Paris: New meeting of the self-proclaimed Friends of Syria

Posted: July 6, 2012 in International
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This Friday, a new conference about the topic Syria will take place in Paris. China and Russia are not taking part. This time, the self-appointed “Friends of Syria” meet in Paris to discuss solutions to the conflict in Syria.

Nothing good can be expected from the conference and that they really respect the results of the conference in Geneva would be a huge surprise. Behind the curtains, these “Friends of Syria” are not interested in the results and plans of the Geneva conference on Syria.

Hillary Clinton and some others have made this clear, directly after the meeting in Geneva. At the last meeting of this “Friends of Syria” contact group, it became already clear, that these so-called “Friends of Syria” are in reality enemies of the Syrian people, because they officially announced the funding of the armed militias and groups of religious fanatics, mercenaries and criminals, thus they made sure that these bunch of Islamists, criminals and terrorists are upgraded.

Of course, the supply of weapons and funds to these armed militias, which are still falsely but useful labeled as “Syrian rebels” by Western media, already happened before and is still happening. Not only by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also by other states, which help directly or indirect to support these militias and jihadists with new weapons, ammunition, and money.

Not to mention the rumors that the United States ship weapons to the radical militias in Syria over “middlemen” in Georgia, while it is no secret anymore, that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) already operates in Southern Turkey, and it should not be the only intelligence service which are active there.

Russia and China, who already did not take part in the last meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria”, will also stay away from this hypocritical meeting in Paris today. It is characteristic for this self-proclaimed contact group, that this meeting of these “Friends of Syria” will take place in the capital of France. France is a real friend of Syria, isn`t it?

Russia maintains its attitude towards this “Friends of Syria” contact group and Moscow knows it very well that, in reality, only the enemies of the Syrian people meet each other in this contact group. Moscow insists on the implementation of the modified plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan and wants the peaceful settlement of the problems in and around Syria.

As usually, Russia is convinced that the Syrians in Syria have to decide about their fate themselves, and that this fate does not lie in the hands of foreign interests.

It will be published later, what these enemies of Syria are going to decide in Paris today, but there is nothing good to expect.  Lavrov said it more than clear and sharp before the start of this hypocritical conference in Paris, France. RIA Novosti cites Sergey Lavrov with the words: “…a resolution with coercive measure, or a resolution on the implementation of a operation, which forces Syria to peace – this would be exactly a Intervention. We cannot endorse this; this can be taken as starting point.”

In Russia, it is feared that the meeting in Paris could now be the starting point for a resolution against Syria, which will be then decided over the heads of Russia and China, to finally be able to implement this resolution.

Lavrov further used his meeting with the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who is often considered as clown, in order to emphasize that the rumors about a possible escape of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Russia were received as a joke by the Russian side. They do not understand how it can happen that such rumors get spread in the world, while there is not even one spark of truth in it.

But it is still questionable whether the West is actually so far to finally adopt a resolution against Syria in order to open the doors for a military intervention in Syria. It is likely that the West will still maintain (yet) its current tactics and calls for diplomacy in front of the curtains, while the support of the armed militias of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other groups of criminals, mercenaries and religious fanatics are further supported behind the curtains.

This support with money and weapons will not end as long as the allegedly democratic West is able to do so. The funds do not only cover the pay of a lot of mercenaries in Syria, but are also enough to persuade people in Syria that they should change the sides; this was already announced at the last conference of these “Friends of Syria”.

One day before the conference of the enemies of the Syrian people in France, WikiLeaks has announced to release more than 2 million emails of the Syrian government and politicians, but also of trading partners and others, that could be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Upon publication of the emails, the platform WikiLeaks is allegedly not interested to take a side in this crisis and to further demonize the Syrian government and President al-Assad, rather to publish relevant information to help understand the interests of the different sides and players are represented, but considering the media partners of WikiLeaks, which evalute these “Syria files”, the emails, and which are known to be biased, for example, the German state media ARD, it is a questionable intention.

It would have been better when really independent people would evaluate these “Syria files” and when this would not be done by the biased media. But finally, it is WikiLeaks and they have always tried to benefit from this aspect of media. Not to mention that the leaks which were published until now, are not surprising or something new.

This was known already – e.g. that some companies do not respect the hypocritical sanctions against Syria and still want to benefit. Just like the allegedly democratic governments of the West want to benefit from the crisis in Syria and especially from the time after the overthrow of the Syrian President and the government in the capital Damascus.

The German government has made this clear already with its last actions in Berlin. The same, in a different method, is currently happening in Cairo and in other countries after their more or less successful “Arab spring”.

With the publication of the emails, Syria files, that go beyond the period of the last 6 years (2006-2012), it could be possible to better understand the outbreak and the escalation of the conflict in Syria. Not to mention that some last cables by WikiLeaks have already made it clear that the United States were involved in the boosting of this escalation, or to pave the way for this.

We will see which of the mails will be published when, and it will be also interesting, which mails will not be published by these media partners. It is particularly interesting, how the media partners will use their access to these “Syrian files” of WikiLeaks.

As mentioned, it is clear that the German state media agency ARD is not only biased, but also interested to further maintain the propaganda against Syria.

Thus it is questionable how objective they evaluate the mails and whether they really release all, even the mails which are counterproductive for their propaganda against Syria. Considering the recent three years, it is truly possible that ARD will try to fake it a bit. Concerning the other media partners beside the German propaganda television ARD? Some of them are also known as equally biased media agencies.

The hopes are with Al-Akhbar, but they have to prove that they are worth this. “I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself.” (This remark was falsely attributed to Churchill.) And thus it also behaves with the situation which side evaluates things. So, one is probably already able to expect a much “selected” release of mails.

In a first round of publications of the “Syrian files” of WikiLeaks came out that Italy, in spite of other official representation, supplied weapons to Syria and has still maintained the contact (2008) with the Syrian government in Damascus even after the beginning of the arms embargo. As mentioned, it is nothing new or surprising. Ask the German government and some German companies. Let’s see what is brought to the public in the coming days and weeks and what will be really surprising.

Also yesterday, the Norwegian major general Robert Mood, head of operations of the UN Observer mission in Syria, has announced that the observer mission will return to their duty.

While the violence remains in Syria, the UN Observers want to go back to their duty, at least, in order to further maintain the diplomatic will of the West. As also stated, some of these UN Observers in Syria have a really good stance to the situation in this country and their opinions are even contrary to the Western opinion, but in public, they will never announce these opinions.

There is a reason why the so-called and useful “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) would like to see some dead UN Observers, and why the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is not so happy about the observers in Syria.

At least, in some years, as it has happened after the war in Iraq, more will finally tell the truth.  Exactly when and in what way the UN observers will resume their mission is not yet certain.

  1. Souri says:

    A US-written draft of the so-called “Final Statement for the Syria Opposition Conference” “Held in Cairo July 2-3, 2012″ was leaked. Here is the Cairo declaration draft – as Mein Parteibuch received it by a well-placed source under the condition of anonymity – as it was before the “fisticuffs” of the US-lackeys fighting for the future position of the US-sponsored Syrian proconsul in Cairo started:

    The Final Statement for the US-led Syria Terrorist Conference
    by U.S. Embassy Damascus on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 1:24am:

  2. antifo says:

    An article I found via

    Syria’s crisis is leading us to unlikely bedfellows

    “Think about it. Ten years ago, in the wake of the destruction of the Twin Towers, we invaded Afghanistan to eliminate al-Qaeda. Now the world’s most notorious terror organisation wants to join a new “coalition of the willing” in Syria (not just al-Qaeda: yesterday the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir staged a march through west London in support of their Syrian brothers and the establishment of the Khilafah state).

    This may be the most profound turnaround in global politics since the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 converted Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany from bitter enemies into allies – and it is important to understand that the affinity of interests between al-Qaeda and the West extends far beyond Syria. Britain, the United States and al-Qaeda also have a deep, structural hostility to President Assad’s biggest sponsor, Iran.”

  3. Souri says:

    Despite promises to close Guantanamo Bay, Washington is now preparing to invest tens of millions into renovating the controversial facility’s infrastructure.

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