Russia, Al-Jazeera and Abu Ammar: The legendary Polonium

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Sideviews
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The rather flimsy story about Yasser Arafat and the polonium-210, which has recently been initiated by Al-Jazeera, also raises a number of non-medical issues.

First, it is entirely unclear how such a dazzling idea and such a difficult technically circumstance could, of all things, just come to the minds of the journalists of Al-Jazeera. And this right now.

Second, and this is the more important aspect, Russia has its hand on 98% of the world’s production of polonium. Polonium is not just any rat poison.

Its production is a highly technological process. It is available either in reactors by bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons, which then decomposes in a line with the formation of polonium-210, or when uranium ore is processed accordingly.

The last method also led to its discovery, and for this discovery, Madame Curie had to digging some one or more tons of Pitchblende through the area.

If one considers this, that one is not able to get uranium in the gravel pit next door, so, the production of such an exotic poison is already technically not just trivial – how many tons of uranium ore should have been illegally smuggled to somewhere, in order to obtain enough polonium-210 for the poisoning of Arafat?

In this sense, the object, which is the target of the renewed attack by Al-Jazeera, is quite clearly outlined, and one must not be a genius to be able to deduce what will follow after such a scandalous “revelation”.

It was reported, that an increased concentration of polonium was detected in the toothpaste, which had been used by the deceased.  The toothpaste (or just the toothbrush?) was made available by Arafat’s wife. A good question, why she has kept these things for so long, but that is not the essentials.

That polonium should have been in this toothpaste, is still no answer to the question of how it came into this toothpaste. Sure, one can detect by the decay of the polonium how old it is, but in the reports there is always the talk that there are traces of polonium, not a word on how old it is. Certainly, for the Russian side, it would have been totally illogical, to poison Arafat by this – on an idiotic way hyped – method.

It makes no sense to pursue this question, even though the nimble pen pushers certainly want to exactly end in that direction. Therefore, the aim of this “arisen information” has to be rather assessed with a more tactical value.

It does not matter, that one will notice in three to five months, that this message was sucked out of fingers and has turned out to be a flop. It is important that this question comes up right now, at a time, when Russia wants to, at least, protect Syria in some way. And just now, this revolver goes on – with a bang?

The weakening of Russia’s position in the Middle East can be, without any doubt, a difficult task, and such a canard (hoax) at the right moment can work fine.

If one considers, from where exactly Al-Jazeera broadcasts its nonsense in the world, it would be probably the best answer for Russia to bestrew the entire territory “down there” with the here discussed decay products, in order to finally end the search of these restless journalists – and also the intentions of their clients.


  1. Souri says:

    Evidence Indicates that Ariel Sharon Ordered the Assassination of Yasser Arafat

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