SNC: The presentable intellectuals will visit Russia

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Sideviews
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RIA Novosti reports, that representatives of the belligerent external opposition in Syria (this unwieldy term, in order to stay away from the quotation marks at the beginning) are soon be received on high level in Moscow.

Among the invited guests is the chief of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Abdulbaset Sieda, as well as the “well-known politicians and human rights activist Michael Kilo”.

Both of these figures do not live in Syria. From the latter, The Russian deputy foreign minister still had to explain this:

“Michael Kilo is currently at the meeting of the opposition in Cairo… …He lives in Paris and is a very influential politician.”

Well well! It is not clear, in what nation, a few yards away from Syria living politicians, enjoys influence and authority. But now one has even invited him, then he has to be, at least, described as important and some interest has to be demonstrated.

The idea of a unity government (coalition government) for Syria, that was conjured up out of the hat from Kofi Annan in Geneva on Saturday, will be promoted in spite of all the senselessness, although this idea is foredoomed to failure. Probably all are already aware of the defectiveness and the lack of realism behind this idea.

Considering the whole range of problems, of which Syria was already faced before the armed conflict, plus the serious problems, which have been added due to the international mercenaries during the conflict, so one can only state with a little common sense, that the situation in the best case can only be improved by a “party-neutral” government of “technocrats”, which have no time for bickering among themselves, but rather focus their energy on solving the problems.

Democratic fighter of the FSA / SNC.

Democratic fighter of the FSA / SNC.

Abdulbaset Sieda (Syrian National Council / SNC)

Nonetheless, the Geneva concept provides, that some gathered up persons, who are completely alienated from the Syrian life, intellectuals, and to let them for a while “with full executive power” to the wheel of the government.

Even when political considerations are disregarded, one can easily imagine, whereto those dilettantes at the attempt to unravel the muddled situation, ultimately will arrive.

It is not as if there were no examples in recent world history:

Gamsakhurdia in Georgia, Azerbaijan Eltschibei, Ter-Petrossian in Armenia … and not to mention the various rulers in the Caucasus, which have triggered in the times of their government or in times with any kind of exercise of power in fact non-stop massacres – blood, especially of strangers, was like water for them, that quickly percolates.

That what all these orators and aesthetes have first achieved with pen and tongue, was to destroy everything that was somehow still moving. It would be naive to think that these “Syrian intellectuals”, who are now invited to Moscow or elsewhere, are better than the stated ones.

Despite all these things all still nod obediently with their heads of thinkers and make meaningful faces – yes, only these people are able to save the moaning Syrian people. If that should be optimism, then it’s idiotic.

Another finding in this context is more important:

If such people are to be received at this level in Moscow, then Moscow has most likely abandoned Assad. The purpose for these invited “opposition figures” is it to be to Russia’s liking.

Let’s see if they succeed.


  1. apxwn says:

    By the way, the picture of the guy that you entitle “democratic fighter” shows one of the bandit commanders that was annihilated in Duma one or two days before the Geneva conference. Since Duma is regarded as a suburb of Damascus, this overly friendly guy already bore the title of an “Emir of Damascus.” Kind regards to the Stygian ferryman.

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