasts / information with the information of the Syrian television on the violence in Syria.

And on top of that, the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbariya TV was recently attacked by “revolutionaries in the struggle for freedom of expression in Syria”, whereby also some journalists have been murdered by Western-backed “protesters”, in the struggle for the freedom of expression in Syria.

But one should not see it that way, when one believes the armed “activists” for a regime change in Syria and their supporters. That the terrorists in Syria, like the GCC and the EU, work jointly by all means on the project to silence the voice of Syria is a wicked conspiracy theory.

Only the Syrian government is responsible for the terrorist attacks in Syria and the switch off of the Syrian television as well as the sanctions against Syrian newspapers and websites serve nothing else than the fight for a freedom of expression in a pluralistic world, of course. The campaigners for freedom of the expression in Syria as well as their supporters are peaceful, nothing else but placid and peaceful; and they only defend themselves against the violence.

Madmen and criminals who proceed in Syria and in the world with arms against the people who consider the human rights activists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) as terrorists, because they do not want to tolerate their opinion, do not belong to the activists, of course. Who becomes the victim of such a crime as an employee or supporter of the Syrian government had just bad luck.

Criminals, who are waving around with weapons, are everywhere, so is the view of the activists for the freedom of expression in Syria. Sometimes it is really worth to take a closer look at these fighters for freedom of expression in Syria and its supporters. (“Sometimes” is an understatement)

One of the supporters of the struggle for freedom of expression in Syria is, for example, the Jordanian Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh. In December last year, he was accused that he had threatened the owner of the website Khaberni, because they had misspelled his name in a way which did not please him.

Khaberni had also reported, that even otherwise, Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh would not act decent towards their reporters and also insult them. All a lie, said Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh at that time analogously, he would never threaten or insult someone.

To deny everything, to make the truth a lie and vice versa, is a behavior pattern, that is known from the Syrian “freedom fighters” and its many supporters of the “regime change” campaign for the freedom of expression in Syria; and may the evidence for the lies of the “regime-change” fighters even be so clear.

Now it so happened, that the Jordanian MP Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh was on television in order to take part in a debate with the former Jordanian Member of Parliament Mansour Sayf al-Din Muran. Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad has visited Syria not long ago, and he supports, in contrast to Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh in these troubled times, the political course of the Syrian government.

Here’s a video clip of the TV debate between Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad and Mohammed Al-Shawabkeh, the Jordanian fighter for freedom of expression in Syria. Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh is the man, who sits right in the video / picture.

Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh had insulted his discussion partner as an agent of Syria, who then has replied to Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh, that he is an agent of Israel, after which Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh has thrown a shoe at his interlocutor and also has threatened with a weapon, live on television.

The behavior of Mohammad Al-Shawabkeh is quite typical for the behavior of the “regime change” fighters and their supporters in (and around) Syria. That is the way they are, the pioneers for the freedom of expression in Syria.

They are aggressive and abusive, and if someone gives them the correct objections in a discussion, then they are not able to even hold back in a TV discussion, and threaten their interlocutor with a weapon.

Syria is not willing to be intimidated by those pseudo-democratic fighters for the freedom of expression, and reacts against this.

But how long will it take until the population of the rest of the world follows the example of the Syrian population, and seriously reacts against the aggressive arrogance of the 1% of the floating scum of society?


  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for putting this together. On the plus side, NATO is still incapable of bombing their media from the sky on a mass scale, at least not without losing a few planes.

    So we see these half-measures, guns in the studios, or or fifty, shutting down the signal at the distribution end, and some bizarre mind rays that get most people dismissing even the snippets they still get.

    Wow, do we know about freedom, or what?

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