Syria: FSA wants war and no political solution

Posted: July 3, 2012 in International
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The conference in Geneva about Syria ended with the development of vertices for a transitional government in Syria, which should include representatives of both government and opposition representatives, and should be based on mutual consents about it, although this is doomed to failure, considering the real aims of the armed opposition fighters and even the goals of the puppets of the “Syrian National Council”(SNC).

Both were never really interested in peaceful solutions for Syria and thus both never cared about the Syrian population. The Western-backed terrorist organization “Free Syrian Army”(FSA) and the Islamist puppets of the “Syrian National Council”(SNC) are just useful tools for dubious interests and questionable intentions; not to mention the huge level of violence both have willfully fueled in Syria.

It was also acknowledged due to Russia’s insistence that the Syrians in the country should determine about their future, and that a foreign (military) intervention is poison, that leads to absolutely nothing. When the transitional government for Syria has coalesced, they will draft a new constitution and prepare elections. In Geneva, it was reiterated again, that the violence has to end on all sides.

Yet here’s the rub. The dishonest games of the NATO lead to the fact, that the representatives of the countries use strong words about the end of the violence in public, but in reality, some or more are supporting the armed gangs in Syria with money and weapons, and thus, they constantly fuel the escalation and also boost the increase of violence in Syria.

Of course, in Geneva, the subject about the interference of foreign powers was not debated within the discussions on Syria last weekend.

The financing and armament, as well as the supply of the armed militias and Islamist gangs with military data, were excluded, although the lead nations were present or represented in Geneva. As long as the support of the armed gangs does not end, the terrorism in Syria will not end.

After the meeting of the “new Syrian Contact Group” in Geneva on Syria at the last weekend and after the presentation of the outcome document, a two-day meeting of so-called “opposition groups” has begun in the Egyptian capital Cairo – under the leadership of the (some would say Qatari) Arab League (AL).

Approximately 200 representatives of various “Syrian opposition groups” met in Cairo in order to find a common way of ending the fighting in Syria, and finally to seek a way for a peaceful political transition.  The Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, has called on all present to finally formulate a specific timetable, similar to the six-point plan of the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. Without a specific timetable, all debates would be just a waste of time.

A topic of this meeting in the Egyptian capital Cairo was also the policy paper, which was published as a result of this “new” Syrian Contact Group after their meeting in Geneva this week.

However, many opponents have criticized the outcome document as too vague and also criticized the participation of the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in such a transitional government for Syria, although the majority in Syria still supports this president. But as usual, the external opposition figures do not care about the people within Syria, they only care about the presentation of themselves and the false facts.

The criticism that was raised in Cairo and other discrepancies within the cleaved external Syrian opposition were also confirmed due to the boycott of the terrorist organization “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), as well as other armed groups and so called activists, which have boycotted this meeting. Of course, the “Free Syrian Army” and the other radical armed groups in Syria were never interested in a peaceful solution for Syria.

As hypocritical stated by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), they would not join those parts, who sell the Syrian interests for the interests of Russia and China. As if these armed militias, Islamists, jihadists, mercenaries and common criminals, would have ever really cared about Syria and the general Syrian population.

They were “disappointed” of the discussion in Geneva, of course. They had counted on the support for a military intervention in Syria, or at least hoped, that the establishment of protected areas and corridors are approved, mainly after the incident in the Syrian air space – a useful pretext.

The hopes of the terrorist organization “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed militias and groups in Syria were disappointed. While foreign countries pays and also supplies weapons, helps in the training of fighters and delivers military information to armed militias and bunch of Islamists in Syria, they refuse to officially invade Syria to help the useful armed groups in the overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the government in the capital Damascus, although this is also the hoped goal of some European countries, the United States, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as the aim of some or more external opposition figures.

Not to mention that a dead Assad would be better for them – or even the contrary, considering the huge support for this president in Syria. Such a violent overthrow would potentially be followed by a “counter revolution”, a revolution against the Western puppets – similar to the current situation in Libya, although the number of participants clearly would be different. In Syria, the United States would not be able to really maintain a strong puppet regime, in addition, a sad side effect, the chaos and violence would remain in the country.

The recruits from radical Islamists, criminals and outlaws have to wait for further help and to defend their positions. But as reported by ANNA-News about the situation in the Syrian city of Homs, the armed Islamist militias have a real hard stand now. The Syrian army fights back and liberates more and more houses and districts; slowly but steadily.

As so oft stated, the situation in Syria is not only black and white. The armed militias and Islamist forces are more dangerous for the general population of Syria and Syria itself, than the current Syrian regime.

After the announcement of the policy paper in Geneva, the opposition, specifically the well-armed factions of the so-called “Syrian opposition”, have announced to lead the fight against the government even more brutal. Each time a meeting on Syria has ended, and the goals of the Syrian opposition were not met, the struggles of their armed wings within Syria are intensified.

And why not, after all, they have the backing of NATO states and their mainstream media, which do not stop to manipulate the populations and further maintain their lies, in order to support the propaganda and aims of their governments, or shall one say organizations?

Looking at the press reports of the mainstream media (unfortunately the reports with true content about the situation in Syria are like a needle in a haystack), one sees a similar pattern as, for example, against Iran. Hardly an article stays away from the useful phrase and propaganda line that since March of 2011, Assad tries to bloodily crackdown the peaceful, democratic uprising in Syria.

Some or even lot editorial offices still try to maintain the image of peaceful protesters. The propaganda by BBC is on such a puerile, abstruse level, that the whole BBC cannot be taken serious any more. The same counts for CNN, (of course) Fox, ARD, ZDF, Sky News and other mainstream media in the West.

But not only state media agencies maintain such propaganda because of several reasons; also private media maintain this propaganda willfully. This journalism is no more about the ethics of journalism and to uncover the truth, it is only about economic interests and the survival of the editorial offices in the competition.

Of course, Google News was a bad invention for journalism. After all, it is obvious that the online editorial offices of Western mainstream media write their articles for also especially for Google News, which leads to the fact, that these published articles are often far away from journalism. The headlines are emotional, often trashy, the content of articles have no real explanations according to the headlines or is even is contrary to them. The copy & paste syndrome is obvious in a lot of reports, as well as the willfully dropping of information in reports.

Is there really a popular uprising in Syria? In the heyday of the demonstrations against the Syrian government, this started as demonstrations for reforms, were never at a level that would have reached one-third of the Syrian population. The “uprising” was misused from the beginning and even fueled by foreign powers. Chaos was boosted and triggered by armed groups, while some local authorities have made mistakes. The movement to a “regime change” in Syria has not started in March, 2011. It was begun already a long time before.

On hell-bent some try to initiate a war against Syria to finally get rid of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus, they want to further plunge the country in chaos, and to finally install a puppet leader, subordinated to American interests. If they succeed, Iran will lose some power and the Russians will lose their last “territory” in the Middle East, thus, they lose control of the Mediterranean and Europe.

Conversely, America will have a new possibility, to further open a door to Asia, which is less stony. The fact is, and this was again unprecedented shown by Hillary Clinton in Geneva, that America’s goal is clear: Assad must be overthrown, in whatever way, or it may take so long time that it needs.

To stir up the hatred and propaganda against the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his supporters, such organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and amnesty international (ai) release more and more reports about the allegedly cruelty of the Syrian regime, often on the basis of not more than 200-500 respondents, who have a lack of credibility, as well as these reports by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and amnesty international (and other NGOs) have a huge lack of evidence. But they are, as usual, useful for the interests of the United States.

In the fight against Assad and the Syrian regime, old stories are rehashed on several occasions, but that doesn`t give these stories more credibility and evidence. Even less surprising is that the German mainstream magazine “Spiegel” reports again about the allegation that stadiums, hospitals and schools are converted into detention centers as substitutes for prisons and that prisoners are kept there.

We were in Syria last year when the story was published for the first time. At that time, it was said, by activists in Washington, that the huge stadiums in the three big cities of Syria, Aleppo, Damascus and Latakia, are filled with arrested peaceful protesters. We have been to some stadiums in these cities in these days and we have pictures.

Pictures that clearly show that these stadiums are empty or that just soccer training took place. No prisoners, no arrested protesters, while the story was spread in Europe willfully, without that one journalist has checked this story. They worship the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army”(FSA) and they spread lies without any evidence or research.

Damascus: al-Faiha Stadium on 25 10th 2011, as this story was spread for the first time:

In order to overcome the Western-backed terrorism in Syria, which is also heavily supported by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as by Turkey, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has issued new anti-terror laws on Monday. These new anti-terror laws in Syria provide severe penalties for those who establish terrorist organizations or who kidnap people.

In addition to prison sentences of up to 20 years, depending on the severity of the crime, the new anti-terror law also provides forced labor. Similar tough laws to combat terrorism are implemented in other countries. For example the laws of the U.S. Patriot Act, which was enacted after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.

But Assad is again pilloried, of course. Although it is obvious that these armed militias would be perceived as terrorists in other countries, the West does not accept that they are also called terrorists in Syria. For the West and the Western media, Islamist fighters are opposition in Syria, while they perceived and sold as a threat in Germany, France or on British soil.

The Syrian president al-Assad knows very well how to make distinctions between the opposition groups and murderous gangs, which occupy residential neighborhoods and use the population as human shields against the liberation attempts of the Syrian army; they are terrorists, no matter whatever one may think of Bashar al-Assad.

It remains to be seen how it will go on and which way is found to establish a transitional government, although this plan is already doomed to failure, but as mentioned yesterday, it is surprisingly how intensive they try to sell the maintenance of this plan.

Russia was already evident as a mediator. But as long as the armed militias go on with their fights, as long as countries like the two allegedly role models for democracy, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, support radical religious fanatics, armed mercenaries and jihadists in Syria with money and weapons, any transitional government would be powerless. Not to mention the U.S. support for this terrorism in a sovereign secular state of the Middle East.

And in addition, such a transitional government is not supported by the majority of the Syrian people. It is, as said, doomed to failure and one can be sure that some Western governments know this.

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